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  1. Ok, cause I saw the recent roster approvals and thought I might be able to squeeze into this season.
  2. Wait I thought the season started already?
  3. So I was writing down my team build. I was struggling with deciding who I wanted my 20th player to be. I finally decided on a player. Then I was putting them into tiers and giving them abilities. I only realized with looking at another roster, that I didn’t even put down a QB! Smh
  4. welcome back

    btw, your inbox is full

    1. NTQ03


      Ty. Cleared.

  5. Is that meant for me to look at?
  6. Red 5 standing by!
  7. What’s the next fantasy season or has it not need decided? I know you guys are in the super bowl/playoffs one right meow.
  8. Saw it. Interesting. I’ll have have to look it over more when I get home and start building my team (I’m assuming next season is a current NFL rosters one?)
  9. Is it different from 6 months ago?
  10. Hey Guys, sorry I missed half of the last season. Work OT was crazy and then we had an employee quit and had to take over his work load. Things are back to normal though. I just be good to go for the next season!
  11. Sorry @dazzo0007work has been hectic lately. Doubt you can play tonight (since you’re eastern and it’s 1am for you. I should have some free time tomorrow likely early am or early pm
  12. Hey @dazzo0007 sorry man, works been crazy, I’ve barely had time to breathe! I can play tonight if you’re free?
  13. Haven’t commented on here since the season began. That Clay Mathews roughing the passer is one of, if not the WORST call I have ever seen. It’s only one game but Mayfield looks LEGIT. Gruden is a moron for trading Mack and also for trading a 3rd for Bryant, cutting Bryant and then bringing him back a week later. The Browns didn’t want to trade Gordon to an AFC team so they trade him to the best AFC team. Antonio Brown is the definition of primma Donna WR. Peterson is NOT a fit for Washington. I’m not too surprised by Mahomes start. Thats what I can recall off the top of my head atm.
  14. Sorry Daz, had unexpected OT. Are you available later tonight?
  15. Thursday works.