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  1. Yeah, we are definitely in discussions to pivot where the podcast might be heading. I guess the big takeaway is that we wanted to make sure we were not a burden on you, Grey, doing any admin if we re-start a newly branded show or decouple ourselves from the legacy CAG name and structure. I'm not sure how much you are paying to store stuff and keep it visible on the web, but if it is a drain, please feel free to let me know and maybe we can look at an alternate source, or if you want to take things down and stop paying for them, and that should drive us to a timeline to remove our dependency, please feel free to let us know that too. And as @dbqhams mentioned, please feel free to take the empty fourth chair as a rejoin or just as an occasional guest whenever you would like. It'll still always be the house that you built, so you are always welcome.
  2. Not seeing anyone on as of 8:20PM. Guessing it's a bust for tonight. If you're just running late, @osiris prime give me a shout via email or something. i am pretty free tonight. If not, let's plan on next week? I have to start a new PC build tomorrow and will likely still be at it Wednesday.
  3. I'm good for tonight. I'm not sure there is that much to talk about on Scorpio, although we always say that and manage to fill up the time. And some things could be said about what they have not talked about. I also have had no time to curate a timeline of stories from the 1st quarter of the year. I'd pitch we just do a regular show, covering the XB1 Scorpio as our main discussion topic (spilling it over to a discussion of this generation and these HW refreshes and how they shake things out against the Switch and the PS4 with the PS4 pro in the mix, etc), and then do news and then wrap. I'm wondering if we only do 2 of our three main segments that we normally do if we can get the show down to 45 minutes. I know we could do this by taking less time on a segment, but if we cannot fully discuss an area and do all three in the time, I'd just as soon just try to do two a week? I hate starting a segment or area and not getting time to fully vet it. But I'm not hard over on this so I'll go whichever way you guys say.
  4. I'll be on the next episode for Monday, April 3rd. Updating my notes now.
  5. I'll be on this week, Monday, 27 March. See you guys then.
  6. I'm up for recording. Your call. I'll be ready and prepped; just let me know. Updating the tear-sheet now.
  7. I'll be on tonight.
  8. So am I. But I have a guilty admission to make. I was going along lock, stock, and two smoking barrels with tonight's discussion topic, but as we get closer, I am getting more of an itch to talk Switch. Can we maybe do a Q&A where I only discuss what you guys ask me? Or is there a segment like news or playlists that we can skip, crunch, or replace with a ten minute segment for Switch? Sorry. But I feel better for asking you guys up front rather than risking Switch become a rabbit hole tonight that we didn't plan for. So I am saying that we keep the main discussion topic on Premium Game Services, but we find ten minutes to take out of hide to squeeze in some launch weekend replay talk on the Switch launch.
  9. I'll be there for Monday, 06 March. I've updated my stuff on the sheet. I've also tweeted out a poll for people's positions on the premiere subscription services that are the discussion topic. Please retweet it or even just grab the link and post it on your facebook page if you're not on twitter. I think it would be nice if we could get at least some data back from the poll for the show. Link is here: - Vr/Z..>>
  10. Hey, @Greylock3491, big apologies, but I did upload that lost episode that DBQ and I did like 14 episodes back, for completeness sake of the archive at least. I see an episode 64a, do you want me to title the lost episode 64 or 64b? Do you want to send me any album art that you want me to apply for a custom thumbnail?
  11. I'll be on tonight. See you guys then.
  12. Yep, I'll be there. Updating my parts of the show notes now. See you guys then. - Vr/Agasicles S..>>
  13. I'm in for tomorrow night, Monday, Feb 13th. My entries updated for games played and news. Also pitched a topic on eSports and eSports-like gaming. See you guys then. - Vr/Zeuxidamas..>>
  14. I'll be on tomorrow night, 06 Feb. See you guys then.
  15. Yep. I'll be there with bells on. I've updated my stuff on the agenda. See you guys tomorrow night! - Vr/Zeux..>>