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Found 1 result

  1. Official Elite:Dangerous XBOX One "Tutorial" Videos: Please Note: for some reason the XBOX One videos are unlisted, most likely in order not to confuse gamers with the PC Version. That said, if you're like me you'd rather watch these videos on your laptop instead of on your XBOX, so for our convenience I am listed them here. However, please be considerate and thoughtful if you plan to share the XBOX One videos as Frontier purposely made them easy to access in the game but also unlisted on YouTube (again, probably so as not to confuse PC gamers with XBOX One specific videos.) Xbox One - Pilot Tutorials: Flight Controls: Xbox One - Pilot Training: Basic Combat: Xbox One - Pilot Training: Docking: Xbox One - Pilot Training: Starport Services: Xbox One - Pilot Training: Travel: Xbox One - Pilot Training: Galaxy Map Training: Elite Dangerous Pilot Tutorials - Wings: Powerplay Training Part 1: Overview Powerplay Training Part 2: Preparation Powerplay Training Part 3: Expansion Powerplay Training Part 4: Control Elite Dangerous Pilot Tutorials - CQC: Reserved for future videos: