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  1. I should be online at that time
  2. Saints over Packers 19 - 14 POG Brees
  3. Sounds good
  4. Sorry for the delay on playing the games. I'll be free all week starting at 7:30 CST to play any games.
  5. @dazzo0007 I'll be online at 8:30 eastern
  6. Saints
  7. @dazzo0007, @SitnHereFlossin , @tjspeaks I'm free tonight, tomorrow and on the weekend with some notice. sorry for the delay
  8. I'll take Saints
  9. Can you make 8:30 pm ct? @dazzo47
  10. Can you make it 9 pm est? @dazzo0007
  11. Can you still play tonight? @dazzo0007
  12. NO over HOU 14-10 POG Bress. 2 td
  13. @MightyRx I'm online right now and will be for awhile. I'll keep checking the site every 20-30 mins.
  14. Got caught up at work..... I can play this weekend with some notice @dazzo0007
  15. @HeavyHitter55 are we still on for tonight?