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  1. Standings & Schedule: http://www.scheduleague.com/lxii Fantasy season: NFL Championship Teams In CAG NFL Season LXII we will be introducing a totally re-vamped spreadsheet! The changes are made to encourage variance in team building deviating from the common 5 Gold, 5 Silver, 1 Bronze, 9 Copper builds. The changes are as follows: Cost of abilities have increased for all tiers as follows: Gold: 8 points per unrestricted ability Gold: 24 points per restricted ability Silver: 5 points per unrestricted ability Silver: 10 points per restricted ability Bronze: 3 points per unrestricted ability Bronze: 3 points per restricted ability Copper: 2 points per unrestricted ability Copper: restricted abilities not allowed Total team points have increased from 162 to 226. Each tier now has a point cap as follows: Gold: 96 points Silver: 80 points Bronze: 54 points Copper: 56 points All point caps MUST be met. The same color coding applies - green = good; red = bad over the cap. With these changes, there is no doubt going to be confusion. Please work your way through this by creating your teams for the upcoming season in the new spreadsheet and keep in mind the color coding (red/yellow/green). Some quick reminders regarding team building rules: You MUST have at least one gold and one silver on each side of the ball. Quick Release, Branching Tackles, Work Horse, Route God are restricted abilities and show up red when assigned in the spreadsheet. Here are the max/min for each tier: Gold: min 2; max 5 Silver: min 3; max 8 Bronze: min 1; max 11 Other team building rules can be found here: Re-vamped spreadsheet is attached for immediate use. Please note that I will be checking every roster posted. With these changes, there are bound to be mistakes. Therefore, please post as soon as possible so I can check. Per league rules, it is not permitted to play a game without posting an approved roster!!! I will be 'Liking' each roster to indicate approval for this upcoming season. When posting, please be sure to include everything shown on the 'CAG NFL' tab. Feel free to PM me with questions and suggestions. Here's a link to upload the new spreadsheet for immediate use. CAG Roster Spreadsheet (re-vamped) - 226 Points (2019 02 09).xlsb I will be posting a new thread for next season's team rosters shortly.
  2. @dazzo47 & @dazzo0007 M-Fr 9pm ET LMK
  3. @dazzo0007, M-F 9PM ET LMK
  4. After disappointing back to back losses (one of which due to a complete bone headed play), the Eagles prevent a loss at their home opener against the Bears as they come away with a win 24-14. POG: S Malcolm Jenkins with an INT, a clutch tackle on 4th down swinging the momentum back to the Eagles and some clutch moments in pass D batting away passes. Stats (PHI-CHI): TY: 242-245 PY: 174-201 RY: 68-44 QBR: 111.2-85.6 TO: 1-1 GG as always @dazzo47!
  5. Ertz V Urlacher will be fun to see!!!
  6. @dazzo47, Tu-Th,Sa&Su 9pm ET LMK
  7. PHI at CHI https://www.twitch.tv/heavyhitter55 KO at 9pm ET
  8. Let's plan for tonight after your game with TJ say 9pm ET?
  9. Polling the audience of what people think is more important: player tier (G/S/B/C) or the ability/abilities to that tier? All under the assumption of the correct scheme/player use, playcall, situation, etc.
  10. You're confusing ability with attribute. I'm not talking built-in attributes (speed, agility, strength, etc). Pretending we don't know anything about the behind-the-scenes makings of 2K8, if you were to select a high tier player (Gold) with no abilities vs a low tier player (Bronze/Copper) with our limit of 4 abilities, which would you choose? Based on your response, it sounds like you're siding with tier (which in turn results in better attributes).
  11. Great game @tjspeaks. Your first drive had me frustrated to say the least. That seemed to set up my mind set all game. Great play calling
  12. PHI at BAL KO at 8pm ET https://www.twitch.tv/heavyhitter55
  13. Philadelphia starts out the season with a long trip across the country to take on the LA Chargers. Fortunately, Eagles fans travel very well and made their presence and passion known. The Eagles start out 1-0 with a 34-21 victory. POG: QB Nick Foles 13 for 16 236 yards, 2 TD 0 INT 158.3 QBR Stats (PHI-LAC): TY: 322-296 PY: 236-295 RY: 86-1 TO: 0-1 QBR: 158.3-95.8 GG @johgreen05! You did a masterful job usering that Safety - one of the most risky positions on the field to control.
  14. PHI at LA KO at 9pm ET https://www.twitch.tv/heavyhitter55
  15. So tonight? Sounds good.
  16. Thx @tjspeaks. So hard to explain death to a child. Let's plan on Friday at 8 ET
  17. @johgreen05 & @tjspeaks, Sorry for the delay, see availability below. Wed-Fri 9pm ET LMK FYI - I may have to cancel last minute. My dog hasn't been doing well and may have to put him down. This is my son's first dog, so he'll need help if things go awry last minute.
  18. No sorry man. Schedule has been set
  19. Season Theme: NFL Playoff & Championship teams. Use your favorite playoff or NFC/AFC/Super Bowl Champion team! A new, re-vamped spreadsheet is being introduced and employed this season! Please see the Team Build Rules: and the LXII season post for additional information:
  20. It did
  21. Good to go. Thx for your patience
  22. Close. You're 5 points over spent on silver
  23. @johgreen05, Your roster needs tweaking before playing your first game. Check the Rosters thread for more info.
  24. @johgreen05, A few adjustments needed: Clutch is not allowed on receivers (WR or TE) Quick feet with 89 agility is not permitted on QBs without the Mobile QB (84 speed). If Mobile QB isnt applied to your QB then no manual adjustment is permitted. I recommend either removing it entirely or adding Mobile QB (84 speed)
  25. @SitnHereFlossin's CAG LXII Season roster: