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  1. I liked it. it was fun. not too serious. I will probably pick it up
  2. I most likely wont be getting it..
  3. I might be on. I get on nightly. Not all at the same times though
  4. I couldnt get into it. I wanted it to be like WoW or Rift.. its just not.
  5. welcome!
  6. hey! welcome! feel free to add me! I play cod nightly ICheetahI
  7. I wrote down the right one. I will add you next time I am on.
  8. Ya I dont think I will be getting them all. 7.99 each is okay but I say one on amazon for well over 30 dollars. I think not lol. We have been playing nightly. Its pretty neat.
  9. I am a little confused. Why is it only 3 people per team?
  10. thats weird. I am on it right now.. hmm
  11. I have been very skeptical about getting this but it was 20 dollars cheaper at Bestbuy and jumped on it. Its better than I thought it was going to be and my 7 year old daughter loves playing it. Its definitely a kids game but still very addicting for adults. They have 35 skylanders to collect. And to play the character you want, you will have to buy it so you can put on the portal. The portal is very easy to set up, just plug in and go. It has a very long cord which is handy.
  12. Ya I am surprised I dont know more people who play. It free. and fun.
  13. I have an account icheetahi