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14 BAL 

07 PIT

The Steelers visited Baltimore for the typical slugfest - and it was. The Steelers enjoyed a 7-0 lead at the half (Baltimore barely kept them out of field goal range at the end of the half).

The Ravens hit on a long pass to tie the game early in the third. Eric Weddle would intercept Big Ben to set up the go ahead TD. 

With the game on the line as time was winding down, Pittsburgh put together a great drive and moved the ball inside the red zone... but All-Pro FS Eric Weddle would get pick #2 to seal the game. 


Great battle @LynnRamos


------------------ STATS ---


yards 179/168

pass 156/59

rush 23/109

TOs 1/2

QBr 116.2/27.7



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1 hour ago, dazzo0007 said:

angle + LB slow

My bad it was a RT who tackled him. Be that as it may, anytime a WILL backer is tackled from behind by a RT he needs to start doing parachute drills more often.

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Christmas in Baltimore

Engaged in a 10-10 contest with the grinch of APF victories @X2KFootballG0dX, the Raiders blocked a punt, but in an unexpected turn of events, the Ravens not only recovered the ball, but ran for the first down and into the endzone. It pays to play on Christmas. 

The next pass by QB Derek Carr was a gift wrapped 'pick 6' to CB Brandon Carr. ['tis the season] Those 14 points was the ball game. BAL 24 OAK 10.

gg @X2KFootballG0dX [you must have been a bad boy this year]


CB Brandon Carr with 3 INTs 

------------- STATS ----


yards 144x207

pass 102x199

rush 41x8

TOs 0x3

QBr 100.3x39.7



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16 hours ago, tjspeaks said:

Next season is fantasy season


It will be the hardest hitting

CAG NFL season ever


Details to follow

Can't forget INTIMIDATING either!

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