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Tues 8:30 pm et (if HH doesn't take it) or Wed 8:30 pm et?  LMK.  I'm a little flexible due to time zone differences if need be.

If memory serves me correctly HH took Monday. I'll take Tuesday. You're only an hour ahead of me at the moment. It's the spring forward time of year in which the east coast guys become an issue. Besides I am on vacation again this week anyway.

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@drsim80 is suffering from a similar fate that you experienced. He recently moved and found out the hard way that Comcast doesn't provide service in his new area. Unfortunately he will not be able to play this season due to his internet speeds. He apologizes for the late notice but is just getting settled in and discovered his issues. Perhaps you or someone else can take his place? Otherwise his games will have to be forfeited.  


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GG to Coach @deeoutdat7Tough place to play in Jacksonville loud fans ..umm..they hit us hard and fast early  with the passing game .. and we did things on offense to lose the game.. umm..i thought we played HARD in the second half I thought we out played them in the second half  defensively..our offense came together late in the 3rd quarter we started to get momentum after that got a defensive stop with 2:30 left on the forth just to throw a pick on the second drive.. all n all will learn from this and get better! Thank u folks..( leaves podium).



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