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To be clear, this draft process will run the exact same as last fantasy draft:

Draft time & onwards, you're allowed to draft any player available within the posted guidelines. Be sure to check that none of your targets aren't picked before you post - first come first served. 

@tjspeaksand I well keep track of drafted players. 

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First round of EFL draft kicks off tomorrow at 6:00 pm ET!

Is your draft board ready? Will you get your top targets or will someone beat you to the punch?!

First round guidelines: 

Must draft 6 players with a max of 2 offensive players

First come first served. 

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In the first round of the EFL draft, the Philadelphia Pain select: 

1. G RB Marcel Murphy

2. G DT Larry Chandler

3. G FS Natrone Ledford

4. S DT Corey Compton

5. S TE Ethan Hogan

6. S OLB Roderick Gibson

Additionally, @tjspeaks requested I submit his draft selections in his absence.  The Baltimore Night Vultures select: 

1. G OLB Blake Lavergne

2. G CB Tim Scott

3. G WR Greg Warner

4. S QB Jeff Wallace

5. S SS Roylin Bush

6. C DT Gaylon Robertson

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To help identify players who are and are not available, please see the attached spreadsheet (as of 1/13 8:30 am ET).  Players in red have been drafted by another team and are NOT available.  There's also an additional column with the city of the team who drafted each player.

You'll also see a tab titled "Team Tally" - this is an account of the players you've drafted by Tier and what side of the ball they're on (Offense, Defense, or ST).  Note the team build requirements:

  1. Offense: you're allowed only 1 Gold, 1 Silver, 1 Bronze, and any number of Coppers
  2. Defense: 1 Super Enforcer (SE), 3 Golds, 4 Silvers, and any number of Coppers
  3. Overall: 5G, 5S, 1B, 9C

EFL Player Draft Pool_Tracker.xlsx

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14 hours ago, SitnHereFlossin said:

G TE - Ellis Barnett

G DE - Vincent Tingelhoff

G OLB - Jay Washington

G CB - Martin Sidney

G FS - Jason Tatum

S WR - Craig Del


With your Super Enforcer (a gold defender), you can draft only 4 gold players, one of which needs to be an offensive player.  Please adjust.

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2 hours ago, SitnHereFlossin said:


My bad. I forgot about my super duper enforcer. I choose to relinquish Jay Washington and draft S OLB Roderick Gibson.

Check again - I've already selected Roderick Gibson.

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In an effort to eliminate redundancy, the requirement to use big hit 6x and HHT 8x has been replaced to use either big hit or HHT on each defensive player.

Therefore, each player will have one or the other in addition to the other team requirements of Strength bonus 6x and footsteps 3x on defense. 

Let @tjspeaks or I know if there are any questions we can clarify. 

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19 minutes ago, tjspeaks said:

EFL - hardest hitting CAG NFL season ever


Round II of draft coming up at 6 PM EST today

 Remember, first come first served. If there's a specific player you absolutely NEED, be sure to post first

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On day two of the EFL draft, the Philadelphia Pain select:

1. B QB James Rozier

2. S DT Taylor Edmonds

3. G CB Jabari Milons

4. S CB Lou Stokes

5. C TE Marquis Mitchell

6. C ILB Mitch Johnson

At @tjspeaks request, the Baltimore Night Vultures select:

1. G CB Charlie Faison

2. S FS Ryan Manley

3. B WR David Slaten

4. C WR Eric Foreman

5. C ILB Greg Morales

6. C CB RJ Sanders

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Round 1:


G - RB #22 6'3" 224 Kendrick Berry
G - CB #23 6'0" 216 Jim LaCoste
G - FS #41 5'8" 190 Bryce Gill
S - TE #82 6'6" 241 Dee Zukauskas
C - DE #64 6'6" 292 Dave Compton
C - DT #73 6'4" 307 Todd Williams

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