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  1. Just saw this....... Are you free tomorrow?
  2. @NTQ03 @MightyRx @tjspeaks Im free today and tomorrow starting at 7pm cst and Thursday starting at 8pm cst
  3. Can you still play today? @MightyRx
  4. @MightyRx I can play tonight around 9Est today
  5. @tjspeaks @MightyRx @NTQ03 Im free today and tomorrow starting at 6 pm CST. Lmk what days for you guys
  6. Browns over Bears 21-10 POG - Defense Gg @dazzo47
  7. Still free today? If not I’ll take Thursday @dazzo47
  8. Sure @dazzo0007
  9. Not getting email notifications from the site. Im available today and after 6 cst Wednesday, Thursday @X2KFootballG0dX @dazzo0007
  10. @X2KFootballG0dX @dazzo0007 Which days work for you guys this week?
  11. Browns over Rams 24-20 No stats due to network issue
  12. Let’s do it. Setting up now @SitnHereFlossin
  13. I’m free all weekend. What day/times work for you? @SitnHereFlossin
  14. What time today ? @SitnHereFlossin