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  1. My bad, arrived home extremely late. Can you do tomorrow like at 8:00 pm CT just for good measure?
  2. Sorry me too for the same thing. Monday 8:30 pm ET should be good.
  3. @dazzo0007: I'm available for the rest of the day today or tomorrow at 6:30 pm CT.
  4. Broncos.
  5. Deleted post.
  6. Denver Broncos.
  7. I see that @X2KFootballG0dX still does @X2KFootballG0dX things lol. I pride myself on being alright in user control of the FS but this guy takes it to a whole new level. For every user pick I get, he gets about 10 of the same.
  8. I liked his composure. He looked waaaaaaaaaaay more focused and calmed than Paxton Lynch, who has now a season under his belt including a couple starts.
  9. At this point honestly I don't know what are we going to do for QB. Trevor Siemian takes to long on getting rid of the ball and Paxton Lynch looks scared out there. Kyle Sloter looked the best out of the QBs vs the Bears, but I don't know, I guess we'll see vs SF tonight. It is going to be a looooong season.
  10. Hi everyone, time without checking in, might come back for next season. My two cents: 1. Run Coverage because run reader all it does is play recognition. Run coverage does play recognition and pursuit on ball carrier 2. For CBs - Coverage Bonus / For Safeties - Ball Hawk 3. Pass rush move: In this order: Swim, Rip, Bull Rush, Club, Spin 4. HHT without a doubt is the best, Wrap-up tackler second, Big Hit last 5. Closing Speed by a mile 6. Depends on the position, QB= Leadership Bonus, Skill offensive positions= Clutch/ On defense: Leadership Misc: Quick Feet>Speed Burner; Stonewall>Brick wall; Possession Receiver>Soft Hands
  11. I'll let you know man, I recently moved and I don't have internet at home yet. Sorry for the inconvenience.
  12. Friday at 9 pm ET is good. I still need to hex my team.
  13. Whoops, didn't see Kirksey taken, let me fix it... Edit: Fixed
  14. G RB - Terrell Tucker #23 5'5" 286 lbs Fat Albert -Tier 1 S WR - Cosey Jacobs #81 6'11" 266 lbs Goliath Tier 2 B ILB Jeff Sidney #56 5'11" 262 lbs Garfield Tier 3 B K - Karl Tarver #10 6'9" 165 lbs Stretch Tier 3
  15. Orlando Orcas: Silver CB Nick Rosenfels #36 5'7" 165 lbs (David) Tier 2 Silver CB Floyd St. #25 5'7" 165 lbs (David) Tier 2 Silver SS Zeke Klemm #33 6'8" 181 lbs (Stretch) Tier 2 Bronze OLB Deacon Chaney #57 5'8" 295 lbs (Fat Albert) Tier 3.