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40 minutes ago, SitnHereFlossin said:

The NFL is never going to admit fault. I honestly think changes will be made, but not until season's end. I challenge anyone that reads this, to run full speed and tackle a tackling dummy via a wrap up tackle. What you will find is that it is impossible to do so without some sort of your body landing on top of them. Keeping all of that in mind, imagine tackling a moving target.

Agreed - like a lot of things, these sacks are taken out of context without regard to how the defender got there.  In the 'illegal' plays, nothing is shown about the pursuit angle which causes the defender's momentum to carry them to land on the quarterback.  In the 'legal' plays, you'll see that the defender reached the quarterback from an angle which carries their body weight to go around the quarterback.

My body didn't let me play the game that I love so dearly, but it does not take an athlete to conclude that what the NFL is penalizing these players for is physically impossible and will only lead to more non-QB players' injuries.

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Oh yeah!! Rex was Rex and Brian was Brian!  Mike Brown always seemed to be in the right place at the right time. Great football mind. Thanks for refreshing a great memory!

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7 hours ago, dazzo47 said:

Oh yeah!! Rex was Rex and Brian was Brian!  Mike Brown always seemed to be in the right place at the right time. Great football mind. Thanks for refreshing a great memory!

True. But if memory serves me correctly we also lost either Mike Brown &/or Tommy Harris for the season during this game too.

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18 hours ago, SitnHereFlossin said:

@dazzo47 @dazzo0007 remember this game of our super bowl season?

how could you not?  lol. That was an amazing comeback by everyone except Rex.  which was to be expected. Watching that makes me miss the excitement of Devin Hester's return ability.  

The Bears are who we thought they were!  That's why we let em off the hook

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I'm in total disbelief, complete shock, utter disappointment.  Never have I seen a team so decimated by injuries.  We only have 4 starters still on defense and down to our 4th, 5th, and 6th corners.

Additionally, the other side of the ball is just as bad.  Wentz is amazing, but he can only do so much, and when the OL is playing as they are (especially with injury) and our 1-dimension offense, it's just too easy to stop us.

I entered this season with optimism (and some skepticism) but after all of this, I see a near top-10 pick.  This is absolutely horrid and there are so many holes to fill - OL, DL, CB, RB, LB.  Between that and our cap situation and the Wentz Mega-deal on the horizon, the 2019 & 2020 drafts are going to have to be home runs to keep us relevant.

I guess there is such a thing as partying too hard...

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Mitch Trubiski doesn't start

Chase Daniel gets his 3rd career start on a short week

Eddie Jackson to the rescue, with his 2nd pick 6 in as many games.

  • They said he was too skinny to play the position
  • They said he was a byproduct of playing for Alabama
  • They said he wasn't worthy of the high draft pick

Eddie Jackson ... Happy Thanksgiving! Bear Down Chicago!!!


Just like they make you do it, at the combine!



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Locker room banter after the Thanksgiving day win. I can't speak for anyone else, but I love when the players get the head coach involved with celebrations. To me, that was the icing on the cake when I played. It shows that we appreciate everything they did for us.


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The late Doug Buffone would have been very happy! The Bears showed that even if your own QB has a bad day, “Doug’s 3 Rs” for winning still hold true. 

1. Run the football ✅ 194 total yds (Howard 101, Cohen 69, Trubisky 23)

2. Stop the run ✅ Gurley held to 28 yds on 11 carries 

3. Rush the quarterback ✅ 3 sacks, 8 QB hits, 4 picks



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