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  1. @SitnHereFlossin yeah central time
  2. @SitnHereFlossin How about 2?
  3. @SitnHereFlossin let’s try tomorrow. what times work for you?
  4. Does 7 est still work? @tjspeaks
  5. @tjspeaks Are you still free today? Does 2 or 3 work for you ?
  6. Can you go for it on fourth when you’re winning?
  7. Can you do 9 ET?
  8. @HeavyHitter55 Can you play tonight?
  9. Can you play tonight? I won’t be able to play until next Tuesday
  10. Jags over Seahawks 14 - 7 POG B. Bortles Will upload stat pics later. Site is saying I dont gave enough space to upload files. Anybody else ran into this issue? GG @NCAANFLCOACHTY
  11. Yeah that’ll work!!
  12. And Soft hands @NCAANFLCOACHTY
  13. You're still over on Coverage bonus, bull rush, rip, ball hawk, bump master @NCAANFLCOACHTY
  14. @NCAANFLCOACHTY Let me know when you update your ROS file
  15. I hope so!!!