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Found 2 results

  1. CAG Football Community, I’ve been working on a new league concept that will provide a more dynamic kind of feel to players moving season-to-season. Something that forces team owners to dynamically change their team and how they play their games season-to-season and force round pegs through square holes – just like real football. I’m sure all of you are familiar with the concept behind SFL. What I’m trying to provide is a cross-hybrid between SFL and CAG. In short, a league with CAG NFL rules and commitment, but fictional team-building similar to SFL. This is also similar to the CAG Franchise League proposed by @tpaterniti a while back ( ). This would give the league more of a dynamic by adding free agency, a draft, trades, etc. – team building aspects season-to-season. Here's what is developed so far: 1. A player population of 272 players to select from. 272 is for the inaugural season since all teams will need to draft a full roster (20 CAPs) as well as a free agent pool. Future seasons, the player population entering the league will be far less. a. Players are identified by random selection of name, height, weight, and a Player Type. i. Names are taken from the APF 2K8 in-game directory. ii. Height and weight are randomly selected based on a position-specific range (cross-checked against Mock Draftable’s positional averages: iii. Players are randomly assigned a different ‘Player Type’ each season (see ‘Player Type List.pdf’). b. Abilities are randomly assigned based on the Player Type. However, depending on the Player Type that player will be more likely to receive abilities more fitting. For example: a Pocket Passer QB will be more likely to receive Pocket Presence, Rocket Arm, Laser Arm, Quick Release over a West Coast QB, who will be more likely to receive Mobile QB and Scrambler. So on and so forth for all other positions/Player Types. i. One thing to note: due to the rarity of some Player Types over others (example: how many Mike Vick’s are there in the world vs. more prototypical QBs), you’ll see more of one Player Type over another as players are created. ii. Ability and Player Type assignments are subjective based on the spreadsheet I built to randomly generate players for every season. I’m open to constructive feedback, this is very much a work in progress. However, to keep it simple, I had to start based on my own perception. Abilities are selected based on typical ability assignments I’ve seen throughout my time here at CAG. c. All players are quasi-randomly assigned a default contract length (similar to SFL) depending on their tier. 2. League rules (more or less a carbon copy of CAG rules): gameplay, scheduling, ability assignments (kind of), etc. 3. Teams will be built very similar to how they currently are in CAG: 20 G/S/B/C CAPs to be selected from the player population (draft, FA, etc.). Nickel players will follow a similar protocol to CAG as well. 4. A CAP system will be utilized similar to the point system already in place in CAG. 5. A limited number of trades will be permitted during set times throughout seasons/offseasons. Trades will be determined to be “acceptable” or “fair” per a trade point calculator that’s already been developed. 6. If there is enough interest, then we’ll hold an inaugural draft (possible 20 rounds total to start to populate each team’s roster; at least 11 rounds). I intend to do this on my own via draft boards given to me by league participants. Draft order will be randomly generated. I will take the later middle spot to avoid all conflict of interest. 7. Stats will be tracked same as how we already do in CAG. Items remaining open: 1. Participants: We need at least 4 people to participate (right now, we’re at 3 definites, myself included). 2. The number of league participants will then determine: a. Draft order b. Conferences/divisions c. Schedule Season Schedule (exact dates TBD): 1. Immediate: a. Recruiting – need at least 4 participants (preferable 6 or 8). b. Issue league resources: i. Rules ii. Inaugural season Player Pool iii. Blank owner draft boards iv. Trade calculator 2. One (1) week once the minimum amount of league participants is reached, issue: a. Conference/divisional make-up b. Schedule & playoff structure 3. All draft boards will be due and sent to me (via PM or email) one (1) week following 4. One (1) week after boards are given: a. Draft results will be posted b. FA pool will be posted c. Core team rosters will be posted (number of players TBD based on number of rounds) 5. Full rosters (G/S/B/C/N) will be due to be posted one (1) week following draft results are posted. (This may need to change based on the number of draft rounds – if Copper players are to be signed via FA, then this will need more time). 6. Enter Week 1 the following Monday. a. New players entering the next season’s draft will be issued for participants to begin assembling their draft board. 