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Baltimore has seen this story before - playing @dazzo0007 in the championship game, ahead on the scoreboard... but then it happens... he finds a way.

This game was 7-3 Baltimore at the half, 14-3 at the end of the 3rd quarter. In the 4th qrt Green Bay would get in the endzone with over four minutes left. The 2 point conversion failed. (BAL by 5). Baltimore would burn some clock and get into field goal range.  Baltimore gambled and tried to put the game away and threw to a WR that appeared open - INT G.B.! 

Mike would have about 2 minutes to do it again. He drives down the field and gets in striking distance but throws an INT with under a minute remaining.  BAL 14 - GB 09.

Great game Mike - every play was tense and well thought out.  Fierce battle to the end. 

To get hot and win over three of my most heated/hated nemesis @X2KFootballG0dX , @SitnHereFlossin and @dazzo0007 makes this the most rewarding championship by far. I really needed to change things up, especially in this last game, and it paid off.  



Pog: HB Alex Collins

 100 yards of total offense (62 rush, 44 receiving)

---------------- STATS


yards 220/193

rush 59/68

pass 161/125

TOs 1/1

QBr: 153.3/62.6



Congrats @tjspeaks! I tell anyone who would listen all the time. I don't care how I managed to get to the dance ... just get in! You barely got in, but made the most of it!

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