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Found 14 results

  1. Check out these end of year sales: Steam Winter sale: GOG sale: Origin sale: Ubisoft Uplay sale:
  2. Steam's Summer Sale 2016 is underway! I just checked it out and didn't see any "too good to pass up" deals yet, but thought I would create this post so we could share our thoughts and any items we do buy... So, what do you think and did you buy anything yet?
  3. Get ready for some super awesome deals! Paypal has leaked the Steam Summer sale dates: June 23rd through July 4th Source:
  4. Playing on the 50" Plasma TV today, maybe will check out big screen mode. Should have tried this a long time ago!
  5. Band of Gamers Podcast Episode 23, October 26th, 2015 In this episode of the "Band of Gamers" podcast Zeuxidamas and Greylock3491 discuss what they've played, news of the week, and the Battlefront Beta. Click here to play, or right click to save What we’ve played this week: Zeux - Crysis (PC), dropped Steam entirely, switched whole inventory over to GoG, problems with other services; Steam is the new DRM Emperor, and it is not a good thing for gamers /// NBA 2K16 (a little, but...see above) Greylock3491 - Halo2 Co-op, Forza 6, Super Mario 1 & 3 (NES), Rayman Legends, Halo 5 Topic of the Week: Frustration when digital games don’t work and you can’t get refunds (recent Steam refunds attempt detailed) Streaming - what we’re doing now on PC and XBO If you enjoyed the podcast and would like to join the conversation please feel free to reply to this post, or drop us an email at Podcast @ Band of Gamers . net! - The Band of Gamers crew
  6. I have one extra Dark Messiah of Might & Magic key for steam through humble bundle, if anyone wants it, tell me here and I will PM the link. I found it very entertaining and went through the story a while back, its a bit old now but still playable, also its made by the same studio that made Dishonored.
  7. I've posted this video of T.E.C. 3001, a new endless runner available on Steam. It's only $3.99 and provides a ton of fun for the money. Pls feel free to check it out if endless runners are your bag. I've posted additional coverage at this other link, as well. And here is the writeup that goes along with the video. >
  8. A re-post of the original GameInformer Article that gives the skinny on games on sale today at Steam. The Holiday sale has a few more days at least, so keep your eyes peeled. Source: GameInformer
  9. Valve Teases Steam Box, Other News So excited for whatever Valve posts the meantime... A pretty slow weekend for sales, but here goes: Some of the interesting sales on Steam: * Torchlight II - $9.99 * State of Decay - early access, $19.99 * final game at no additional charge, supports controller only right now, specifically XBox 360 controller, although "other compatible controllers" are also supported * published by MS Game Studios, dev is Undead Labs * 3rd person, with a focus on base building * don't have to restart the campaign when the full game is downloaded; apparently your Early Access save will carry over * Windows only; nothing on Linux/Mac support yet * looks like some stealth involved * game has some verticality to it; unlike Walking Dead TV Show * Company of Heroes 2 - $40 * DCS Black Shark - $9.99 * Influx - $8.99 (this one might be worth checking out; an indie title and looks a lot like Portal, except you are a sphere/3rd person view instead of a person in 1st person view)
  10. ...and goes through the 22nd of July. The following are the games on sale right now, but you will need to check back daily to see what is available. Good hunting. Just Cause 2 - $2.99 Darksiders II - $9.99 FTL - $2.49 The Walking Dead - $6.24 Grand Theft Auto IV - $4.99 XCOM Enemy Unknown - $9.99 Far Cry 3 - $23.99 Scribblenauts Unlimited - $4.99 Defiance - $13.59 Endless Space - $10.19 Left 4 Dead 2 - $4.99 Bioshock Infinite - $29.99 (good until tomorrow around 1PM) Call of Juarex Gunslinger - $10.04
  11. Frequently, I kick myself for purchasing a game and not playing it until much past its prime. Like all of us, I have a backlog. A huge backlog. And so I am just getting around to playing Galactic Civilizations II after picking it up back in 2006. It was just one of those discs that sat around in my Gaming DVD Wallet and never got played. It was only a few months after I'd bought my 360, after all, and all of my new friends on XBL were occupying much of my time. I have since picked up the game in digital format on Steam and got started with it this weekend. Let me say that if you were only going to spend $20 on a game this year, I would place it here. I am hard pressed to imagine ever needing another game, at least not for a long time. GCII is a 4X game: explore, expand, exploit, exterminate. Like most 4X games, it is a turn-based strategy. Set in a universe with over a dozen different races, wormholes, asteroid belts full of resources, and an infinitely scalable scenario generator, GCII is a Civilization veteran's dream...if you're also into sci-fi. It is very much like the space-stage of a Civ campaign [the one that never got written], but better than Alpha Centauri. The primary hook of GalCiv II for me is that it offers near limitless replays in the free-play mode because it allows you to design your own ship templates, your own race, and your own enemy races. Like a lot of us who can spend hoards of time in a game's non-game mode [Forza players, I am looking at you], I can foresee myself spending hours designing ships in my shipyard. In addition to that, conditions of victory include military conquest, cultural domination, universal alliance, or technological supremacy, as well as Ascension. With all of the content available in the sandbox, like I do with most RTS' and TBS', I will probably never play the actual campaigns. I started this weekend with customizing my own race, and then designing a few ship templates of my own for production at my Starport. The game is slow and plodding in its opening, because your tech tree, while futuristic, does not give you they keys to the galaxy, such as uber-fast drive engines and survey-sensor capability. In the scenario I began, I was given just one ship that has the capability to survey anomalies such as wormholes and starship wreckage, and did not gain the ability to build one of my own until a couple of hours into it. If you colonize a planet, you do not automatically get a Starport there, and therefore cannot build ships from that location until you make that improvement. Things eventually pick up, but the start of the expansion phase is slow going. But I would not consider that a downside. The low volume of activity is giving me time to design ships, plot out my tech tree, and get familiar with my particular map's surroundings and environmental limitations. Discovering that I can re-name each vessel, sticking an IBS (Imperial Bitlerac Ship) and a chosen ship-name on each vessel, as well as applying names to my class-level ship designs...yeah, I'll be in here for a while... Right now, the Ultimate Edition is available on Steam for $20, and includes the core game and two expansion packs.
  12. Over at Steam, the weekend deal is that you can play the MP portion of Black Op 2 for free. Deal runs till Sunday at 1 PM PDT. Not sure if it comes with the updated Nuketown map. And if you like the game, its discounted 33%- $40.19.
  13. The invitations vanished since the game is now free to play. Can`t give them out anymore.