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  1. Browns over Eagles 24-21 OT pog Josh Gordon 4 rec 160 yds 2 td 4 drops Smh
  2. Browns
  3. I’ll play with the Browns if @aquickassasin is cool with it.
  4. When does it start?
  5. What’s next season theme/rules?
  6. What’s next season theme/rules?
  7. @dazzo47 @aquickassasin @HeavyHitter55 Im free today from now to 2pm cst and at 7pm cst Tomorrow I’m free during the day and starting at 7pm cst LMK when you are free
  8. Falcons over Ravens 28 - 14 no Stats due to a couple drops. POG Vick. I know for sure he had over 150?passing yds. Also Defense came up with big plays. gg @tjspeaks
  9. Cool
  10. Falcons over Packers 35 -14 POG Vick 11 rushAtt 110 yds 2 tds, 5-10 103 yds
  11. I’ll take Grambling State
  12. What’s the theme for this season?
  13. Hey @dazzo0007 sorry man. Work has been crazy. I’m free today during the day before 4pm cst and starting at 7pmcst. Tomorrow I’m free starting at 6pm cst
  14. Sounds good @dazzo0007
  15. Same here. Can you do 12 cst? @SitnHereFlossin