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  1. Yep and that's the value of a great backup quarterback on a cheap contract. I'm not saying that any backup QB is truly worth 2 firsts. I'm saying that a backup quarterback with starting potential with a SB MVP as a credential on a cheap contract is worth two 1st rounders top a team who's in position to repeat.
  2. First thing first - we need to find a way to retain the power of this team and extend Graham and bring Nigel Bradham back. Next we have to find HOF Jason Peters replacement. I like Vatai but I don't think he's the long term answer. He could be a good stop gap until we find the right fit so that we don't have to force things. Secondly we're suddenly lacking at TE. Burton is going to price himself out of our range and rightfully so - he's very underrated. And Celek is nearing the end of his career and has become more of a blocker than receiver. We need receiving TEs to keep this offense diverse. I like the draft to fill this hole. Similarly at RB, there are questions since everyone is in their rookie contracts and I don't think we will have enough $$$ to keep Ajayi beyond his rookie contract. Again, I like the draft here. If we can add depth to the roster, specifically everywhere on D, this will be a successful off-season. I'm praying that Howie does NOT trade Foles. The only way I see this happening is if we get an offer including but not limited to (2) first rounders. Nothing less...
  3. HB Marcel Murphy was seen with his entire head submerged from all of the high helmet tackles he took. Good thing Roger Goodell doesn't run CAG or every team is going to run out of players from these high hits!
  4. If you though @tjspeaks defense was tough before, now give him 4 Gold and 4 Silvers at his disposal! Philadelphia's offense was held to a goose egg until 4 minutes left in the 4th! The Onslaught dodge a bullet after a miscommunication of possession after winning the coin toss - kicking the ball off to the Vultures instead of receiving. POG CB Jabari Milons would come up with a clutch interception putting the Onslaught at mid field. After lucking out on a 3rd down roughing the passer penalty, Philadelphia would be put into position to win the game off the right foot of kicker Jeff Page. POG: CB Jabari Milons 4 tackles, 1 pass defensed, 1 clutch interception Stats (PHI-BAL): TY: 179-174 PY: 82-119 RY: 97-55 QBR: 50.1-124.1 TO: 1-1 GG @tjspeaks!
  5. Gg @dazzo47. My heart and head wasn't in this game. I'm still in the clouds from last Sunday!
  6. @tjspeaks, Premier matchup right from the get-go. Sun-Fri 9-10pm ET. LMK
  7. Playoff game for Philly. Win and in. We all we got. We all we need.
  8. I'll add that it's very unfortunate but the city was trashed. Garbage scattered everywhere. Glad we had the kids being carried everywhere. That's human nature I suppose...
  9. I'm exhausted. Entire rail system sold out hours before leaving home so had a change of plans to get there. Then we almost missed it because the final bus to Philly was cancelled with no notice! But we made it. Lots of walking, screaming, chanting & singing. Legs hurt, throat hurts. I'm on cloud friggen 9! Can't wait for the next one! Next time we go, I'm booking my family and I in Philly for the whole week! BTW, main celebration was at the art museum Rocky steps. I heard that by 5am (celebration started at 1pm) there were 5000-10000 people already there!
  10. Let's do Saturday at 8ct/9et Thanks for accommodating. And yes I will be tired. I think I'll be up for 40+ hours! Lol
  11. Let's tentatively plan for that. I just realized that I need to get to Philly much earlier than I had originally thought and will be driving out thru the night greeting back around midnight tomorrow at best. I depending on how all that goes, I may have you reschedule. Do you have a back up time that works best for you (for the just in case)?
  12. @dazzo47, Sorry for not getting to you earlier. I'm still on a high and trying to coordinate everything to get out to Philly on short notice is proving difficult. Unfortunately because of all of that, I won't be able to play until Friday. Therefore my availability is: F-Su 8-10 pm ET LMK Again, sorry for the limited availability. This has been 58 years in the making! SO AMPED! FLY EAGLES FLY!
  13. Roster thread finalized
  14. Sorry to see you step away @SitnHereFlossin. We hope everything is okay and you'll be able to join us next season.
  15. All set ability-wise @dazzo47. Sorry again for the delay.
  16. This definitely wasn't the game I was expecting. The Pats O-line played well, very well, making our elite front 4 look average at best. However, that's what Billichik does - takes away the greatest threat. In this case, it was our defensive line. Our secondary didn't play well with a lot of blown coverages. I like Jim Schwartz, but the fact that he refuses to adjust drives me crazy. Once we went away from a strict man-to-man play and mixed in more zone, it was better but by then Brady was already doing only what Brady can do. Our offense, especially Foles, looked phenomenal! Especially Corey Clement - undrafted rookie FA BTW. Our guys stepped up when they needed to (except for Torrey Smith - dude's dropped 2-4 passes a game throughout the season). I knew we were going to win (no doubt in my mind ever), but certainly not like this!
  17. No need to worry, I have plenty of jerseys to share for your safety!
  18. Believe me, I'm savoring every moment of this. I've been waiting 19 years - not long in comparison to so many others but long enough to appreciate this and what it means.
  19. @LynnRamos, If I were any more excited I think I'd have a heart attack...
  20. Anyone near Philly wanting to go to the parade on Thursday?
  21. Thanks @dazzo47. Like I said, this whole thing is surreal. I was listening to Philly radio on my way in this morning and they played a mash of the calls by Philly HOF play caller Mr. Merrill Reese and I teared up again. Being able to call the Philadelphia Eagles Super Bowl Champions is unbelievable. On repeat all day today:
  22. Thanks @dazzo0007. This feeling is surreal
  23. I'm going to be honest - I broke down crying at the end of this game. I have been cautiously optimistic all season long, I've seen this team go downhill so so so many times before. But after seeing how we handled the Vikings, I knew it was time to throw caution to the wind and ride this wave. This team is so very special. Like I had said: To end the season in this fashion against this team at this time is absolutely perfect. There's no better way to finish. I'm absolutely raw here and this team means so very much to me - it's impossible to explain. I'm thankful that I've been able to experience something so special and witness what these players, coaches, and staff were able to do. And I'm thankful to have found a football family in CAG that's spread across the country. Watching the game and seeing Brady do only what he can do - I looked at my wife and told her that I have the feeling that the defense is going to win this game for us. Even with Brady carving us up and with blown coverages everywhere - I knew it would be our defense to win this (looking at you Brandon Graham #55). I've been thinking about this season for the past 2 weeks straight asking what's so different about this season than any other in the past (specifically 2000, 2001, 2002, 2003, 2004) and why this team is so much different than those in the past, where did this start? All I've been able to conjure up is Jake Elliott's 61 yard game winning FG in week 3 against the Giants. Rookie kicker stolen from the Bengals practice squad... I absolutely love this team, and I'm still having so much difficulty comprehending this. We, the PHILADELPHIA EAGLES are Super Bowl Champions. WOW WOW WOW. Sorry for the length, but like I said - I'm very raw right now
  24. @dazzo47, Sorry for the delay. I'll review Monday
  25. @SitnHereFlossin, I didn't lay the sarcasm on thick enough. I'm not doing ANYTHING other than watching the game today. CAG is on hold until further notice!