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  1. Thanks for the heads up.
  2. Schedule & Standings: http://www.scheduleague.com/lsl CAG 57: Lone Star Season Team build rules (no change from what was previously posted since no feedback was given): Only one (1) Gold player (position at your choosing) who's a perennial Pro-Bowler or HOFer (4 abilities). The rest of the team (10 Bronze; 9 Copper) are your favorite non- pro bowlers/scrubs. Ability breakdown as follows: 10 Bronze players: -(5) 4-ability player w/min. of 1 on each side of the ball -(3) 3-ability players w/min. of 1 on each side of the ball -(2) 2-ability players 9 Copper players: -(4) 4-ability players w/min. of 1 on each side of the ball -(3) 3-ability players w/min. of 1 on each side of the ball -(2) 2-ability players Spreadsheet attached (CAG 57 - Lone Star.xlsx) - no points since ability quantities are set forth as listed above. However, number of times each ability can be used remains the same as always. Let @tjspeaks or I know if there are any questions. --------------------------------------------------------- Ability rules: Restricted abilities (route god, branching tackles, workhorse, quick release) are not permitted on Lone Star. You can use a total of 3 on all other players on each side of the ball. Clutch is permitted on one Bronze or Copper WR this season. All other ability rules still in effect as previous seasons. Also, for this season only, you're permitted to use the combo of Mr. 3rd Down and Clutch on one (1) receiver. This is including the one (1) bronze/ copper receiver weigh clutch as mentioned above - NOT in addition to.
  3. @dazzo0007, M-F 9pm ET LMK
  4. Here you go CAG Roster Spreadsheet - 162 Points.xlsx
  5. @deeoutdat7 Week 7 matchup. M-F 9pm ET LMK
  6. GG @tjspeaks. The downward spiral continues. I gotta find a way out
  7. Baltimore Ravens at Philadelphia Eagles Kickoff at 8:00 PM ET https://www.twitch.tv/heavyhitter55
  8. Fun = heartbreak?
  9. To say I'm upset by this loss is the understatement of the decade. This only confirms that I need to step away to recharge after the current season.
  10. Gg @dazzo0007. I'm really sorry but that was NOT roughing the passer. He was never touched between when he released the throw and when the ball was intercepted. I hope you don't take this as a sign of disrespect.
  11. KC at PHI Kickoff shortly twitch.tv/heavyhitter55
  12. As suspected, wife got called in. Friday same time 8pm ET? Thanks for understanding
  13. @tjspeaks I just don't that my wife is on call tonight. I may have to reschedule. I'll let you know ASAP. Really sorry for the (potential) last minute change
  14. See you then
  15. No not yet
  16. Monday at 8 is good
  17. Overall, I'm happy with this draft. Goedert in this offense is going to take it to another level - it's going to be fun seeing him and Ertz on the field at the same time in no huddle. And the fact that we jumped up in front of Dallas in Dallas and selected Dallas was just frosting on the Super Bowl cake! David Akers - I love you man! We got some nice defenders late inthe draft too. Word is that if Maddox were taller, he'd be a 1st/2nd rounder. We'll be looking for him to compete for the slot. We also got DE Sweat - who if he didn't have knee injuries, he'd have been a 1st/2nd rounder as well. We add a lot of depth to the strength of this defense too keep fresh legs after the QB. Then the Eagles picked up this dude in the 7th. If he's not listed as a FB, there's something wrong! Just reminds me of our ADL draft league in CAG LI!
  18. David Akers is a nerd, but he did his best. It would've been exponentially better if Kelce could've announced the pick... I absolutely LOVE this pick. Having Dallas Goedert (haha irony) in this offense paired with Ertz is...OH.MY.GOD!... I can see it now - Ertz, Goedert, Jeffery, Wallace, and Ajayi all on the field running no huddle, changing from formations with 4 wide, to 2 wide, to 3 wide - this adds so much variability to this offense! #ForeverChampions
  19. @dazzo0007, With the draft I won't be available until next week. M-F 9pm ET LMK
  20. GG @X2KFootballG0dX. I had to go for it there. That's how this season has been going - I gotta try something to spark this season.
  21. Lol he remedies mold?I don't think he'll want to deal with that...
  22. Sorry, I know I said 8, but can we push to 830 ET/730 CT? Gotta deal with some home repairs that just reared their ugly head.
  23. @X2KFootballG0dX, M-W 8-10pm ET LMK
  24. I increased my internet speeds and changed settings on my router. Now I'm getting errors when streaming. Gotta troubleshoot. Patience @SitnHereFlossin, patience.
  25. Gg @AllenJD4lifeProductions. To say I'm frustrated is an understatement. Countless times my DBs have broken on the ball perfectly for an interception only to simply STOP in their tracks with the ball hitting them square in the facemask. I think they all must be blind in one eye because it seems like they lack depth perception...