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Found 99 results

  1. Rocket league is on sale this week (until Monday at midnight) for $15. Well worth the price in my opinion and next week there will be a hot wheels dlc pack you can buy (not sure for how much ) that gives you a bunch of accessories for your car and 2 old school hot wheels cars to use in the game. I've been loving this game over the last few months and it has been my go to game of late.
  2. This belongs in the sports section right? Awww, what the heck sure it does!! I just picked up this game and I can't say the last time I had such fun with a game. For those who don't know, it's basically soccer but you are in cars (or trucks). Very fast and really good controls, you can go up to 4 v 4 or anything below that if you like, I've played just 4 v 4 so far not sure if the play area scales to how many players there are but I don't think it would be too big of an play area if it's just 1 v 1. You can boost around by running over boost dots that fill up your meter and can jump (double jump) to smack the ball around harder if need be. There are seasons, at least offline not sure about online from 9 to I believe the hightest is 37 weeks. You can go online and play with a party or randoms of course. You can customize your vehicle with different models, colors, wheels, decals and antenna toppers. Also there is dlc with some other fancy cars and batmobile and the back to the future car. Very fun game and if anyone wants to play just send me a message when you see me online!
  3. Anyone want to play Battlefield 1 or Titanfall 2 tonight? I can probably get on a little earlier, around 7:30pm CSTotherwise I'll be on about 8pm CST.
  4. I just bought it for xbox one - anyone else have it? Update:: As someone who was looking forward to NMS but decided to hold off as it's 100% sp, and with EVE and Star Citizen PC only games, I decided to go buy E.D. to scratch my Space Exploration itch. What is has: Great graphics, a galaxy of 400 billion stars to explore, and SP, Co-op, and Open World modes which all share the same game save so early on you can play without experienced users attacking you. It also allows you to take on roles as bounty hunter (with space combat), explorer, cargo hauler, trader, or all of the above. And with the latest version of the game coming with the "Horizons" expansion, it even includes Planetary landings on planets without atmospheres, and driving the free "buggy" on planets that look like the moon is a blast! What it doesn't have: Unlike NMS and SC, it does not have a first person mode, but they have not ruled it out either and the customizable avatars said to be coming in October may be the first step towards that. Other Items of note: If you're like me when you start out you will likely need some help beyond the tutorials. I spent a lot of time on YouTube watching videos and would be more than happy to pass on what I've learned to anyone who picks up the game! Bottom Line: If you are looking for a space exploration sim with good co-op on XBO, this is a game to consider (and currently the only option?)
  5. The 1st episode for the Batman and Minecraft games from Telltale are free (with your Gold subscription) right now. Not sure for how long so get therm while you can! Minecraft Story Mode - Batman -
  6. Wife's going out with a friend so I'm good to play games tonight. I have all the current shooters (COD, BF1 and Titanfall 2), along with most of the free to play mmo's but if you have any other suggestions and I have it I'll play whatever. I'm good with co-op or competitive games. I should be on around 8pm CST and will start a party, just jump in and let me know what you want to play.
  7. Anyone play this game on the 360? I just noticed it is backward compatible so I started the install before I went to bed. Story was a little weird but it was a good co-op game that I used to play all the time with a friend back in the day (and before the 360 I had originally played it on the Saturn). Cool thing about it was there was 3 "levels" you could jump back and forth from in game. If you want to play just send me a message.
  8. Before I jumped into Elite Dangerous last night I started my EA access 10hr play test of Battlefield 1. Here are some clips! Prime/video/22402090 Prime/video/22402076 I'm not sure what it is about this game but I'm really liking it. I thought with going back in time and using older weapons that it would turn me off but I guess it a breath of fresh air, so to speak, in using these old guns. It might also be that I can actually kill people in this game a little easier then in previous BF games. I'll probably jump on tonight for a few games before I go into Elite Dangerous so I'll start a party if anyone wants to join.
