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XBOX Sale Live, Starcraft Free, Which version of Destiny 2?

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Good morning,

Lots going on today!

First, for great deals on XBOX games check out the XBOX sale which starts today! Of all the deals Halo Wars 2 caught my eye (just bought it last month lol)

Also going on right now are the Steam summer sale, PS4 sale, GOG sale, Oculus sale, and well I think that's it!

Next, the remastered edition of Starcraft/Broodwars release date and price has been announced and it comes out 8-14-17 and only costs $15?

On top of that, the original is now free?!?

Wow - that's cool!

Finally, I've been looking into pre-ordering Destiny 2 so I can get into the XBOX beta and think I'm going to get the digital game + expansion passes for $89...

I would get the disc edition if it was included in either the Amazon or Best Buy discount programs, but it's not :-( Weird.

In fact, only Gamespot has access to the $100 deluxe edition - also weird and kind of ticks me off.

Honestly, I think all the other retailers should drop the game as Bungie/Activation is only allowing them to sell the base game. It would be a drop in the bucket for them but would hurt Activision and Bungie as only the most loyal fans will go to gamestop to get a physical edition.

And on that note I'm off to work!

Have a great independence day weekend everyone!



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