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To kick off the next season, here's a reminder of what information should be posted:

2017 CAG NFL LIII Philadelphia Eagles

Team Re-Build.png

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Note that if you've finished sub-0.500 in season XLII (not the last season you participated in) you're permitted to use an additional 7 points towards your team roster (total of 169 points instead of 162).

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To answer a question that was asked:

Leadership ability can be used twice on each side of the ball (if used at least once on a linemen).

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Reminder to all,

When you post your roster,  please be sure to show your ability count that's found on the far right hand side of the spreadsheet. This helps for roster checking. If you've already posted your roster, please make sure you fulfill this.


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9 hours ago, tjspeaks said:



@HeavyHitter55, does this suffice (file attached)

Thanks for checking.. and for the spreadsheets!

Yes, you can either post a reduced image and attach your spreadsheet as you have or you can post your roster image as I (and @X2KFootballG0dX, @dazzo0007, @dazzo47, and @aquickassasin ) have done above. As long as the ability counter cam be viewed in some way.

I find that the former is easier to post and to check, but that's just me. 

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