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  1. Im off tomorrow, Can you play during the day tomorrow?
  2. I can play now
  3. KC 31 - Oak 14 POG TE Kelce 6 recs 146 yds 2 td
  4. KC 13 - GB 10 POG TE.
  5. See you then
  6. @HeavyHitter55 @SitnHereFlossin @aquickassasin @dazzo0007 @X2KFootballG0dX Sorry for the delay but my team is fixed and ready for the season. im free during the day Tuesday- Thursday and free starting at 7pm cst all week
  7. @HeavyHitter55 Where do you see 4? S cb C cb C cb
  8. Nah Fixing issues with team
  9. @X2KFootballG0dX 8? 830?
  10. I’m free the rest of the day...... Lmk if you’re still free
  11. What’s your availability for the weekend? @X2KFootballG0dX
  12. Just saw this....... Are you free tomorrow?
  13. @NTQ03 @MightyRx @tjspeaks Im free today and tomorrow starting at 7pm cst and Thursday starting at 8pm cst