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BOG 2017 Gaming Goals: The Backlog

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Grey's Backlog goals of 2017: (v1)



- BF1 - play at least 40 matches with friends, possible play through campainge

- TF2 - finish campaign, try any co-op modes, play at least 5 mp matches with friends

- COD IW - unwrap, complete campaign, try out co-op mode(s)

- Astroneer - enjoy more co-op fun



- Eve Valkerie - complete SP in VR, try mp

- Star Citizen - figure out how to fly, beat up some ai, try mp at least once, try in VR

- Adr1ft - complete SP in VR

- Project Cars - complete a few races in VR

- Space Engineers - learn how to play, try co-op at least once

- Elite Dangerous - create tutorial video, create Elite in VR video


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XBox One:
Dragon Age: Inquisition - Been poking around in this one for quite some time now.
Alien Isolation - Started this one a while back, would need to start it over at this point.
Halo Wars 2 - Can I vote for a game that hasn't come out yet?!? lol.

Starcraft II - Heart of the Swarm, then on to Legacy of the Void.
Homeworld Remastered - This is a really old one, but the campaign begins with a bang, would like to finish it.
Company of Heroes - Again, another oldie but goody. 
X Plane 10 - Ok, so you don't really finish this, but I want to 'finish' learning my way around it.
Halo Wars 2 - Hey, it's going to an 'Xbox Play Anywhere' title, so belongs here too! :)  

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At the end of 2015, I created a backlog list.  And within weeks I had sold or traded over half of the games on that list because I believed I would get more out of a new game.

This year my backlog list is longer, but it is also leaner.  These are games, or at least SP campaigns, that I know I want to see through.  I'm hoping others here can help keep my honest.

Titanfall 2 - Maybe halfway through campaign, kept playing MP 

Gears of War: Ultimate Edition - 2 levels left from some point during the spring of 2016

Call of Duty: Infinite Warfare - Enjoyed the first 2 levels of the story and the sci-fi setting

The Division - Spent time leveling and wandering, but still have not completed the story

Tomb Raider: Definitive Edition - Played about to the same spot (31%) in both the PS3 and now XB1 versions

Final Fantasy 15 - I'm playing this remotely on the Vita so it's going to take a while

Battlefield 1 - Another story mode that I want to play, but I spend my time in the MP

Rise of the Tomb Raider - I loved this game in the winter of 2016, but haven't touched it since

Dragon Age Inquisition - @DownRiverRat you and me both

Recore - I loved the first few hours and know that the end is a long haul

Sunset Overdrive - Sitting on my hard drive for a long time 

Ratchet & Clank PS4 - Christmas addition so it goes further down the list

Uncharted 4 - I haven't started it, but want to play it before holiday sales in 2017


13 games in 11 months (up until Black Friday sales)... I'm going to try

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Oh the backlog, the bane of every (most) gamers existence!  Mine is technically fairly large only because of the all the free games I get from Xbox One's Games with Gold BUT I'm just going to concentrate on the main games I've bought within the last few years which cuts it down pretty good.  So here is my entire backlog, minus the free games.  Not going to finish all of them (or will I?) but I'll try to do my best to get through the majority of them.

1.  Watch Dogs - started last year but got caught up on a part so had to take a break from it.  Need to finish it now since I bought Watch        Dogs 2.

2.  Dragon Age Inquisition - not going to happen this year but I may start pecking away at it.

3.  Dragon Ball Xenoverse - not going to happen this year but I may start pecking away at it.

4.  Witcher 3: Wild Hunt - not going to happen this year but I may start pecking away at it.

5.  Master Chief Collection (Halo 2 & 4) - Started both of these games back on there respective consoles they originally came out on          and would like to start them over and finish them both off.

6.  Halo 5 - Need to start and finish the campaign.

7.  Middle-earth: Shadow of Mordor - not going to happen this year but I may start pecking away at it.

8.  Lego Batman 3:  Beyond Gotham - should be able to finish this off this year.

9.  Just Cause 3 - not going to happen this year but I may start pecking away at it.  Also a big thumbs down to Square Enix as I lost my      8 hr or so saved game.  Don't know what happened but went in a few months ago to mess around in the game and all my progess      was gone, :arrgghh:!!!

10.  Grand Theft Auto 3 - Should be able to finish this year, I heard the campaign is not super long.

11.  Battlefield (Hardline and BF1) - I'll get to Hardline for sure but not sure if I'll be able to finish off BF1's campaign this year.

12.  COD Infinite Warfare & Black Ops 3 - Should be able to finish at least BLOPS 3 and will start on IW.

13.  Titanfall 2 - not sure if I'll get to the campaign this year but will definitely will be playing online.

14.  Lego Star wars the force awakens - should be able to finish this year, at least the main story but I also got all the dlc but not sure          if I'll get through that.  

This goes for all these games but "finishing the game" to me is just the single player campaign's story.  No  DLC or expansions are part of that, IMHO!  :biggrin:

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@osiris prime  I didn't even mention all the Halo games that I need to finish campaigns in, or Witcher 3, or some of the family games like Lego Dimensions.  

I tried to play BF Hardline's campaign again this summer and stopped again after a few missions. I really enjoyed the stealth options but when it was a forced shoot out it was there was a disconnect with being a police officer.


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