7. Offseason schedule: a. FA bidding period: one (1) week b. Draft boards due one (1) week following the championship i. Draft will be 2-4 rounds (depending on number of participants) c. Repeat items 4 through 6 Draft boards will have two tabs at the bottom: 1. Draft Board: this is where you will rank players 1 to ‘n’. Again, rank as many players as you want: all of them, none of them, or somewhere in between. This is optional. 2. Positional Rank: this is where you will assign which position to pick in which round. This is the bare minimum requirement. This is how I will run the draft. I intend to run the draft in this manner: 1. Check Positional Rank for the drafting team 2. Select the best available player based on: a. Rank b. If no rank assigned, best available by CAP hit c. If there’s a tie, then a player will be randomly selected Draft Scenario 1: Round 1, Team 6: 1. Positional Rank for Round 1: CB 2. Player/Rank/CAP Hit/Available: a. CB 1/Rank 2/$12M/Not available b. CB 2/Rank 1/$15M/Not Available c. CB 3/Rank 4/$16M/Available d. CB 4/Rank 3/$12M/Available e. CB 5/Rank 5/$12M/Available 3. Selection: CB 4 – top ranked & available Draft Scenario 2: Round 11, Team 3: 1. Positional Rank for Round 11: LB 2. Player/Rank/CAP Hit/Available: a. ILB 1/No rank/$6M/Available b. ILB 2/No rank/$8M/Available c. ILB 3/No rank/$6M/Not available d. ILB 4/No rank/$2M/Not available e. OLB 1/Rank 2/$8M/Not available f. OLB 2/Rank 3/$6M/Not available g. OLB 3/Rank 1/$6M/Not available h. OLB 4/No rank/$4M /Available i. OLB 5/No rank/$6M/Available 3. Selection: ILB 2 – all available players are not ranked, ILB 2 has the greatest CAP hit at $8M Draft scenario 3: Round 3, Team 2: 1. Positional Rank for Round 3: QB 2. Player/Rank/CAP Hit/Available: a. QB 1/No rank/$16M/Not available b. QB 2/No rank/$12M/Not available c. QB 3/No rank/$15M/Available d. QB 4/No rank/$16M/Available e. QB 5/No rank/$16M/Available 3. Selection: QB 5 – all available players are not ranked, QB 4&5 tie with the greatest CAP hit at $16M, QB 5 was randomly selected So as you can see, there are numerous ways to handle the draft, and you can go as deep as you’d like in ranking all or none of the players available for the draft. Note though, since players are selected based on best available if they’re not ranked, then you may find yourself in CAP trouble and will have to make cuts in order to fill your roster and meet team build rules. I can understand that this can be very overwhelming, but bottom line, what this means to you as a league participant and what you will be responsible for: 1. Build your team (same as CAG) 2. Schedule games (same as CAG) 3. Play your games (similar to CAG): Per the rules, a tiered penalty system will be employed immediately if there is poor communication in scheduling your games (see rules). 4. Build your draft board/rank draft players (similar to developing a team build in CAG). You can go as deep as you want – you can rank all of the players available, just the Golds, just the [insert position here], none of them, whatever. It’ll be up to you. 5. Manage your roster (trades, FA). Again, you can choose to either participate in this or not. Nothing saying you need to make trades. FA can be used to simply fill your roster, or enhance it to fit your team – your choice how much you participate. In short, the biggest difference will be managing your roster and building draft boards. With FA pool and draft players provided at the beginning of every season, you can slowly chip away at these things. I plan on running the draft, so there’s no need to be present for it. As far as tracking your roster, I’ll be doing that as well. At every stage of the (off)season, I’ll issue rosters for the entire league and will track that throughout. If you want to know what you’ll need for the upcoming draft, FA, or if someone comes to you with a trade proposal, simply go to your posted roster, and see what’s available. All created players will retire after 5 seasons in order to avoid a stagnant player population. No rhyme or reason behind 5 seasons, just seemed long enough to keep guys interested. I’m open to suggestions and reasons backing those suggestions up. If a participant truly wishes to keep a certain player from retiring, they will have to give up a 1stand 2nd round draft pick. We’ll limit it to an even number of teams and may have to kickoff at a slower week advance (maybe 1 game/2 weeks or 2 games/3 weeks – poll pending). Nearly all of the information (stat tracking, team builds, draft & draft boards, trade calculator, FA pool) will be tracked in MS Excel. I kindly request that all suggestions be PM’d to me directly. This will keep the league banter down.Please do not hesitate to respond with questions you may have, I'll answer best I can. If interested, please state so.
  2. This thread will serve as a library of FAQs about rules, spreadsheets, team builds, etc. A collection of all Q&A will be in post #2.