  9. I'll be online tonight a little earlier then normal, 8pm CST, so if anyone wants to play something, don't care what it is, I'm down. I have most shooters, COD's, Battlefields, titanfall and have downloaded all the free MMO's, Elder Scrolls (not free but I have it), Neverwinter, Star Trek, DC universe and one more that I can't think of War something or other I think it's called. it's one of the first one's that came out and was compared to Destiny for the story. If I don't hear from anyone I'll probably jump into Elite Dangerous but if you want to play something else just shoot me a message or party invite.
  10. Hello All, I've FINALLY got back into streaming on twitch. I tried a couple of months ago but the stream was all messed up when I went back and was watching it and just now had the time to sit and start up again. So I figured what better time then when starting a new game. I just purchased Elite Dangerous so watch me stumble through a lot of easy stuff (to experienced players at least, lol). I have 2 videos up now and 2 more to put up. The first of the 2 is only a few minutes long, I went out and was fooling around the xbox menus and it kicked me out of my broadcast and didn't realize it until I had gone through a couple of tutorials. Enjoy! Link -
  11. Official Elite:Dangerous XBOX One "Tutorial" Videos: Please Note: for some reason the XBOX One videos are unlisted, most likely in order not to confuse gamers with the PC Version. That said, if you're like me you'd rather watch these videos on your laptop instead of on your XBOX, so for our convenience I am listed them here. However, please be considerate and thoughtful if you plan to share the XBOX One videos as Frontier purposely made them easy to access in the game but also unlisted on YouTube (again, probably so as not to confuse PC gamers with XBOX One specific videos.) Xbox One - Pilot Tutorials: Flight Controls: Xbox One - Pilot Training: Basic Combat: Xbox One - Pilot Training: Docking: Xbox One - Pilot Training: Starport Services: Xbox One - Pilot Training: Travel: Xbox One - Pilot Training: Galaxy Map Training: Elite Dangerous Pilot Tutorials - Wings: Powerplay Training Part 1: Overview Powerplay Training Part 2: Preparation Powerplay Training Part 3: Expansion Powerplay Training Part 4: Control Elite Dangerous Pilot Tutorials - CQC: Reserved for future videos:
  12. My hero creation from DC Universe Online, hope I can play him more because right now it's a loooooong wait to get into the game!!
  13. Like to shoot stuff? Like mechs? Well, there is a new game on Xbox One that is right up your alley - Hawken! It's free, it has giants robots shooting each other, what more do you want? Check out the link -
  14. Hey guys, Eljayj again. Just wanted to say that I ordered an Xbox one, 1tb, and includes "The Division" I'm back in the game......if I ever was in the game.
  15. If you are a Gold member then you can download the Getaway DLC pack for Battlefield Hardline for FREE!! I believe it's part of this weeks deals so most likely it will not be free after Monday of next week. Also @worldvoyageur highly recommends it!! Link -
  16. The trailer for the NEW Battlefield game, not 5, has been released. It is called Battlefield 1 (ok) and will come out on October 21, 2016. I had a big ole feeling of meh after watching the trailer. Don't get me wrong it looks cool and all but it's just in-game engine trailer so basically just a CGI trailer. No actual gameplay and I'm assuming most of this is for the single player. AND before you call me a COD fanboy, I thought the same way after the Infinite Warfare trailer to which seemed to be a single player stuff and just CG also. I'll be more interested in seeing the mutliplayer stuff, for both games, before I bring down the gavel on these games. One thing that I was hoping for for B1 was some of the gaming sites were rumoring that it might be a alternate reality of WW1 and I really didn't see anything in the trailer that might be a clue that this might happen. I played the story for BF4 and while it was fine (and better then cod ghosts single player) it wasn't anything special so I was hoping this different angle on WW1 would make it something different at least. Hopefully that still pans out but either way I'll probably get it, lol! Here is the link to the trailer -
  17. If you have the digital or disc version of Call of Duty Black Ops then you can now play it on the Xbox One, it became compatible yesterday! One of my favorites of the COD series so now I just need Skyrim to be back compat and I'll be set!!!
