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Update - New Group Icons Added

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New Group Icons Added


Good morning everyone,

Just a quick announcement to say that after many hours of development over the last few months we have just now begun to release our new secondary group system.

The first piece of this system to be released are the updated "Group" icons to replace the old default icons that came with the forum software.

GroupIconExample.PNG.1036ff99d7b783f37f4The first icon shown is your "primary" group, and currently it can be either "Member" (the default,) "Supporter" for those who currently support our site via donations, and "Staff" for Admins and Moderators.

The second list of icons you'll see represent secondary groups which you'll have the option of choosing in the near future. They currently include "CAG," "BOG Caster," and "Football."

In the near future we'll announce how you can choose to join or leave one of these secondary groups, and we'll also describe how the site will look different when you do, but at the moment those settings are still being finalized.

If you have any questions about these new images themselves, please feel free to post a reply below.



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