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  1. @aquickassasin, When do you want to reschedule our game? I'm available any day except for Sunday at 8-9pm ET LMK
  2. @Lord Destro & @deeoutdat7, Please replace Clutch with another ability from your receivers - this ability is no longer allowed on any receiver (WR & TE). Thanks
  3. Sound good let me know if that needs to change
  4. @aquickassasin, T (today) thru F at 9pm ET Sat, Su 8-10pm ET LMKK
  5. League has progressed to week 2. Pl3ase schedule games and enjoy the competition!
  6. No love lost between the Eagles and Cowboys as they face off at The Linc with the Eagles walking away victorious 24-13 POG: RB LeGarrette Blount 15 rushes for 147 yards & 2 TD (2 monster rushes for over 50 yards each - one of which coming at the Eagles' own 2) and 3 receptions for 19 yards & 1 TD Honorable mention: PHI pass defense - 2 sacks, 5 pass deflections, 2 interceptions Stats (PHI-DAL): TY: 207-267 PY: 60-212 RY: 147-55 QBR: 79.2-57.4 TO: 1-2 GG @deeoutdat7!
  7. @deeoutdat7, Please post roster with all abilities shown on the right of the spreadsheet as others have done previously. Thanks
  8. @aquickassasin, Need at least 1 gold and 1 silver player on offense and defense. Please adjust. Thanks
  9. Sounds good
  10. @deeoutdat7, Any time this weekend 8-10pm ET, M-F 8-9pm ET LMK
  11. From @tjspeaks: (yet another) update... Ditching satellite Internet at the moment - zero chance at playing online. Going with DSL (our only other option) - online gaming will depend on ping. Hopefully this will work for league games! Install scheduled for Thursday the 19th Sorry for delay - thanks for patience Enjoy your games and playoff games!
  12. @dazzo47, You're correct, it was not. Seeding post has been updated.
  13. Sorry for the delay gentlemen: Playoff seeding 1 - @SitnHereFlossin 2 - @X2KFootballG0dX 3 - @dazzo47 4 - @aquickassasin 5 - @dazzo0007 6 - @deeoutdat7 First round: 1 & 2 seed - Bye #6 Seed @ #3 Seed #5 Seed @ #4 Seed
  14. Update from @tjspeaks: Gents, it appears cable is not available in our (rural) area. Our best choice is satellite. Installation may take 5-7 days. There is a slight delay (latency), I will have to run a test once connected. Play on! Enjoy your games.
  15. CAG NFL Season LIV Philadelphia Eagles