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GWF Update, 03 27 16

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Gaming World Forums 

Site Update Log

03 27 2016

Maintenance completed

 03 20 16

  • Added android links to BOG site
  • updated CAG Skins to "The Division"
  • updated CAG YT, Tw, FB, FBG to The Division

03 27 16

  • review and update "fundrasier upgrades" status
  • review and update "Gold Supporters" forum permissions
  • Edit all the sidebars, especially for "recent replies" widgets
  • post and award member of the week award
  • contact support on iAwards awarding and deleting
  • DB backup (worldwide outage, 2 minutes)
  • update chatbox to 1.2.0, fix permissions

Future "Do" list

- Check / Update WP ads?

- Backup DB

- Update and test secondary group plugin

- buy / add moods, pokes, admin users, birthday greetings


- Create videos on all the new features


- Setup commerce app for new supporters

- Ask support about hiding feed list "source forums"

- Review issue with Google login?

- update site to 4.1.9

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