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  1. Chubb and Miller tho. :eyes:
  2. Yeah Nick T. Quick in the SFL a legend lol.
  3. I sensed a disturbance in the force. Long time no see, NTQ.
  4. Oh man I forgot you all changed time. I was just getting ready. Ugh. I don't think I can do this, @tjspeaks - At this point I'm willing to forfeit my games honestly. I'm just affecting others to be honest.
  5. Wednesday at 8 pm CT should be good.
  6. @HeavyHitter55: 9 ET
  7. Same with @dazzo47. Any time on the weekend works for you? (Except Sat 5 pm CT to 6 pm CT - SFL Podcast).
  8. I will have an SFL meeting either Thu or Fri (TBD) If it is on Thu I can do Fri and viceversa... @dazzo0007 sorry, man. Can you play in the weekend?
  9. Let's aim for Saturday at 9 pm.
  10. @aquickassasin @X2KFootballG0dX I can play tomorrow Friday if any of you want to get our game in at around 8:00 pm CT.
  11. @AllenJD4lifeProductions Happy Birthday, man.
  12. SFE 24-07 BAL The Smash were able to do just enough to beat the tough Vultures and their deadly passing attack. CO-POG RB Kendrick Berry (Over 100 yards rushing and a TD before going down with injury); OLB Enrique McClover (INT returned for TD). No stats due to connection drop. GG @tjspeaks!
  13. Let's aim for Thursday.
  14. For Denver maybe QB first Rd, then a tackle or guard, two WRs, CB, ILB, NT.
  15. LOL. Enjoy it man, I was fortunate enough to experience that two years ago. It was crazy for me to think after the horrible Orton/McDaniels era that we would have a championship just five years afterwards. Very much like how everything went downhill for the Eagles with Chip Kelly trading everyone. Doug Pederson is a great great coach and it is going to be fun to potentially see Rams and Eagles go at it for years to come (I would include 49ers too). Great coach+QB combos in the NFC. Have to give it up, that was a great Super Bowl and the best team won.