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GWF Update 04 10 16, Report issues here

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Gaming World Forums 

Site Update Log

04 10 2016

*** Please post any issues you find as a reply to this post ***

Known Issues

  • All members themes have been reset
  • (you can change your theme using the link at the bottom of the site)
  • Resolved Recent Topics block not filtering, all replaced with generic block
  • Resolved Gaming Word Forums Dark Theme updated but not configured
  • Steam log-in method removed
  • New - Some themes don't look correct on mobile devices

Maintenance completed (~8hrs)

NOTE: Earlier in the week a new CAR Club site, frontpage, calendar, group, and forum had been added

  • All Wordpress home pages themes updated
  • All Wordpress homepage Banners updated 
  • All Wordpress activity streams updated
  • All Wordpress links updated, analitics added
  • Wordpress DB backedup
  • IPB Forum updated to 4.1.10
  • Changed to responsive ad, fixed width issue
  • Sidebar replaced due to new version bug
  • Steam login disabled due to new version bug


  • Custom Sidebars Fixed
  • Frontpage streams fixed
  • Menus Fixed

Future "Do" list

- Research "theme upgrade" issue and mobile support

- Research "steam login" issue

- Update and test secondary group plugin

Way Future "Do" list

- Research Ebay, add ebay ads back in

- Setup commerce app for new supporters

- Create how to videos on all the new features

- buy / add moods, pokes, admin users, birthday greetings

- Review issue with Google and Steam login?


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There is an issue with the front page streams all showing all results

Update - this issue is resolved

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Custom Sidebars have been added back in - these are based on the groups you join - more info below:


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