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  1. Zero time CAG NFL Champion 49ers are back in! P.S. Can someone make me one of those XChampion awards tags? ZeroXChampion or 0XChampion. Thanks!
  2. That coaster looks cool. Really wish 2K would make another football game.
  3. Wrong link...
  4. Sorry was at a hockey tournament today.
  5. Let NTQ win.
  6. K
  7. @SitnHereFlossinyou on?
  8. Anyone wanna scrim?
  9. dang ok
  10. I might be down. You on?
  11. Meow
  12. Might be available for a scrim...
  13. Cool I submitted my roster last night to @HeavyHitter55for hexing so I should be good to go soon.
  14. I likely won’t have time tonight but I might be available tomorrow.
  15. Known that I was free?