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  1. Raiders were able to pull away in the second half after an early shootout with the offensive minded Chiefs and come away with a W 48-21 POG QB Derek Carr 15-26 465 yds 5 TDs Oak KC Passing 465 236 Rushing 42 2 Total 507 238 Qbr 141.8 67.6 TO 0 3 GG JG22!!! Gl the rest of the way sir
  2. @johgreen05 sorry for the no show we had a minor emergency at work..i can play tonight after 7..lmk Logging in 10..thanks
  3. @johgreen05 sorry for the no show we had a minor emergency at work..i can play tonight after 7..lmk
  4. see you then. 430 ct
  5. @johgreen05 I can play Sat and Sun after 3pm ct or after 7pm CT during the week lmk
  6. Possible 7 edt. But for sure 8 edt.
  7. 7pm ct?
  8. @tjspeaks I can play anytime after 7pm ct the rest of the week. LMK
  9. Raiders get the win over the tough 47 coached Bears 23-21 POG Raiders Defense with two takeaways including a pick 6 Oak Chi Passing 217 203 Rushing 39 11 Total 256 214 Qbr 103.0 102.2 TO 0 2 GG sir Daz!! Gl the rest of the way sir
  10. Raiders get their first win of the season at home vs the offensive minded Eagles. Final 31-21 POG QB Derek Carr 15-25 354 yds 4 TDS 1 Int Oak Phi Passing 354 219 Rushing 10 9 Total 364 228 QBR 127.2 82.2 TO 1 2 GG Double H!!!!!! Gl the rest of the way sir
  11. No confrontational tone at all. Any confrontational tone would be coming from your end IMO seeing as you took my response as such. My post was about common sense. If you change YOUR time to another time YOU wanted I can only presume that you will be available. You state an hour is not long enough notice for a time YOU said YOU will be available. I only have a difference of opinion on that position nothing more. You were on the forums during that time and I sent a message but you didn't respond. You could've of easily responded and said I made other plans or can we schedule and bam problem solved. My times have always been M-F after 7pm central with weekends up in the air, so its a pretty good chance I will be there. Just a reminder these were not my times, so I was giving you the courtesy of making your times. Now I know an hour is not long enough for you to make your time I will take note of it and respond earlier. Problem solved. See you Tues, sir
  12. It was the time you requested 8 pm ct on Fri after originally switching from Thurs at 730. Those were your times sir not mine why wouldn't an hour be enough time to be available on your time? Ill take Tues at 8pm ct.
  13. Lets shoot for Mon 9 ET
  14. see you then sir Daz
  15. lets shoot for thurs at 730 ct. LMK sir