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  1. Oilers over the Bucs 35-10 in a tougher game then the scoreboard indicates. POG FS Chuck Cecil with 2 ints Hou TB Passing 259 258 Rushing 33 12 Total 292 270 TO 2 4 Qbr 99.2 37.2 GG Allen!!!!! Gl the rest of the way
  2. Lets do Monday at 7 central. LMK
  3. Oilers over Ravens 21-14 after a valiant comeback by the Ravens. POG Oilers Defense for keeping Bam Morris in check most of the game. Hou Bal Passing 320 272 Rushing 0 16 Total 320 288 TO 3 2 Qbr 94.2 74.9 GG TJ!!! Sorry again about the live stream I will be uninstalling and reinstalling to attempt to fix it.
  4. Oilers @ Ravens scheduled for 8 et. Live on twitch (I hope it works this time) https://www.twitch.tv/xrunandsh00tx
  5. We can do Thurs at 8pm et. My Defense is playing like little leaguers who are in last place. You should be alright TJ lol
  6. Oilers vs Packers on twitch in 3 min
  7. Corpus Christi Nightmare secure the Dazzo47 trophy with a hard fought game full of errors between me and coach dazo0007. The score does not tell the story of this game at all. Drops picks and drop passes tell the story of this game. final 21-6 CC KC Passing 91 144 Rushing 33 34 Total 125 177 TO 2 2 Qbr 57.6 42.8 GG Dazo0007!!!!!!! Tough as always sir Sorry about the stream guys. I don't what was going on and couldn't attempt to fix it in game without rebooting or disconnecting from the internet.
  8. EFL CAG Dazz047 Bowl Scheduled for 730 ct tonight On twitch https://www.twitch.tv/xrunandsh00tx
  9. Texas Tech Red Raiders
  10. @dazzo0007looks like we have 2 games this week..i can play anytime after 7pm ct. During the week..lmk
  11. @dazzo0007 we're up again. i can play anytime after 7 ct. Weekends are up in the air. Lmk sir.
  12. Nightmares advance to the CAG bowl after a hard fought battle against the Dirty Dogs and coach Dazo047. I really thought I was going to lose this one after I lost the coin toss in OT. The Dirty Dogs offense was on fire most of the game. POG QB Matt Burgess 19-38 306 yds 2 TDs 1 int. Not great but came through when it counted. CC Bro Passing 306 229 Rushing 34 35 Total 340 264 TO 1 2 Qbr 83.9 98.5 GG sir Dazo047!!!!!. It was a tough one.
  13. Dirty Dogs @ Nightmares EFL Semi-Finals Scheduled for 8pm central tonight on twitch https://www.twitch.tv/xrunandsh00tx
  14. Oilers survive a tough turnover infected game and remove the Giants from the relm of the unbeaten 21-14 POG was WR Webster Slaughter with 7 catches for 83 yards...Big first downs. Hou NY Passing 254 177 Rushing 3 52 Total 257 229 TO 3 4 Qbr 55.3 63.7 GG Flossin!!!!
  15. Giants vs Oilers Live on twitch @ 1950 central (9 min) tonight https://www.twitch.tv/xrunandsh00tx