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Found 2 results

  1. Band of Gamers Winter->Spring 2017 Podcast Sign-up Topic Reply to this post to sign-up or drop out of the next podcast! ------------------------------------- Notes: - The show is recorded using YouTube Events/Hangouts On Air Monday Nights at 8:15pm Eastern. Please try to be on before 8:15, or if you have to join late please join with your mic muted You can also prep for the show by filling out your section of the episode's Google Doc: - Due to changes in Google hangouts we will be posting invites/links each week here in this topic and in the new Google Doc linked to above.
  2. Band of Gamers Podcast Sign-up Post Note: The goal of this podcast is to have a friendly non-explicit weekly discussion about gaming which comes in at or under 45 minutes. Because editing the postcast is very time consuming we will not be editing them, so please test your equipment prior to the podcast. How to sign-up: Reply to this post with the date of the podcast you would like to attend, and sometime during the week you will be added to the list . Updated! Typical Podcast agenda: - Open with intros of everyone on the BOG podcast (Lead by Grey if available) - 1 minute. - Takes turns discussing one or two interesting games you've played lately. While you may have played dozens of games since your last appearance, please just cover the most notable couple of sessions. - 15 minutes - Takes turns discussing gaming news of the week. The hope is each attendee has seen one or two things in the news they would like to talk about. - 15 minutes - Topic of the week. Each week our last section will be dedicated to a single subject, as long as we have not hit the 35 minute mark. - 10 to 15 minutes. - Close with any announcements or upcoming events (Lead by Grey if available) - 1 minute To join you will need: - Be a registered member of these forums so you can reply to this post - A PC with microphone - A quite place to "cast" from - The free Ventrilo client - The ability to connect to our Ventrilo server (please test this before podcast time) Interested? To sign-up just reply to this post