  18. Funny Glitch from Ark!!
  19. Great time in The Division Co-op last night with @StoneCold Chaos our generous host for the evening's festivities, as well as with @Bullet and @furboll929. Also want to thank them all for being very patient with me as I was running late trying to get a new character though Brooklyn to Manhattan - thanks guys! And, I also wanted to post a shout-out to all my friends who were also playing at the same time but we couldn't join as co-op is limited to 4 players So @jetty, @M4gNum PI, @instigatr, @fierfly, @Vixen Wild, @Lone Wahya, @Spyrle (and anyone else I'm forgetting) I hope you guys had a great night and also hope I'll be able to join you in game soon! PS - If you guys learned any new secretes please share them - I'm only a level 6 so can use all the help I can get! Just spending a little time in co-op with Jetty earlier in the week helped out tremendously!
  20. Poll - Who's getting The Division on Xbox One? I've heard so much good about this game and its co-op I'm now actually thinking of getting it - anyone else?
  21. EA is the focus (mostly) of the weekly sales this time and of note are Battlefield 4 and Hardline discounted 67% and 60 respectively. Also Battlefront is 50% off!! If I hadn't just bought Lego Marvel Avengers I probably would have gotten Battlefront, oh well! Check the link to see all the deals -
  22. The Community Calendar app has been released today and is a great place to find different events that Microsoft holds regarding the xbox brand. Whether is streaming new releases, gaming tournaments or even gaming with celebs it's a great spot to find what's coming up in the days or weeks ahead. This has been available to Preview members since October of last year and is a pretty neat app. One thing that I wish they add was the ability to set your own event for your friends, unfortunately I've forgotten play dates in the past but if this sent me a reminder (through smartglass) that would be very cool! Check out the link for the full write up on the different featrues -
  23. Band of Gamers Podcast Episode 28, December 21st, 2015 In this episode of the "Band of Gamers" podcast DBQhams, Osiris Prime, Zeuxidamas, and Greylock3491 review the Xbox One's year including our thoughts on the biggest news stories, as well as what the best and worst XBOX One games of 2016 were. Click here to play, or right click to save Biggest / Best News DBQhams - Phil Spencer’s Reign, Backwards Compatibility, Minecraft purchase Osiris Prime - New Dashboard UI, Backwards Compatibility Zeuxidamas - Backwards Compatibility Greylock3491 - January price drop $350, Backwards Compatibility, Awesome Fall lineup Best / Worst Games DBQhams - Rise of the Tomb Raider / Battlefront Osiris Prime - Worst = Destiny, Best = Just Cause 3, Halo 5, and Witcher 3, GTA V, Zeuxidamas - Halo 5, Batman: Arkham Knight, Forza Motorsport 6 Greylock3491 - Great = Halo 5, Battlefront, Frustrating = Forza 6, Sad = Siege Reflections/Opinions etc DBQhams - Big build up to the exclusives of the fall, but they don’t move the needle; home for gamers - Goodbye Don Matric Osiris Prime - Issues with Major game releases for both console and PC? Zeuxidamas - Feels like home again, media services really started to tie things together considering how they span Xbox and PC (music and Movies/TV) Greylock3491 - Will the XBO never be native 1080P like PS4? If you enjoyed the podcast and would like to join the conversation please feel free to reply to this post, or drop us an email at Podcast @ Band of Gamers . net! - The Band of Gamers crew
  24. Xbox announced 16 more games for backwards compatibility for the Xbox One and some noteables are Doritos Crash Course, Hydro Thunder and Ticket to Ride. Kidding of course, while these titles are all coming there are lots of games for people to play. Check the link for the full 16 games - and check this next link for the full backwards compatibility list -
  25. If you haven't checked out Just Cause 3 I highly recommend it if you like parachuting/wing suiting around gorgeous scenery, driving exotic cars and just blowing $^$@ up then this is the game for you. Not going to lie the story is pretty basic here but it's so much fun grapple hooking on a cliff face pull open your shoot and then transitioning into the wing suit to fly over a town or highway. Here is some highlights of 6hr play time so far: