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Gaming World Forums maintenance log 1-10 to 01/31/16

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Hey everyone,

Just FYI that site maintenance will now be planned to occur on Sundays.

As I start double shifts at work tomorrow (and for the foreseeable future) I'm concerned I won't be able to make it to the site every day anymore, so I'm carving out some Gaming World time each Sunday to do any maintenance and insure everything is running smoothly :-)



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01 / 10 / 16


I was able to backup our DB, update the site to the latest rev, and add three new light themes:

- Gaming World Forums Light

- Casual Adult Gamers Light

- CAG NFL Light.

The update also seems to have fixed the toolbar and you can now see the add image and youtube buttons I added last month :-)

I also began working on the inability for members to see the add images section when posting, but was not able to resolve that issue - it has something to do with the members group which I am unable to delete so next week I'll attempt to edit it in the database.

Have a great week everyone!



Good morning CAG!

Today, assuming the insert media issue has not be resolved by IP, I plan on:

1 - making three new groups - members, football, casual adult gamers

2 - I'll then move all members and football players into the new members group in hopes this will allow the attachments to work correctly.

3 - I then hope to slim down the sidesbars for regular members, and add new group specific sidesbars for members of the other two groups - in other words if you join the cag group you won't see the football posts, and if you join the football group you won't see the cag posts. That's the hope anyway.

4 - I then plan on editing and publishing the last BOG podcast.

That should keep me busy for a few hours lol!

PS - if you enjoy the site please consider using our amazon or ebay affiliate links next time you go shopping - last year we only netted $4.89 which is about 1 week's web server cost.

Links to both can be found in the menu under the top banner graphic ;-)

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Due to unexpected family matters I was out of town Friday and not able to work on the site Sunday 1-17-16. 

That said my #1 thing to work on next Sunday is the inability of members to use the insert other media menu - after hours of research and testing over the last few weeks, including reaching out to the mfg, apparently everything is setup correctly and I can only assume something is broken in the database.

So Sunday I'll be backing up and tweaking the DB in hopes of fixing the issue once and for all (also looks like an update was released so I'll apply that aswell)



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Maintenance done for today:

Today's goals are:

- Backup DB - DONE

- Upgrade forums to  Version 4.1.7- DONE

- Edit Members to to allow members to post images - Working in new post and pms, not in replies :-( - submitted new tech support ticket

- Check to see if awards mod has been published -nope :-( 

- Edit and Post BOG episode 30 ... dnf



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Planned site maintenance for today:

x Attempt to fix members group so users can post pictures in replies: Could not fix it so I renamed it new members, and auto promote people to a new group called members when they make thier first post - hopefully this will solve the issue without adding more problems

x Fix action forum default theme overiding user's theme

x Change site's look to Fallout four following user feedback

- Edit and publish BOG 30 and 31

- Different sidebars per group / update sidebars

- rss feeds not updating

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Had to work Sunday but it does appear the new group promotion setting should now get those who post into a member group that allows posting images.

Also published BOG 30 and 31, fixed the News Feed (Gamespot's RSS broke it so I removed it) and edited the sidebars some more.

Next week I had an update to apply, and I need to research "groups" to see if I can make them joinable?

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