The CAG NFL 'Wall of Champions'

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"Raising the dazzo47 trophy'
(Brick wall inside of the CAG NFL headquarters)


"They survived untimely penalties,
drive killing interceptions, fumbles
and the world's greatest competition
to stand alone at the top of the heap.
CAG NFL honors the league champions"

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What does it

feel like to be a


I congratulated dazzo47 on his championship after years of effort.

Below is his response (he gave me permission to share it with you).


Thanks TJ! A storybook season it was. We had to beat the Pack (14-10) on the road in the 7th game of the season just to even be in the hunt. Then to actually get in the playoffs and have to go back to Green Bay and "Bearly" come away with an OT win (16-10) was unbelievable.

(I hardly ever beat Sonny 2 games in a row!) Then to be in the Championship on the road and wind up with another 16-10 OT win was incredible.

0007 was watching my game with JG via Facetime and when I had to punt in the OT I said, "I'm gonna need a pick six to win this one!"

...and a few plays later I got it. (close enough anyway down to the 2 yd line). Sonny jumped out of his seat!

We were both like little kids!!! Great fun. Do I hear Cinderella? LOL

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Post #1 and #2 updated...

dazzo0007 captures

the dazzo47 Championship trophy

another CHAMPIONSHIP medal

and CAG NFL title #4!


Back 2 back Titles!

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Post #1 and #2 have been updated.


to Pcat Magoo who has captured

the dazzo47 championship trophy

the CHAMPION medal

and his 1st CAG NFL title!


His name is now engraved into the CAG NFL Wall of Champions

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