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  1. post roster here spreadsheet: CAG Roster Spreadsheet - 162 Points (2018 07 28).xlsx
  2. Official NFL rosters are back! Schedule & Standings: @HeavyHitter55 will post spreadsheet and I will repost here if anyone needs it. Spreadsheet for this season: CAG Roster Spreadsheet - 162 Points.xlsx We are adding one week between seasons for playoffs to get rolling and to give everyone a week to build teams.
  3. take a screenshot of excel file, copy/paste logo
  4. Also posted in 1st post in roster thread CAG Roster Spreadsheet - 162 Points (2018 07 28).xlsx
  5. no prob with rules
  6. KICKOFF! Official NFL rosters are back! Schedule & Standings: ----------------------------------------- Welcome back @deeoutdat7 @MightyRx@NTQ03 rule change: you can go for it 1 time on 4th of inches (not 4th and 1) for your convenience: schedule is always in post #1
  7. IN O.T. 20 MD 17 TENN This is the 2nd OT game for these teams this season. The last game was won by Tennessee on a kick return in OT. They would get another kick return for a TD in this game. Tennessee won the OT coin flip, but Manning was intercepted by Lewis Sanders. Maryland drove down the field for the win. great one again @dazzo0007 Lewis Sanders with the INT and PotG honors. ------------------ stats ---------------- MD x TENN 277 yards 223 236 pass 176 41 rush 47 2 TOs 2 98.5 QBr 77.3
  8. sent last night
  9. ‘I SPY’: Critical Analysis of a Play by Max Paul @MightyRx FRIDAY NIGHT LIGHTS Baltimore Vultures vs Mexico City Aztecs TONIGHT (8/3/18) @ 8:00 PM EDT Live on w/ Cameron Irvine & Steven Mullenax
  10. CAG NFL team in the SFL There was an opening in the cpu vs cpu Simulation Football League (SFL) for an expansion franchise. I filed an expansion application and beat out an entry for a Chicago based franchise. Details about the team are below. We need your input and participation. Let's see if we can win the SFL Championship together! Players will watch themselves on TV, follow their very detailed stats and compete for weekly and season honors. Coordinators will set game plans, watch games from the owners box and make adjustments according. We are hoping to feature youtube highlight videos that will be posted at CAG. Get in the game so you can watch yourself play or see how your offensive or defensive unit fared for the week. Info: Simulation Football League (SFL) Baltimore Crabs (this city is famous for steamed crabs from the Chesapeake Bay; almost every area has their own crab house) Owner (with GM duties): tjspeaks Applications are now being accepted. We will have a SFL season thread here at CAG (and some info at the CAG NFL website). We will be filling this team with CAG NFL coach CAPs. Before I assign you your least favorite number or make you left handed, I want to give you the opportunity to personalize your CAP! We have 10 player positions (SFL uses 10 CAPs per team so they can build 2 teams with 20 CAP limitation) and 2 coordinator positions to fill. This is your opportunity to select your desired position, likeness, name, uniform number, bio, etc. We also need a good offensive mind and a good defensive mind to run each side of the ball. Watch your plan unfold live on As a player, you can follow your stats as the season progresses. You may want to watch some broadcasts and hear the announcer (play by play by Cameron Irvine) call out your real name. These games are broadcast live and also recorded to view on demand anytime. Accurate detailed stats will be kept and made available for each player and for each unit (offense & defense). As a coordinator, you will be running your side of the ball week to week, scouting the next opponent and making any adjustments you deem necessary to win the game. You can apply for 2 player positions (one MUST be a bronze level position) and/or coordinator positions. You can be a player and a coordinator. Your chances of being a coordinator are improved if you are not a player/coach. Note: Decisions will be made and announced when finalized. The league has a set salary cap and structure. Your salary will be $1M per ability per season. Please do not appeal for more salary. We are bound by league terms and conditions. By applying, you agree to accept either one of the two positions you have applied for. Coordinators are paid via non cap funds $750K per season. Note on coordinators: Offensive and defensive coordinators are performance based positions. You sign up knowing you will be fired when your performance isn't up to par for an extended period. You agree there will be no hard feelings and our good relationship will continue after you are fired. Thick skinned coaches only need apply. Coordinators: 1. Offensive coordinator: DUTIES: Primary: (1) implement your initial playbook (100 plays or so), edit playbook each week (if needed) depending on success and matchup. Teams can make 20 additions/subtractions per week to their offense playbook (can have 100-150 plays). Note: no subs are permitted, so if you run a 4 WR set, perhaps look for one where the HB is in there! Your main tasks: select the best plays and make the best use of your personnel (select the plays that