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  1. @deeoutdat7, Im still good for Tuesday (tomorrow). Is 9pm ET okay?
  2. @deeoutdat7, I still need to tweak my team and am currently on vacation. I won't be ready until Tuesday (8/14) or Wednesday (8/15) of next week. I'll keep you posted early next week
  3. Hahahaha Yes, please provide an image with pixel density greater than 10ppi...
  4. Gg @dazzo47. I'm starting to think that I'll never get my name etched into the Wall of Champions. The trophy continues to elude me.
  5. 2018/CAG NFL 59 Philadelphia Eagles:
  6. NFL Hall of Fame Enshrinement Ceremony tonight. Safety Brian Dawkins will forever live in football history and is one of the greatest Philadelphia Eagles to step on to the football field. He is the best player I've ever personally had the chance to watch. I only wish I could have been born earlier so that I could have understood the privilege I had to watch him week after week. Congratulations to the entire 2018 HOF class, but especially to Brian Dawkins - he changed the game forever.
  7. I'm on vacation for the week starting tomorrow. Let's keep with the original time.
  8. No DVR...
  9. @dazzo47, If not tonight, can you take a later nap in the afternoon and play after the ceremony at 10 ET?
  10. @dazzo47, It just clicked that the HOF enshrinement ceremonies are tomorrow night. Is it possible to change to the same time tonight? Really sorry for the latt minute change.
  11. Happy birthday @aquickassasin!
  12. See you then. We'll be the ones in blue...
  13. @dazzo47, I haven't forgotten about our last game. Florida is looking for vengeance. Im going on vacation next week so we'll need to play this week if possible. Tonight (Tues), Thurs or Sat 8-9 PM ET LMK
  14. The Gators finish the season at home against Maryland and it turned out to be a true nail biter! As the Maryland passing attack was unstoppable all game with only 2 incomplete passes all game between two quarterbacks. However, Florida's offense showed up as well with a strong balanced attack nearly rushing for as many yards as they had passed. QB Cam Newton showed what he could do both with his arm and his feet as he threw for 150 yards, 3 TD and rushed 4 times for 61 yards - including a critical 9 yard rush on 2nd & 10 with time winding down, setting up the go-ahead TD to Percy Harvin. Final score: FL 24 MD 21 POG: QB Cam Newton: 9/13 150 yards, 3 TD, 0 INT, 4 rushes, 61 yards Stats (FL - MD): TY: 285-246 PY: 150-157 RY: 135-89 TO: 0-1 QBR: 147.4-156.3/97.9 Great game TJ!
  15. @tjspeaks, Disregard previous message. Things seem to have stabilized. KO in 20 minutes at 8:00 pm ET: https://www.twitch.tv/heavyhitter55