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Shawn T

Who's the Strongest "Space Opera" Captain of the Decade?

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So I've been reading a lot of space operas lately, and couldn't help comparing Captains and thought it might make for a good forum discussion.

I'll start with The Slaver Wars, and out of all the ship Captains and Admirals, I would have to say Admiral Hedon Streth (sp?) is the strongest by far, and a very strong contender for the strongest space opera spaceship Captain of the decade. I mean some have compared him to Adama from Battlestar Galactica, but this guy is so much more. Plus, he's lucky... or maybe not lucky but a little clairvoyant. However he might have his age and rank going against him...

Some may try and make a case for Jeremy Strom from The Slaver Wars, and while he is probably one of the most like-able Captains of modern Space Opera's, he not the strongest. Maybe it's his compassion, or youth, or likability, but I just can't count him as the strongest, even though he's a favorite.

Next we have the indomitable Captain Maddox from The Lost Starship series. This guy is strong and a survivor while still being human enough to care. The only questions is, is it because he is half New-Man? If he wasn't, I would say he would definitely be in the running for strongest Space Opera Captain of the decade, but there's definitely a case to be made that his strength is just from modified genetics...

Captain Timothy Granger from The Legacy Fleet is definitely a contender. He brought "going down with the ship" to new and heroic heights. However he starts the series off as nearly washed up, so I don't know if you can come back from that to be the strongest Captain of the decade?

A real contender is Captain Daniel Marshall of the Battlecruiser Alamo series. He's not only strong, but daring. While some might disagree, I also think he's very lucky that his daring attempts to do what's right almost always work out in the end. I mean, this is the guy who flew his battlecruiser though the atmosphere of a planet to avoid satellite defenses to rescue downed shipmates! And then there was that time he was captured behind enemy lines...

Well, that's my list so far... do you have a vote for the strongest Space Opera Captain of the decade? Post a reply below with your thoughts!


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Ok, definitely have to start reading because I don't know any of these characters......... lol

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