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  1. @dazzo0007 Fri, Sat, Sun or Mon 7-9 PM EST?
  2. great season @deeoutdat7 hope you are back for next season
  3. Smash vs Night Vultures @LynnRamos Tuesday, Thursday, Friday, Sat, Sun @ 8 PM EST LMK
  4. SMASHMOUTH FOOTBALL CONTINUES... WEEK #2 CAG NFL’s hardest hitting season ever! Standings & Schedule
  5. BAL 13 MIN 10 It was an intense playoff game from start to finish. The Ravens would score with .40 sec remaining to go ahead by 3 points. Minnesota struck quickly with several big plays to get within field goal range to tie the game up. However, the Vikings, in a bold move, went for the win and on a bang bang play in the endzone, CB Jimmy Smith wrestled for possession of the ball for the interception. Great classic @SitnHereFlossin! That last play was close. ------------- Stats ----------- BAL x MIN 213 yards 197 175 pass 131 38 rush 66 1 TOs 1 94.7 QBr 68.4
  6. Please add DTRAIN53 to your friend's list. Hoping to recruit the old vet for next season along with Allen (rebelrouser1988).
  7. ok Eddie
  8. hey Allen - join us next season
  9. @dazzo47 That was a very tough loss, but here you are being gracious and a great example of sportsmanship to us young guys We should name the championship trophy after you.. oh wait...
  10. @SitnHereFlossin Fri 7-10 PM EST Sat 6-9 PM EST Sun 3-5 PM EST Mon or Tues 8 PM EST
  11. 2018 NFL Draft Discussion: Baltimore Ravens: look for the Ravens to select 2 WRs and 1 TE in the draft... and add an O-lineman, QB and LB.
  12. BAL 14 CHI 10 It was the typically one score, pressure packed game between these two teams - only intensified in the playoff atmosphere. The Bears enjoyed a 10-7 lead at the half and at the end of the 3rd quarter. However, Joe Flacco led the Ravens on a long drive to take a 4 point lead and the defense held from there. Chicago fans were unhappy with the final first down given to the Ravens. HB Collins seemed to be short of the sticks prior to going out of bounds. This would have given the Bears one more shot with 40 seconds remaining and one time out. Tremendous game @dazzo47 Your two first half drives were some of the best I have ever seen. Joe Flacco was cool under pressure: 12/15 and a TD. ---------------------- stats ------------------- BAL x CHI 180 yards 186 136 pass 117 44 rush 69 1 TOs 0 98.9 QBr 114.3
  13. gg @HeavyHitter55 thought i had it (a few times). Those poor HBs (and a few WRs) will need extra time in the ice tub tonight.
  14. @dazzo47 6 PM est today - 8 PM est Mon, Tues, Thurs, Fri