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  1. As usual, we will post a separate roster thread. These games are competitive and great fun (win or lose). Thanks for joining!
  2. Teams [Please supply your XBL gametag] ------------------------------------------------ Baltimore Ravens - tjspeaks Philadelphia Eagles - HeavyHitter55 Chicago Bears - dazzo47 Kansas City Chiefs - LynnRamos New England Patriots - NCAANFLCOACHTY Oakland Raiders - xRun and Sh00tx Tennessee Titans - SitnHereFlossin Green Bay Packers - dazzo0007
  3. Season LV (55) begins in a few weeks/ Reserve your team now. Rules and Team build guidelines are below. ---------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Games are governed by a few simple rules: --------------------------------------------------------------------- Salary CAP is $162M/points per spreadsheet: CAG Roster Spreadsheet - 162 Points.xlsx Team build can be 4 golds, 6 silvers, 1 bronze and 9 coppers or 5 gold, 5 silver, 1 bronze and 8 coppers Abilties These abilities can be used only on the bronze CAP: -Branching Tackles -Workhorse -Route God -Quick Release -Cadence (not permitted any season) -Signal Stealer (not permitted any season) NOTE: any bronze can return kicks regardless of abilities, but any Silver or Gold who returns kicks must have Kick Return Specialist ability. Restricted abilities: -You cannot use HHT and Bump Master on the same player. -You cannot combine Rocket Arm and Laser Arm (unless you have a bronze QB) -You cannot combine Clutch and Mr. 3rd Down -You cannot give a silver or bronze player Speed Burner (this saves the player from wasting an ability unknowingly). Any questions? ASK
  4. @X2KFootballG0dX & @aquickassasin Mon, Tues, Thurs, Fri or Sat @ 7:30 pm edt let me know
  5. WEEK #7 of 9 begins now Standings & schedule: Enjoy the competition!
  6. absolutely @drsim80
  7. 14 BAL 10 DEN The Ravens travel to Denver and escape with a close win - score go ahead TD with .12 left on the clock. Great one @RamosLynn [No stats due to net drop]
  8. Welcome aboard @kydtv91 NCAANFLCOACHTY! We hope you will learn to love the competition here and love the league as we do.
  9. 24 BAL 10 BUF Alex Collins rushes for 137 yards and a TD. gg @Eddie ------------stats ---------- BAL x BUF yards: 278 x 205; pass: 136 x 172; rush: 142 x 33; TOs: 0 x 1; QBr: 118.7 x 73.1
  10. @SitnHereFlossin Tues, Thurs, Fri @ 7:30 est? @aquickassasin & @RamosLynn @LynnRamos We can attempt to connect/play again (see days/times above)
  11. WEEK #6 Standings & schedule: Enjoy the competition!
  12. @RamosLynn@LynnRamos for both of you... what about Sat or Sun @ 8 pm est?
  13. Congrats @SitnHereFlossin We'll get the Wall, etc. updated soon!
  14. WEEK #5 Standings & schedule: Enjoy the competition!
  15. @HeavyHitter55 Sorry about last night. As you could tell, we had a slow connection. I realized I was not hard wired in. While moving the 360, the APF CD popped out and I could hear the grinding. Anyways, I found and will be picking up another disk on Saturday... so let me know a good time: Sat or Sun @ 8:00?