include, not exclude your stars). Other duties: (2) set & edit generic packages (if deemed necessary). (3) Provide 3 initial audibles. Change audibles as needed. (4) Scout upcoming opponent and set all of the above to give the team the best chance to win the game. (5) determine final ability for a few CAPs. (6) Set height & weight for the CAPs on your side of the ball (realistic football standards per that position) The head coach has initially set offensive generics packages as follows: *Offensive linemen: balanced *Quarterbacks: balanced Receivers: possession *Running backs: balanced Offensive coordinator has full control over ones with an asterisk 2. Defensive coordinator: DUTIES: Primary: (1) implement your 35-50 play playbook, edit each week (if needed) depending on success and matchup. Teams can make 10 additions/subtractions per week to their defense playbook (if deemed necessary). Note: no subs are permitted, suggest avoiding 3-3 nickel and 3-2 dime because MLB is in there (our 2 star OLB's will not be in there). Q: Should we make the gold OLB an ILB or should we choose plays where this is not an issue? We never want our gold LB off the field! I think we need both at OLB to hinder other teams gold HBs (suggest no 3-3 or 3-2). Your main tasks: select the best plays and make the best use of your personnel (select the plays that include, not exclude your stars). Other duties: (2) set & edit generic packages (if deemed necessary). (3) Provide 3 initial audibles. Change audibles as needed. (4) Scout upcoming opponent and set all of the above to give the team the best chance to win the game. (5) determine final ability for a few CAPs, (6) Set height & weight for the CAPs on your side of the ball (realistic football standards per that position) Head coach has initially set defensive generics packages as follows: Defensive linemen: pass rush * Linebackers: balanced Cornerbacks: balanced * Safeties: coverage Defensive coordinator has full control over ones with an asterisk Players: To apply - choose 2 positions of interest (1 must be a bronze level) and detail your last name & first name (can be your real name, XBL name -but it needs to sound like a real human name. note: your name does NOT have to be in the database, the play by play announcer will announce your name - IF possible, prefer names that will help us ID you. e.g. Mike Dazzo with uniform #7... name used must be approved by owner), hand (left or right), uniform number, skin (dark, med or light) and likeness (face type). Also (if desired or we can make one up for you) provide a brief write up/bio about your (fictional or real) college football experience or other info that could help you get signed (can you kill bears with your bare hands? do you chase deer on foot on the weekends? what college? awards? what area are you from? what nickname did you earn for your football exploits? etc.) You can do this for both positions applied for. We will add to your bio if needed. This info will be published on the SFL website. Note: if you get injured you could be out for many games or season. You will still get paid per your contract. The next generic up will fill your shoes until/if you return. Top performers at each position will receive SLF 1st or 2nd Team honors. Positions we will fill with CAG NFL coach CAPs: Offense: gold: HB (cutback, branching tackles, * workhorse, speed burner, or quick feet) silver: QB (leadership, * pocket passer or quick release) silver: WR (acrobatic catches, * route god, quick feet or deep threat) bronze: WR (acrobatic catches) * coordinator decides final ability *** possession generics should provide a decent pass catching TE and an OK 3rd WR (keep this in mind when setting plays, there are no subs) Defense: gold: OLB (leadership, * quick feet or coverage, *footsteps or speed burner or closing speed) silver: SS (footsteps, * closing speed, coverage or clutch) bronze: CB (coverage) bronze: CB (coverage) bronze: LB (* pass rush bonus or quick feet) bronze: FS (closing speed) * coordinator decides final ability *** pass rushing Dlinemen should provide occasional QB sacks/ pressure (there are no subs, keep this in mind when setting plays, keep both LBs on the field, should we make bronze LB an ILB?) just an example: -------------------------------------- Note: If 5 guys apply for the gold HB, you have just a 20% change of landing that position. If only 2 guys go for the silver SS, you have a 50% change of landing that position. So as you apply for 1 bronze and another gold/silver slot, keep the odds in mind. Player & coordinator (breaking news) announcements will be made here, so stay tuned. Thank you for your interest & participation!
  11. resend thursday - i get in very late every wednesday
  12. @dazzo0007 Sat, Sun or Mon @ 8:00 EDT?
  13. nice @HeavyHitter55 thanks... love the spreadsheets
  14. @NTQ03@MightyRx@deeoutdat7 Note change to punt rule: 4th and inches (not 4th and 1) one time per game IV. Punt the ball on 4th down (unless you are kicking a FG, inside your opponents 40 yard line or behind in the 4th quarter). Note: One time per game; each team can go for it outside of the posted rules - but only in a 4th and inches situation.
