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XBOX E3 2017 Conference

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Last night at 5pm I sat down in an XBL live party with my youngest and turned on the XBOX E3 briefing.

Mixer issues aside (everyone I talked to said they had mega issues watching via the service) I liked what I heard. 

That's not to say there wasn't a lot shown that didn't apply to me, however what did was pretty awesome.

Here's my short list:

- The new game Anthem looks awesome. Open world and built for four player co-op, this game reminds me of a cross between Destiny and Titanfall.

- XBOX One X coming November 7th at $499. You can't build a PC with the same horse power anywhere close to that price!

- XBOX One X is SMALLER than the S!!! Wow

- Minecraft getting Win10, VR, XBOX One, Mobile, and Switch crossplay, with the "possible" addition of PS4 in the future. On a sad note no mention of Win 7/8 or XBOX 360 which is sad, especially since my old iPad will support crossplay while my much more powerful 360 and Win7 gaming pc won't.

- Original XBOX Backwards Compatibility Coming - I still have all my discs, woot! Rumor is network play is coming back too!

- PlayerUnknown's Battlegrounds Is An Xbox One X Launch Exclusive - this is very popular on pc right now - nice job MS

- Lots of other cross buy and exclusive games - well done Microsoft.

Here's what I still want to see at E3:

- Destiny 2

- Battlefront 2

- Elite Dangerous 2.4 and XBX and PS4P enhancements

Well that's it for me - what did you think?



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