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  1. Thought this was funny. **WARNING** Video is rated PG however the site ebaumsworld.com does have some PG13 to R vids. Proceed with caution. http://www.ebaumsworld.com/video/watch/ ... GRf42XL.01
  2. Im a lot like Tao. I have my go to class which is Type 95 rapid fire and red dot, sleight of hand, assassin, and marksman. Depending on situation of the current game or map I'll switch classes accordingly: stealth, run and gun, long range etc. Really just depends i.e. a few friends and I play team tactical so I usually go low killstreaks and a 'run and gun' class.
  3. Im with Bobo on the whole idea of CoD feeling like an EA game. Its bittersweet because each game has had a very different feel. I loved the whole theme of Black Ops. The theater mode was heavily abused by me lol. There were just so many memorable moments. In MW3 I love the campaign which I.W. is always good at. The mp has at times been frustrating mainly because the learning curve after playing BLOPS so much. The "modern" aspect is what really did it for me. I missed the tech and polished feel of MW3. The whole "experimental" tech from BLOPS didn't really appeal after so long. After so many CoD games its getting harder and harder to pay for the game, the new DLC, and now looking to get the "complete" experience another $60 for Elite, which I know the next CoD will implement some sort of pairing with. So far MW3 and BLOPS stats are in Elite.
  4. Im so ready for this. I've been having withdrawals lol
  5. Hi

    Welcome!! CAG is a great community.
  6. I love this series. FYI I believe that Netflix still has all the seasons on stream if your interested. Ive got backna few times to watchba couple of favorite episodes. [ Post made via Mobile Device ]
  7. welcome!! [ Post made via Mobile Device ]
  8. As some of you might know the makers of Avatar: The Last Airbender are releasing a new that follows the , Korra, from the Southern Water Tribe. Unlike Aang, Korra has learned all but Airbending and she's more of a hot-headed personality. Korra's world is also a lot different from the world of Aang's day. From one of the clips the city, either Republic City or United Republic(not sure yet which one), seems very modern and urban compared to the classic oriental style city. Apparently this city was founded by Aang and Zuko. The city is a melting pot of all benders and normal people a like. I loved the first series aside from all the kiddy humor, which I found myself laughing many times lol, was a great story and awesome animation. Almost artistic at times. One very brief scene in the final episode where Zuko and Zula were fighting, the music, minimal sound fx, and mixing of the blue and red fire was so amazing to look at. ANY WHO...im not excited or anything. here's a few clips that were released from The Legend of Korra. From the looks she just a bit more aggressive than Aang...just a bit though lol http://www.superherohype.com/news/articles/169265-check-out-three-new-clips-from-the-last-airbender-the-legend-of-korra
  9. very true. I didnt think about that before(FAD). It is kinda hybrid. Might try to start using that in my run and gun class. Yeah the Type 95 is an acquired taste. Took me , after playing Black Ops, to not be used to so many good full auto weapons. After using it a few times though and saw how fast it could put down someone I just kept working at it and gradually got used to it. I havent played this in a while either. League of Legends keeps sucking me back. Cheetah and I have been going back to Borderlands also. Probably will get back into it when the new maps launch
  10. Type 95 here for me. Reminds me of the M16 of CoD4. Kinda overpowered but not everyone can use it. Since Cheetah has been hassling me about using it lol....ive started using the MK14. Semi-auto, accurate, and deadly with the MK14. Its very M1A1-ish from WaW. Those guns are my go to for medium to long range fights. My run and gun class would have to be with the G36 silenced paired with only the Specialist Perk killstreaks. Almost had a MOAB with that class. The enemy couldnt hear me, see me, or keep up with me. It felt god-like lol. After hitting all your killstreak perk list you pretty much unlock all the perks at once. Nice addition with the Specialist Killstreak bonuses. Definitely a nice change up from the normal killstreak bonuses
  11. would be nice to not have to pay another $60 on top of xbl though. Idk. The pros of COD Elite dont out weigh the cons...yet anyway.
  12. I'm ready for this as well. I loved the others. The character customization aspect is the part that hooked me. This next one Ezio from Assassin's Creed II/Brotherhood is going to be guest character. I was hooked after hearing that. Im a huge AC fan.
  13. Yeah Hollywood is running out of ideas for sure. Although I do have faith in the new Superman. Me personally have been waiting for an all out brawl-like, Hulk-ish Superman battle. Zach Snyder is directing this so a very stylistic action is given and Chris Nolan(Batman Begins, The Dark Knight, The Dark Knight Rises) is "overseeing" the story development so yeah. Im just as tired with with Hollywood, but as much I love the iconic boy scout Superman I'm ready for a more, "I'm Kal-El who doesnt wear red underwear outside my suit(love the change of the suit btw. very alien-like), who knows Im not of this planet and feels kinda out of place, and knows that I could be some what of a 'savior' for this foreign world yet still trying to be human as my adopted parents have taught me to be"....Superman lol.