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Baltimore has been flexed into the main network for Sunday's game.

Live play-by-play by Cameron Irvine.

An hour earlier 6-8 central / 7-9 eastern

Make plans now to join us.


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@dazzo0007@dazzo47@SitnHereFlossin@HeavyHitter55@Showtime718@aquickassasin@db56@Pcat Magoo@X2KFootballG0dX@MightyRx

Win $50 in SFL Gear (T-shirts, hats, mugs, mouse pads, etc.) during the SFL game tonight (Baltimore Crabs vs Carolina Skyhawks).

Just submit your best guess to the question in the 'SFL Shop Contest' on [team: simulationfl).


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Check out the final 2 minutes in this one!

Go to time mark 1:32:00

It was an intense game and you can hear the intensity in Cameron Irvine's voice.

Baltimore could not move the ball all game against Carolina's fierce defense (including 2 gold CBs).


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After becoming the first ever user players in the SFL and leading

the Baltimore Crabs to 5 straight playoff appearances....

HB Elliott Snider, LB Joe Dazzo and QB Mike Dazzo will be retiring

after playing their final regular season games and final playoff games.

It's been a great run!
Last chapter.png

[yudoncha] It was an honor to play against those guys. I'm just glad I got to coach and play with the best around. Maybe I can leave a Legacy like theirs someday.

[rasty42] #legendarycrabs #crabbyHOF #dazzlingdazzos

s[anantoniocorky] You know it has to come some day but it's still sad when it does. Those three have been outstanding pro bowl type players for the Crabs and they will be missed.

[lilmo1014] @pcat @dazzo47 @dazzo0007 It was an honor playing against yall this season and I wish yall the best after the SFL. Yall were all amazing players and it was dope watching you guys play

[biggrim254] Great players!, Hate to see them go!

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Join us for our new season's kickoff Sunday, January 15th @ 7p EST on where 3 new expansion teams will be hosts including @MightyRx's Alaska Storm facing @RamosLynn's new look Mexico Aztecs and @tjspeaks's Baltimore Crabs travel to Atlanta to face the Swarm.

Be there! 




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Join us tonight as we're featured on the front page of where the 5-0 Alaska Storm go to San Antonio to face the 3-2 Vaqueros.

Check it out!

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If you get a little time tonight... (7 PM - 9 PM CT / 8 PM - 10 PM ET)

Season 12 kicks off on the Front Page of (these games average between 1200-2000 continual viewers and over 100,000 total views).

Coach @tpaterniti, QB Mike Dazzo @dazzo0007 and LB Joe Dazzo @dazzo47 head to Alaska to try to upset @MightyRx's back-to-back champion Alaska Storm.  


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