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  16. CAG SPORTSMANSHIP: - We follow the rules - We put sportsmanship first - We respect each other on the field, after the game and in the forum - We play all 8 games (win or lose) - We enjoy competing (win or lose) - Winning team posts 'player of the game' with stats after the game - We forward the schedule the day after the deadline to keep the league moving - We suggest not waiting until the last day to play your game There is a HUGE emphasis on sportsmanship in this league. We are here for the love of the game. Win or lose, we say GG to our opponent and treat him with respect. If rules violations come up, we try to handle them as amicably as possible and give our opponent the benefit of the doubt (i.e. handle it like adults, no nasty PMs) and own up to a mistake if you make it. ---------------------------------------------- Not a rule, but for your own enjoyment and the enjoyment of your opponent we should all vary our play calling. Mix it up, have fun and keep your opponent guessing! I. No manually blocking field goals or punts. You may only use default shifts on FG/punt block attempts (i.e. you cannot manually reposition players on FG/punt blocks ever for any reason) II. No quick snapping (give the defense 5-7 seconds to set up once you are under center. If you shift formation, flip the play, or motion a man, allow all your offensive players to get set and give your opponent at least 5 seconds to adjust before snapping the ball; You may snap the ball when a FB is in motion in the backfield. ) *Note: You can run a hurry up offense and quick snap if the clock is running under 2 minutes at the end of either half. III. No cadence (calling 'hut hut hut' to draw defense off sides) IV. Punt the ball on 4th down (unless you are kicking a FG, inside your opponents 40 yard line or behind in the 4th quarter). Note: One time per game; each team can go for it outside of the posted rules - but only in a 4th and inches situation. V. No hurdling (bunny hopping) VI. You can only run No-huddle in these three situations: 1.) Inside 2 min of the 1st half; 2.) Down by 10+ in the 2nd half; 3.) Down by any amount in the 4th qtr VII. Hot corner routes are forbidden for all receivers and running backs (not just outside receivers). (This is taking your WR and hot routing him to the corner) VIII. Penalties are part of the game. Generally you should accept them all except for the non blatant late hit penalties (decline them). Also do not accept penalties you caused when (1) you put a man in motion and the CB hits a lineman following the WR or (2) you are in hurry up offense and you accidentally snap the ball before the defense is across the line. IX. Fade routes are NOT permitted in this league. *Note: Fade Stops, Fade Outs, Inside Fades are acceptable. You can use them as often as you want. X. Banned Plays: Defense - Double Trouble; Offense - PA TE Z Spread (Triple Right and a few other places) XI. You may only reposition a player you intend to manually blitz using the default pre-programmed LB and DB shifts. Exception: 3rd or 4th down and inches or on the goal line. XII: You may not manually reposition D-linemen in any situation. XIII: Don't manually move a player on a punt return before the snap of the ball XIV: Substitutions - the following are forbidden Substitutions: -You can sub OLB at DE in Nickel and Dime formations if they have a pass rushing ability (Pass Rush Bonus, Sack Master or any pass rush move) -You cannot sub a LB at any DB spot except Nickle or Dime back -You cannot sub a WR or TE or any defensive player at HB/FB. You can use the default plays that have the TE in the backfield but you cannot throw a pass to him unless you motion him out of the backfield (and allow the defense time to adjust). -You can sub a TE as a slot WR (in Trips/Bunch, either the innermost or outermost) once per formation; You cannot sub a TE as an outside WR -You cannot sub a WR as a TE or T-eligible -All Gold returners must have the Return Specialist ability XV: If you have an unintentional late hit that stops the clock in your favor (whether you have the ball or not) with less than 2 minutes remaining in the game - burn one of your time outs. You should never do this intentionally to stop the clock. ---------------------------------------------- NOTE: Any hex numeric editing will result in a lifetime ban from the league. We have played a thousand games collectively and we will know. ---------------------------------------------- If a game drops (network error) in the middle of a game... If the score is tied, restart from beginning or whatever the 2 of you agree on (e.g. if you have played almost 2 quarters, you may agree to play just 1 half) If the game is not tied, the team with the lead will decide to: 1) start over (the only option if you want real stats) with score at 0-0 2) play x number of quarters (if it drops in the 3rd he can choose to play 2 quarters) and add x number of points 3) attempt to get game near current situation (play 2 minutes, team x up by 4, team y has the ball). It is important to exchange several messages so both players are on the same page. e.g. OK, we will play 2 qtrs (game over at halftime), your ball, we will add 4 points to your score at the end of 2 quarters and we will report the score to the league. If you need any clarification on these rules - please ask. Thanks.
  17. Just for the record (we have always used these) CAG NFL tie breaking rules: (i) Head to head match-up (ii) Who beat the highest ranked team? (iii) Who lost to the lowest ranked team?
  18. Great @HeavyHitter55 Thanks
  19. @MightyRx is back (and the headaches when you play him)
  20. @dazzo47 posted in primer post: You have complete flexibility if you use the HH55 spreadsheet as long as you adhere to these guidelines: Min 2 Golds per team - Max 5 Golds per team Max 4 Golds per side of the ball Min 3 Silvers per team - Max 8 Silvers per team Min 1 Bronze per team Max 2 forbidden/restricted abilities on team (1 per CAP) restricted ability = 3x cost for gold & silver (not permitted on coppers) No clutch on WRs Speed burner is still banned on non golds because it does not work with all editors.
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  22. @HeavyHitter55 Fri or Sat @ 8:00?
  23. welcome back @NTQ03 and @deeoutdat7
  24. NCAA Bowl Championship Series FINAL WEEK OF REGULAR SEASON ends Wed Aug 1st Standings & Schedule: