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CAG NFL Roster Spreadsheet

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Please refer to this thread for the latest and greatest spreadsheet to use for the current season.

I've spot checked but this does not mean that I've caught everything.  If there is any confusion or error discovered, please post immediately to my attention (@HeavyHitter55) or PM me directly. Whether You post or PM me, please include a screenshot of the condition of the spreadsheet when the error is discovered and a brief description.

Please refer to the ability counters located on the right-hand side of the spreadsheet and pay specific attention to the color coding.  This is a feature for quick identification if your roster is within the team building rules.  Additionally, to ensure 100% that your spreadsheet is correct, select abilities and tiers from the drop-down menu in each cell in lieu of typing it in manually.  Manual inputs should work if the input exactly matches the available options in the drop-down menu, however; similarly, if a manual input does not match exactly, you should receive a warning.

Please note that I've also protected all areas of the spreadsheet which do not require input from you.  This is to help maintain consistent team builds and prevent an erroneous inputs.

If the protection is giving you problems, please notify me via PM.


Spreadsheet History:

CAG NFL Season LV Spreadsheet posted on 12/14/2017: Protected spreadsheet, 162 total points
CAG Roster Spreadsheet - 162 Points (2017 12 14).xlsx

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It's very important to use the spreadsheet on a PC.  Although it may open and work on a cell or tablet, there are features of the spreadsheet that will not work on these devices.

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