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name - Eddie Gauge

uniform number - 27

skin and likeness number - Dark, 5'10", medium built

short bio (what college you would like to be ID's with) - NIU. Due to my slight build I could only crack a spot on the roster as a gunner on special teams my 1st two years. Refusing to give up I kept working out and eventually found myself as a backup free safety. A quarter of the way through the season an injury afforded me a spot on the starting lineup and I never looked back. Leading the team in passes defensed and 2nd on the team in interceptions despite missing the first three games. By the end of my final year I earned the name "Two Scoops" and my jersey number was changed to the number 2. I'll save that explanation for the next podcast.

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Sounds great Eddie.

For everyone... when you get a minute, go to edit player and tell us what face # you guys want to have. These are often featured at SFL. Just post the one that looks the most like you. Just takes a minute and then you are set (with your likeness) for a long time.


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You should lobby them to use legend faces. I would pick a legend with a sweet mustache.

it would be nice but would take way too much time for what he has to do to set the games up.

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Nice story Eddie, I played as a kid as Left Tackle, a guy had like 3 years of experience, he was bigger than me and I

was a Rookie, I impressed the coach and I did never, In 2 years as a left/right tackle (21 games) didn't allow a sack and I'm very proud to say (Watching me on tape) that I opened up lanes to my RB's to get TD's. On my second year, me playing as a NT for the first time, I'm proud to say that I lead de team in sacks with 5.5. On my 3rd year I played as a WR, but I didn't have success at all. Wearing #59 at LT, RT and NT and #22 as a WR.

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I would like to try out for gold linebacker and bronze linebacker.

Bio to come tomorrow.

Great sirdaz!

Can we get a name for the list (post #2)?

Real first name? Dazzo for last name?

hey #47 might be good.


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Positions filled:

Offensive coordinator:

Ben Scheiner

Defensive coordinator:

Thomas Paterniti


Positions opened:

We are still accepting applicants

for ALL positions below:


[gold HB] Elliott Snider (Pcat) #36

[silver QB] Joe Lynn (Oz) #12

[silver WR] Nick T. Quick (NTQ) #3

[bronze WR] Elliott Snider (Pcat) #36


[gold OLB] Joe Dazzo #47

[silver SS] Eddie Gauge #27; Henry Hitter # 55

[bronze CB] currently no applicants

[bronze CB] currently no applicants

[bronze LB] Nick T. Quick (NTQ) #3; Joe Dazzo #47; Henry Hitter # 55

[bronze FS] Joe Lynn (Oz) #26; Eddie Gauge #27



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Henry Hitter

No. 55

Skin tone: TBA

Face: TBA

Position 1: Silver SS

Position 2: Bronze LB

Back Story: A standout Linebacker (as far as Upstate NY is concerned) coming out of HS, Hitter chose to attend Buffalo and join the Bulls in hopes to bring some hard hitting to their defense. Mid-way through his Sophmore year after being a starting Freshman LB, the head coach decided to use his speed at SS as an 8th man in the box to provide additional run support while not abandoning all pass coverage. After his Junior year, Hitter was making news all over and is highly scouted for coming out of such a small school. Hitter has shown the ability to do it all: pass rush, cover the pass and the run, and deliver heavy hits all over the field. Now entering the pros as a rookie, Hitter looks to make a huge impact regardless of the position.

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I would never call this play but our offensive coordinator would. vert is gutsy.


I still say some major university or NFL team should hire this announcer.

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