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GWF Update, 02 14 16

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Gaming World Forums 

Site Update Log

02 14 2016

Maintenance completed

 - DB backup (worldwide outage, 2 minutes, ~ 7:30m GCT)

 - IPB Update progress

  • Fixes an issue where incoming emails were not being received correctly.
  • Fixes an issue where guests could do a partial account registration which could cause some confusion to the administrator when editing.
  • Fixes an issue where the AdminCP dashboard may incorrectly report tasks aren't running when they actually are.

- Moved generic Q&A forums from CAG to GWF

New Features Added

  - Enabled Facebook logins and profile connecting with status, logo, cover photo syncing and tested

  - Enabled Twitter logins and profile connection as well as status, logo, and cover photo syncing

  - You can now set your account settings to allow status posts made here on CAG to show up on Twitter and or Facebook

  - Uploaded Steam login plugin, enabled Steam login and account linking and tested

  - Enabled Microsoft login plugin, enabled Steam login and account linking and tested

  - Added privacy policy required for the above

  - Added free online status indicator - a green dot near the users name will now show if they are online

  - Thanks to a new donation I purchased a new Award plugin and began testing it

  - Posted a question to tech support on Topic feed showing last poster avatar in place of post starter avatar

  - Posted a question to tech support on User Groups


Left unfinished

 - Review issue with Google login?

 - Review the following mods:

  • User Groups in Registration Screen & Account Settings 2.0.0 $7.50
  • Secondary Group Images 1.0.0 $1.00
  • Basic Points 1.1.0 $15.00

- Edit BOGcast 32 and 32, volume level 31

- Post BOGcast 32 and 33 on WP and IPB

- Find RSS Styling info to use on front page

- Add Forum activity to all front pages

- Ask about hiding feed list source forums

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