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Forums Updated, Additional Changes Coming

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Gaming World Forums 

Site Update Log

09 20 2016

*** Please post any issues you find as a reply to this post ***

Welcome to our first update of year 10!

Maintenance completed (~8hrs)

  • BACKUP - Wordpress and IPB DBs backed up
  • UPDATED - IPBoard (forum software) to latest version
  • ADDED - Pages add-on installed

Coming Soon

- All themes and add-ons to also be upgraded to current revision and tweaked when needed

- All forums will be set hard set to a theme matching the Forum. (i.e. CAG forums will display the CAG theme)

- Premium Member subscriptions will be added (formerly called Supporters) so members can support the site with a small monthly donation and in return get to browse the site "ad" free, as well as get additional forum privileges

Major Update Inbound

Thanks to the generosity of those who responded to our fund raiser, we will be upgrade our site from the current WordPress front ends to the Invision Power's "PAGES" mod which directly integrates to our forums and will reduce the work the support staff has to do to maintain our site while at the same time making it easy for group leaders to post their own updates once that will show on tier frontpage as well as in their forums.


Future "Do" list

- Research "steam login" issue

- Research Ebay, add ebay ads back in

- Create how to videos on all the new features

- buy / add auto-welcome, birthday greetings, auto rules, points, etc

- Review issue with Google and Steam login?

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