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CAG NFL’s hardest hitting season ever!

High Helmet tackles - Big Hit - Strength - Footsteps 




The Super Enforcers


 Lane - Butkus -  Lewis - Dawkins - White - Lynch - Ham - Taylor


Season kicks off on Sunday!

Standings & Schedule



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On 2/2/2018 at 6:08 PM, dazzo47 said:

Replaced appropriate abilities, I think.

Replaced duplicate uniform numbers.

WR Madese 89 to 88

WR Timmerman 89-81

TE Forde 84-87



All set ability-wise @dazzo47.  Sorry again for the delay.

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4 hours ago, SitnHereFlossin said:


My apologies for the late notice, but I will not be competing this upcoming fantasy season. I apologize to @X2KFootballG0dX for the time spent creating my team as well as @tjspeaks and @heavyhitter for their efforts putting everything together.

Sorry to see you step away @SitnHereFlossin.  We hope everything is okay and you'll be able to join us next season.

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If you though @tjspeaks defense was tough before, now give him 4 Gold and 4 Silvers at his disposal! Philadelphia's offense was held to a goose egg until 4 minutes left in the 4th!

 The Onslaught dodge a bullet after a miscommunication of possession after winning the coin toss - kicking the ball off to the Vultures instead of receiving. POG CB Jabari Milons would come up with a clutch interception putting the Onslaught at mid field. After lucking out on a 3rd down roughing the passer penalty, Philadelphia would be put into position to win the game off the right foot of kicker Jeff Page.

POG: CB Jabari Milons 4 tackles, 1 pass defensed, 1 clutch interception

Stats (PHI-BAL):

TY: 179-174

PY: 82-119

RY: 97-55

QBR: 50.1-124.1

TO: 1-1

GG @tjspeaks!

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8 hours ago, tjspeaks said:

gg @HeavyHitter55 thought i had it (a few times).

Those poor HBs (and a few WRs) will need extra time in the ice tub tonight. 


 HB Marcel Murphy was seen with his entire head submerged from all of the high helmet tackles he took. Good thing Roger Goodell doesn't run CAG or every team is going to run out of players from these high hits! 

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58 minutes ago, aquickassasin said:

@dazzo0007 I'll be available to play Monday pretty much any time after 6 pm est.  If not then I won't be available to play until Saturday.  Let me know what works for you.

Monday at 8:30 pm et?

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