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  1. Updated tracker: EFL Player Draft Pool_Tracker.xlsx
  2. KC Crushers ( @dazzo0007): Replace one ability on each defender with either Big Hit or HHT Replace one ability on four defenders with Strength Bonus Replace one ability on three defenders with Footsteps
  3. Awesome @dazzo0007. I'll try to take a look tonight and update everything.
  4. @dazzo0007 & @dazzo47, Draft is wide open. Available players can be found in attached spreadsheet herein (players in red are unavailable). EFL Player Draft Pool_Tracker.xlsx You're permitted to select all 20 players at once (5G, 5S, 1B, 9C with only 1G, 1S, 1B on offense - any amount of Coppers on O). Note that your selected Super Enforcer accounts for one of your gold defenders. Once you select your players, I'll post a drafted roster with instructions of what adjustments must be made to make your roster compliant for the upcoming season. Let me know if you have any questions. Happy Drafting!
  5. @X2KFootballG0dX, Almost there, you need to replace Strength Bonus on one more defender.
  6. @X2KFootballG0dX & @aquickassasin Sorry I hadn't gotten back to you on your rosters yet - been battling sickness in my house. I plan to review tonight
  7. While I'm not going to the game, I'm rigging my basement specifically for this game (seeing that I'll wake the children from all the screaming). I plan to lose my voice...
  8. BOO Fly Eagles Fly
  9. Tracker updated: EFL Player Draft Pool_Tracker.xlsx
  10. BAL Night Vultures ( @tjspeaks): CC Nightmare ( @X2KFootballG0dX): CHI Beasts ( @SitnHereFlossin): CLE Revenge ( @aquickassasin): PHI Pain (@HeavyHitter55): Santa Fe Revenge (@LynnRamos):