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  1. Sure
  2. Wed, Th, Sa, Su 9pm ET
  4. When I test, it's failing when trying to connect to the internet, but my internet is perfectly fine...
  5. I've tried everything I can think of: Restarted router, modem, Xbox. Unplugged Xbox. I can connect to XBL on the Xbox 1, but not 360??????!!!!!!!!!!!
  6. It's not me then??? I can't either - about to LOSE IT!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
  7. No worries - life. I'll take Friday at 9pm ET please.
  8. Yup nothing has changed on my end. Can we actually start at 9 though? I have an early morning Wednesday.
  9. @aquickassasin, @MightyRx, Wed, Thu 9pm ET Fri-Sat 830-10pm ET LMK
  10. I should. I'll let you know otherwise. No news is good news.
  11. @aquickassasin, Sorry, but one more amendment to my availability - I'm not available Thursday (forgot about the Eagles preseason game)
  12. Monday at 9pm ET?
  13. @MightyRx, Th (tomorrow), Sa, Su at 9pm ET. LMK
  14. @MightyRx, I think we all know what each does. I was just fishing for discussion of why one may or may not be better than another (scheme/football-wise).
  15. I searched but didn't see anything similar... Thought I'd ask the community which ability that are similar to others that they think are more useful/ powerful (and why): Run coverage v. Run reader Ball hawk v. Coverage bonus Any pass rush move (rip, swim, spin, club, bull rush) Big hit v. HHT v. Wrap up tackler Closing speed v. Speed burner (I excluded break away burst since it doesn't seem to work online) Clutch v. Leadership bonus Any others that I'm not thinking of. This is just for discussion since it seems that the forum is pretty stagnant lately...