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  1. Philadelphia Eagles: Lone Star - WR D-Jax
  2. Production suffered because of depth and rotation on the Eagles line. Good pass rusher - up there with Brandon Graham from a hurries and QB hits perspective. Just doesn't get the QB on the ground. Sometimes that's better though as it'll result in hurried throws, bad decisions and ultimately turnovers vs loss of yardage. He is one of my favorites. Been a fan of him since he was drafted. He got comparable pay at TB, however for him claiming to be an Eagles fan since a kid, I'm conflicted because, if I had the chance, I'd play for free. So I gotta ask...WTH!
  3. Week 5 tape: Philadelphia Onslaught at Cleveland Revenge
  4. Wed 8CT/9ET
  5. After what can best be described as an anemic offensive showing in Week 4, the Philadelphia Onslaught turned it up a notch throughout the week in practice and it certainly showed against the Cleveland Revenge. After allowing an uncharacteristic 76 yard TD bomb to WR Curt Sims, Marcel Murphy and the Onslaught responded with a 72 yard rush TD. This sparked an unprecedented 41 point onslaught. Final score: 41-14 POG: RB Marcel Murphy - 25 rushes for 193 yards, 3 receptions for 34 yards and 4 total TDs Stats (PHI-CLE): TY: 286-244 PY: 93-244 RY: 193-0 QBR: 158.3-79.6 TO: 0-2 GG @aquickassasin. When it rains it pours. You kept at it though and kept firing! Great display of sportsmanship.
  6. @aquickassasin, Still good for tomorrow (Wed) at 8pm ET?
  7. Trade market for Foles dried up faster than rain in the Sahara. Not a bad thing though IMO. I'd highly doubt that Wentz is ready week 1 - even week 4-6. Gotta keep this rolling. Signing Ngata is huge. Our front 4 is N-A-S-T-Y NASTY. Graham, Bennett, Barnett, Long, Cox, Jernigan, Ngata are the big names. The release of long time TE Celek is a hard pill to swallow. Should've retired on top. Much Philly Brotherly Love to Celek. #Legend
  8. Touche
  9. I honestly dislike the QB sneak. While stoppable its near impossible IMO. I think I've only been able to stop it 3x ever. 2 of which were against i believe @dazzo0007 in a playoff game when i knew it was coming and i had a stacked DL (at least 2 gold)
  10. Whatever I can do to improve the league
  11. I disagree. Bears fans don't count as full votes
  12. By that logic then it's 4-3 in favor of staying as is but need @aquickassasin's vote I believe.
  13. We're deadlocked at 4-4. Everyone please vote and have your say!
  14. We're deadlocked at 4-4. Everyone please vote and have your say!
  15. I think the Browns need to start up top. You can have the best players in the league, but it doesn't matter if the guys running the team don't have a common direction. Otherwise, you just end up with a lot of talented players running around the field like chickens with their heads cut off. Continually changing coaches and exec's doesn't help in doing that.