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CAG Season LII/ADL Season 2 participants:

To avoid confusion, I've taken the time to go through all of the season 51 rosters and the offseason's transactions and have updated the spreadsheet to reflect what players are and aren't available.  If a player's name appears highlighted in red, it signifies that this player is already on a team and is NOT available.

Please see the attached spreadsheet for the player pool for CAG Season LII.

CAG 52 Available Player Pool_05 17 17-2015ET.xlsx


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The Rochester Norsemen select:

G DE Adam Collett, Fat Albert, Tier 1

S CB Kelly O’Donnell, David, Tier 2

B SS Leroy Brown, Goliath, Tier 3

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Another PSA: All drafted must be selected to match both the tier and body type of the players released.  They don't have to match exactly - you can mix and match, but at the end of the day, you need a min. of two of each body type, 3 tier 1 players, 4 tier 2 players, and 4 tier 3 players.

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G DE Macey Snelling (Goliath) 1
G TE Hermann Lukins (David) 1
G FS John Gregory (David) 1
S CB Nick Rosenfels (David)2
S QB Tony Parsons (Stretch) 2
S WR Jason Cononico (Goliath) 2
S DT Charlie Killings (Garfield)2
S CB Mike Moon (Stretch)2
B OLB J.P.Morton (Fat Albert) 3
B DT Merril Stanley (Garfield) 3
B DE Ethan Bodden(Fat Albert) 3

OLB Mark Fisher is replaced with Charlie Killings DT Garfield 2

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Coach MightyRx adds:

Gold De Gus Unutoa (Fat Albert) tier 1

Silver Olb David Tingelhoff (Fat Albert) tier 2

Bronze Olb Mark Scott (Goliath) tier 3

Bronze Te Stephen Hamilton (Stretch) tier 3

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Coach MightyRx's TBA:


G Wr Corey Armstrong, Goliath, tier 1

G Rb Joe Bedell, Garfield, tier 1

G De Gus Unutoa, Fat Albert, tier 1

S Qb Dave Wilson, Garfield, tier 2

S Olb David Tingelhoff, Fat Albert, tier 2

S CB Freddie Horton, Stretch, Tier 2

S CB Brian Morabito, Stretch, Tier 3

B Te Stephen Hamilton, Stretch, tier 3

B Wr Derrick Ricard, David, tier 3

B K Rodney Fleming, David, tier 3

B Olb Olb Mark Scott, Goliath, tier 3

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G - QB - Rob Stokes - Stretch - T1

G - WR  - Bo Gibbs - Stretch - T1

G - CB - Matt Okoye - Stretch - T1

S - WR - Terrance Carson - Goliath - T2

S - WR - Ray Berry - Goliath - T2

S - FS - Wade Steinbach - David - T2

S - CB - Eric Cherry - David - T2

B- ILB - Erik Sanders - Fat Albert - T3

B - OLB - Jack Perkins - Garfield - T3

B - DT - Neil Richardson - Fat Albert - T3

B - DT - Brandon Knight - Garfield - T3


The Waterboys have decided to stand pat with their previously selected roster.  

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@X2KFootballG0dX, to make it easier for everyone, please post separately who it is you're drafting to fill the roster holes on your team.  Do not forget G/S/B tier, position, name, body type, 1/2/3/4 tier.

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On 5/15/2017 at 9:24 PM, tjspeaks said:

Coach @MightyRx releases Gold Dt Tony Dixon from his contract.

"He was a force in the middle but we've agreed that he needs to go to a team that will use his talent appropriately."


I think you missed this.

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Black Death Drafts for season two


G DE Macey Snelling (Goliath) 1

G FS John Gregory (David) 1

S DT Charlie Killings (Garfield)2

S CB Mike Moon (Stretch)2

S CB Kelly O'Donnel(David)2

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Moscow Maulers return with same roster (team colors - silver and crimson)

G RB Windrell Killian Fat Albert Tier 1

G CB Rick Wilson David Tier 1
G CB Andrew Crutchfield Stretch Tier 1
S WR Glen Freeman Goliath Tier 2
S SS Bobby Rypien Stretch Tier 2
S FS Tam McBurrows Goliath Tier 2
S QB Torrance McCoy David Tier 2

B OLB Sammy Bradshaw Fat Albert Tier 3

B TE Coy Nielsen Stretch Tier 3
B FB Scott James Garfield Tier 3
B OLB Trevor Nichols Garfield Tier 3

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From what I can tell, you released the following players:

B CB Greg Owens, Stretch, Tier 3

G CB Willie Lelie, David, Tier 1

G DT Lennox Whitted, Goliath, Tier 1

S OLB Mike Fisher, Garfield, Tier 2

You picked up:

G DE Macey Snelling, Goliath, Tier 1

G FS John Gregory, David, Tier 1

S DT Charlie Killings, Garfield, Tier 2

S CB Mike Moon, Stretch, Tier 2

S CB Kelly O'Donnell, David, Tier 2

A couple things - I beat you to drafting Kelly O'Donnell; you've filled all of you previous openings except for a Tier 3.  Mike Moon most closely fits this, but you released a Stretch Tier 3 player (Greg Owens).  Therefore, assuming you want to keep Snelling, Gregory, and Killings, Mike Moon cannot be drafted since he's a tier 2 player.

Please re-draft.


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The buzzing in your ear will continue unchanged from last season. 

Honolulu Hornets

G QB Kris Flugence - Stretch/TIER 1 

G WR Roderick Lambert - Stretch/TIER 1 

S RB Julian Wallace - Garfield/TIER 1 

S WR Pete Chanoine - Goliath/TIER 2 

S OLB Arturo Jordan - Garfield/TIER2 

S ILB Dave Pearson - Fat Alberrt/TIER 2 

S CB Tony Moore - David/TIER 2 

S CB Jamal Kidd - Stretch/TIER 3 

S SS Jon Evans - David/TIER 3 

B DT Ray Gates - Fat Albert/TIER 3 

B SS Rufus Lee - Goliath/TIER 3

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Arizona Rattlers

G HB Fiaoo Bartrum - FAT ALBERT/TIER 1

G OLB Brandon Rosenfels – FAT ALBERT – TIER 1

S QB Mitch Faneca - GARFIELD/TIER 1

S CB Sheldon Jennings - STRETCH/TIER 2

S ILB Shaun McDaniel - GARFIELD – TIER 2

S SS Rodnicl Gibbs - GOLIATH - TIER 2

S DE Tim Whalen = GARFIELD - TIER 2

S WR Marc Coleman– GOLIATH – TIER 3

S CB John McCollum – DAVID – TIER 3

B WR Lonie Mack - STRETCH – TIER 3

B FS Shad Cason – DAVID – TIER 3

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