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Shawn T

Colony, Season 2 Premiere

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In the first season of Colony we find mankind living on an Earth where an Alien race has imposed a sort of marshal law.

There's a curfew, limitations on travel, and law enforcement agencies have been replaced with "red hat" collaborators who show little mercy and are backed up by alien drones.

All of this is already in place when Season 1 began, so when I realized that the Season 2 premiere was mostly focused on the the hours leading up to the aliens arrival I was quite intrigued.

In retrospect, I have to say it was it was quite satisfying to learn the back stories of so man characters and sequence of events only hinted at in the original season, however I was left with little to know understanding of where season 2 is going.

Hopefully, the next few episodes (which have already aired) will move the story forward and answer some of the questions like why the Aliens are here and what are they mining.

That said, I wondering if anyone else is watching this show, and what do you think?

Shawn T.

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