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  1. Yes
  2. I am on a BYE week - will post roster in several days
  3. @X2KFootballG0dX
  4. @HeavyHitter55 Dr. tpat is working 80+ hours a week.
  5. @Lord Destro@MightyRx@NTQ03@aquickassasin Post roster prior to game #1 Note one rule change: IV. Punt the ball on 4th down (unless you are kicking a FG, inside your opponents 40 yard line or behind in the 4th quarter). Note: One time per game; each team can go for it outside of the posted rules - but only in a 4th and 2 (or less) situation.
  6. Kicks off on Saturday Standings & Schedule [posted in post #1 for convenience] Click on your team (in standings or schedule) for complete individual schedule
  7. Some nice/interesting ones:
  8. [All regular season games are completed]
  9. BAL 13 L.A. 02 Jimmy Smith gets a pick to lead the Defense. gg @johgreen05 ---------stats--------------- BAL x L.A. 154 yds 91 109 pass 58 45 rsh 33 1 TOs 3 82.1 QBr 4.2
  10. season kicks off 7/13
  11. FINAL WEEK of regular season ends 7/6 Standings & Schedule: Fantasy season: NFL Championship Teams
  12. Note: we are awaiting the corrected/edited spreadsheet - do not build team yet.
  13. Jermaine, We often run with uneven number of teams, we just include a BYE week.
  14. Spreadsheet link also posted in post #1. Thanks for the work HH55!