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Please post your roster here.  Please keep in mind to post same as I have below, including the ability counter found on the right-hand side of the spreadsheet.

Remember, if you finished with a record below (not equal to) 0.500 in season LIV, you're permitted an additional 7 points to use (169 total in lieu of 162).


Philadelphia Eagles:

Team Build.png

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49 minutes ago, NCAANFLCOACHTY said:



Please reread the team building rules and correct. Also, do not overwrite any of the pre-built formulas in the spreadsheet. You should only input players specific information and abilities. Nothing else. 


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17 minutes ago, NCAANFLCOACHTY said:

Great I go try again


Please use the spreadsheet here for your team building:

Everyone else,

If you haven't already posted your team, please replace your copy of the spreadsheet with the one I've linked above moving forward.  Please read the post first for additional context.

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