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  1. Texas Tech earns the CAG BCS title with a hard fought battle against the defending champ coach Dazzo47 and his Notre Dame Fighting Irish. Final 21-13 POG LB Mike Smith with a crucial pick to kill a drive which would've made this game a whole lot different. TT ND Passing 198 145 Rushing 33 12 Total 231 157 TO 3 2 QBR 90.4 34.9 GG Dazzo47!! Excellent down the wire game again. Well Played sir
  2. Championship game scheduled for tonight at 8 Central. https://www.twitch.tv/xrunandsh00tx
  3. Lets do tomorrow at 8ct
  4. Raiders Roster *Jordy Nelson is Bump Buster, Mr.3rd Down, Acrobatic Catches
  5. Sir Daz47….Were up again. LMK sir
  6. Texas Tech advances to the National Championship with a win over the cinderella story Miami Hurricanes Final 28-14 POG Tech Defense with two pick sixes including a 99yd pick six that was a momentum changer. TT MU Passing 286 281 Rushing 7 49 Total 293 330 TO 3 3 QBR 86.6 53.5 GG Flossin!!!! You made a comeback this season that you should be proud of.....from toilet bowl bound to playoff. Good Job sir
  7. Texas Tech withstands a fierce comeback by the tough Volunteers of Tennessee to finish the season unbeaten and the number one seed 28-26 POG WR Dave Parks 3 Catches 180 yards and 2 TDS TT UOT Passing 309 322 Rushing 4 3 Total 313 325 TO 1 2 QBR 104.3 89.7 GG Sir Dazzo0007!!! Gl the rest of the way
  8. Lets shoot for tonight 830 e.t... See you then
  9. Raiders
  10. Texas Tech over the Ohio State Buckeyes 30 -0 POG Tech Defense for containing the Buckeyes potent offense. No stats due to several network errors. GG AA!!! Gl the rest of the way
  11. Lets shoot for 7pm central on Fri. LMK
  12. Texas Tech over the tough Florida St. Seminoles 31-7 POG Tech Defense with 6 picks Not stats due to network error GG Allen!!!!!!
  13. Texas Tech remain unbeaten with a tough win over the Maryland Terrapins 21-17 POG WR Dave Parks 4 Rec 132 yards and 2 TDs TT UM Passing 240 124 Rushing 6 43 Total 246 167 TO 1 0 QBR 130.2 138.2 GG TJ!!!!
  14. We can try tonight 8 est. But working late ill let you know if i can make it
  15. Texas Tech remain unbeaten with a tough 17-7 over the tough Irish POG Tech Defense for giving Montana trouble when it counted. TT ND Passing 244 112 Rushing 11 59 Total 255 171 TO 2 1 Qbr 89.4 53.0 GG sir Daz!!!!