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  1. Uncle Doug (Pederson) and Ol' St. Nick (Foles) scheme up a master plan to end their season at Soldier Field as Foles uses every second of the play clock making his pre-snap reads. Despite his efforts though, he found himself down by 1 with 25seconds left on the clock with 3 TOs. With some excellent line play against an aggressive defense led by Khalil Mack, Foles found a favorable look against a cover 0 blitz and hit TE Zach Ertz over the middle setting up Jake Elliott with the 47 yard game winning FG with 2 sec remaining 23-21. POG: QB Nick Foles 133.9 QBR, 19/25 251 yards 2 TD 0 INT Stats (PHI-CHI): TY: 252-147 PY: 251-137 RY: 1-10 QBR: 133.9-116.6 TO: 0-0 GG @dazzo0007! You had me digging deep into my playbook and really challenged me in my pre-snap reads. The way you user your LBs makes your defense extremely difficult to play against - hence using every second of the play clock!
  2. Philly continues their home game streak and take on the Bears (again) and walk away with a win (with some lucky bounces - literally) 23-17. POG: QB Nick Foles 17/19 170 yards, 2 TD Stats (PHI-CHI): TY: 190-235 PY: 170-207 RY: 20-28 QBR: 139.0-141.0 TO: 0-1 GG @dazzo47! Very gutsy calls all game - especially that onside KO to start the half!
  3. GG @dazzo0007. Turnovers were my undoing.
  4. NP. How does Su at 9PM ET sound?
  5. See you at 9
  6. @dazzo47 & @dazzo0007 M-Fr 9pm ET LMK
  7. @dazzo0007, M-F 9PM ET LMK
  8. After disappointing back to back losses (one of which due to a complete bone headed play), the Eagles prevent a loss at their home opener against the Bears as they come away with a win 24-14. POG: S Malcolm Jenkins with an INT, a clutch tackle on 4th down swinging the momentum back to the Eagles and some clutch moments in pass D batting away passes. Stats (PHI-CHI): TY: 242-245 PY: 174-201 RY: 68-44 QBR: 111.2-85.6 TO: 1-1 GG as always @dazzo47!
  9. Ertz V Urlacher will be fun to see!!!
  10. @dazzo47, Tu-Th,Sa&Su 9pm ET LMK
  11. PHI at CHI https://www.twitch.tv/heavyhitter55 KO at 9pm ET
  12. Let's plan for tonight after your game with TJ say 9pm ET?
  13. You're confusing ability with attribute. I'm not talking built-in attributes (speed, agility, strength, etc). Pretending we don't know anything about the behind-the-scenes makings of 2K8, if you were to select a high tier player (Gold) with no abilities vs a low tier player (Bronze/Copper) with our limit of 4 abilities, which would you choose? Based on your response, it sounds like you're siding with tier (which in turn results in better attributes).
  14. Polling the audience of what people think is more important: player tier (G/S/B/C) or the ability/abilities to that tier? All under the assumption of the correct scheme/player use, playcall, situation, etc.