Games with Gold for September includes Forza Horizons!

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September 2016 Games With Gold Lineup:

Xbox One

Earthlock: Festival of Magic (September 1-30)

WWE 2K16 (August 16-September 15)

Assassin's Creed Chronicles: China (September 16-October 15)

Xbox 360

Forza Horizon (September 1-15)

Mirror's Edge (September 16-30)

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Mirror's Edge is a blast too. My son borrowed it from a friend and I played it for a while before he had to give it back. Never picked it up, till now that is (or at least a couple weeks from now)! :D 

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I got half way through Mirrors Edge and was loving it but got stuck :-(

I do already have Horizons but love that I'll now have it digitally - good timing too as the next one comes out end of thee month!

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I'll def check out Horizons. It'll be interesting to go back to the original and see how things got started. I have the sequel and it is nearly my most played racing game on the XB1.

Mirror's Edge is one of the few games that I have played all the way through, so take heart. That means anyone can do it. You have to shoulder some frustration near the end. The bullets become overwhelming and you have to sort out how to equalize that part of the dynamic. I had to replay the last levels a few times before I could end it once and for all.

I'll definitely be hitting up Chronicles. I often find with AC games that I shouldn't have avoided them universally just because they are annual releases. Every time I play one, I find it a game that I would have enjoyed had I picked it up Day One.

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AC: Chronicles - China plays a lot like Mark of the Ninja from a few years ago.  I picked it up at release and enjoyed it.  I've tried the AC: Chronicles India and Russia as well, but enjoyed China the best.  The visual pallet of each is unique, but the gameplay wasn't as unique.  I found Russia pretty unforgiving as well with fail states and quick deaths.

I've downloaded Earthlock and it's really scratching a late 90s / early 2000's JRPG itch that I've had.  Nothing fancy or too inventive, but a solid JRPG experience.  

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