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Standings & Schedule:

NFL teams, always seeking the slightest edge, have formed the spring/summer American Draft League (ADL) in an effort to find the next star. This league will focus on guys that don't get the invitation to attend training camp. These guys are too heavy, too thin or too short. Now they have their chance to shine!


Team build Guidelines:

You will draft 11 players

You must draft at least 2 players from each of the 5 body builds (David, Stretch, Goliath, Garfield, Fat Albert)

You will draft:

3 Tier 1 players

4 Tier 2 players

4 Tier 3/4 4 players

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Baltimore Bulls - [red, white and black] - tjspeaks


Orlando Orcas - [Black and White] - Ramos Lynn


Rochester Norsemen - [Black, Navy, Red] - HeavyHitter55


Florida Bandits - [colors TBD] - MightyRx


Honolulu Hornets - [black and gold] - dazzo47


Moscow Maulers - [colors TBD] - dazzo0007


Cleveland Waterboys - [Black, Pink, Light Blue] - Aquick Assasin


Corpus Christi Black Death - [Red, Black, White, Crimson] - xRun and Sh00tx

black death.png

Arizona Rattlers - [colors TBD] - SitnHereFlossinrattlers.png

Salinas Mustangs  - [maroon, silver and white] - Pcat Magoomustang.jpg

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Apologies. I posted this in the wrong thread:

More than ever before, I considered sitting out next season. My offense can't stay on the field, & I can't stop the run. I've lost to three bums this season, @tjspeaks, @Pcat Magoo, & @dazzo47. Three opponents I normally blow out every time we play. My confidence has been shattered. That said, I love to compete and don't know how I would go about filling that void if I sat out. Count me in for next season. I don't know team colors, blah blah blah. Put me in as the Arizona rattlers for now. 

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Standings & Schedule:


Moscow Maulers [dazzo0007]  VS. Honolulu Hornets [dazzo47]

Florida Bandits [MightyRx]  VS. Salinas Mustangs [Pcat Magoo]

Arizona Rattlers [SitnHereFlossin]  VS. Baltimore Bulls [tjspeaks]

CC Black Death [xRunandSH00tx]  VS. Cleveland Waterboys [Aquick Assasin]

Orlando Orcas [RamosLynn] VS. Rochester Norsemen [HeavyHitter55]

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We're up. I have you scheduled as my 1st victim of the season. We're looking to make amends for our pathetic display of competitiveness last season. We plan on doing so by setting the tone versus our first opponent. This means you. I hate @tjspeaks, the city of Baltimore, and all else that you admire. Just in time for Easter! To make matters worse, for you that is ... I'm going to broadcast the game on Twitch for the entire world to see. I plan on scoring AT LEAST 31 points! You better hope that your offense can manage to cross the 50 yard line. My availability is below. Don't chicken out!

Thursday anytime after 7 eastern - Friday anytime after 9 eastern - Weekends with notice, though I may be out with my queen looking for a swimming pool.


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Arizona was trash talking all week prior to the game. At the game's conclusion they had nothing but respect for Baltimore. Final score 20 - 17 Rattlers. GG @tjspeaks No stats due to network disconnect.


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