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All but a few spots are filled and we have received some PMs and attended some private workouts,

so we are ending try outs as of this morning.

Guys have applied for positions with only one name next to them so don't take anything for granted.

Per post #1, I will fill the last spots with this season's coaches with most seniority.

All of you that tried out made the team.

We are reviewing 40 times and wonderlic scores

to determine some positions.


Look for a player signing announcement to come out in a day or so.

Thank you for applying!

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We have received more PMs with interest from players.

All contracts have been approved.

Once the announcements are made,

we will need your signature on your contract.

League has a salary cap and stipulations as far as length of contract per tier.


Offensive coordinator - 3 years, $2.5M (bonus for championship and top 2 offense)

Defensive coordinator - 3 years, $2.5M (bonus for championship and top 2 defense)

gold HB - 3 years, $12M

gold OLB - 3 years, $9M

silver QB - 2 yrs, $6M

silver SS - 2 yrs, $6M

silver WR - 2 yrs, $6M

bronze FS - 1 yr, $1M

bronze LB - 1 yr, $1M

bronze WR - 1 yr, ,$1M

bronze CB - 1 yr, $1M

bronze CB - 1 yr, $1M

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What can I spend my money on?

The Simulated Football league deposits all simulated proceeds into your simulated PayPal account. Spend it wisely! You now represent the team.

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Who picks the legend olineman? GM? OC? SFL commishioner?

This was a great question NTQ, one of your best ever! :strawberry:

Any O-Lineman can be chosen as long as they are not on another team already. There will be a random drawing during the off-season to retool legend lineman. Hopefully, you guys will get the one you want.

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Everyone on the list and everyone that PMd me are good to go for one of the positions...

if you haven't yet (even for guys that PMd me)

all names are set.

just need:

- college you would like to be from (real or fiction)

- skin color and face number

- right or left handed

- bio

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Name: Joe Dazzo

No; 47

Face: #1

Skin Tone: #5

Right handed

Joe Dazzo is thrilled to come out of retirement to play defense for the new SFL franchise. No one knows how old he really is but the old man can still get it done! As a Boilermaker linebacker many years ago he could "Razzle Dazzle" opponents with Urlacher type athleticism. He may not be able to "Dazzle" them any more but he can still "Razzle" them with sheer grit and determination. He is a perfect fit for the type of defense that the Crabs are putting together. He will bring the intensity of Mike Singletary and the intimidation of Dick Butkus to this strong defensive unit. They will "stop the run" and "rush the passer"... 2 parts of Doug Buffone's 3 keys for winning.

Dazzo is looking forward to teaming up with son Mike Dazzo for the first time in history. Younger dazzo should bring the "Dazzle" part of the Razzle Dazzle" combination to the offensive unit.

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Name: Mike Dazzo

Jersey Number: 7

Face Number: 5

Skin Tone: 5

Handedness: left (If being a lefty poses a problem for the offensive coordinator, I am ambidextrous.)

Former Purdue quarterback, Mike Dazzo, is excited to join the Baltimore Crabs alongside his father, hall of famer Joe Dazzo. The pairing makes history as the first father and son duo in professional football.

If chosen to play QB, Dazzo will work with cerebral offensive coordinator Vertigho, to unleash a high-powered scoring attack utilizing his Favre-like throwing ability and Manning-esque study of the game.

Dazzo believes that defenses will focus on stopping the pass, leaving the door open to complete the third phase of Buffone’s three R’s  run the football.

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I think I made it as FS.

Name: Joe Lynn

Number: 26

Skin Tone: 5

Face: 2

College: New México.

Handedness: Right.

My favourite position on Defense is Free Safety :)

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The Baltimore Crabs positions, ht & wt and their corresponding abilities have been finalized!

Set by Offensive coordinator Ben Scheiner (vertigho)

gold HB 6', 230 lbs (cutback, branching tackles, speed burner, workhorse)

silver QB 6'4", 220 lbs (leadership, pocket passer)

silver WR 6'3", 205 lbs (acrobatic catches, route god)

bronze WR 6'2", 200 lbs (acrobatic catches)

Set by Defensive coordinator Thomas Paterniti

Gold OLB 6-1 233 (Leadership, Speed Burner, Quick Feet)

Silver SS 6-3 232 (Footsteps, Closing Speed)

Bronze CB 6-4 220 (Coverage) *Add him to our team first please

Bronze OLB 6-5 235 (Quick Feet)

Bronze FS 6-3 212 (Closing Speed)

Bronze CB 6-2 198 (Coverage)

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4 ability HB??

yea NTQ, very expensive though (you saw his contract numbers) ... I hope he is not a bust! :mad:

we're counting on vert to get him the ball once in a great while.

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