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  1. Oh man I forgot you all changed time. I was just getting ready. Ugh. I don't think I can do this, @tjspeaks - At this point I'm willing to forfeit my games honestly. I'm just affecting others to be honest.
  2. Wednesday at 8 pm CT should be good.
  3. @HeavyHitter55: 9 ET
  4. Same with @dazzo47. Any time on the weekend works for you? (Except Sat 5 pm CT to 6 pm CT - SFL Podcast).
  5. I will have an SFL meeting either Thu or Fri (TBD) If it is on Thu I can do Fri and viceversa... @dazzo0007 sorry, man. Can you play in the weekend?
  6. Let's aim for Saturday at 9 pm.
  7. @aquickassasin @X2KFootballG0dX I can play tomorrow Friday if any of you want to get our game in at around 8:00 pm CT.
  8. @AllenJD4lifeProductions Happy Birthday, man.
  9. SFE 24-07 BAL The Smash were able to do just enough to beat the tough Vultures and their deadly passing attack. CO-POG RB Kendrick Berry (Over 100 yards rushing and a TD before going down with injury); OLB Enrique McClover (INT returned for TD). No stats due to connection drop. GG @tjspeaks!
  10. Let's aim for Thursday.
  11. For Denver maybe QB first Rd, then a tackle or guard, two WRs, CB, ILB, NT.
  12. LOL. Enjoy it man, I was fortunate enough to experience that two years ago. It was crazy for me to think after the horrible Orton/McDaniels era that we would have a championship just five years afterwards. Very much like how everything went downhill for the Eagles with Chip Kelly trading everyone. Doug Pederson is a great great coach and it is going to be fun to potentially see Rams and Eagles go at it for years to come (I would include 49ers too). Great coach+QB combos in the NFC. Have to give it up, that was a great Super Bowl and the best team won.
  13. Well, very well played game by the Eagles, Foles should come to Denver. Beat Brady on your way there, then finish the Evil Empire to get their first ring. I will not forget this great offense though................ Just saying. lol. Congrats again to the Eagles. Don't act too excited, HH55, it's not like your team just won the SB. Oh wait. Lol
  14. CHI 14-15 PIT The Steelers come back from eight down in the fourth quarter after they were able to score a TD, kick a successful onsides kick and drive down the field for a chip shot FG. Player Of The Game: PIT RB Le'Veon Bell (18 att, 126 yds; 3 rec, 31 yds). Total Yards: CHI 215-279 PIT Pass Yards: CHI 174-153 PIT Rush Yards: CHI 41-126 PIT QB Rating: CHI 83.9-97.0 PIT Turnovers: CHI 1-0 PIT. GG @dazzo47
  15. Likewise, our man @HeavyHitter55 Brian Dawkins is in. Well deserved. I say Champ Bailey will be in next year as first ballot.