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  1. Saturday @ 9 PM EDT is good. thanks
  2. NCAA Bowl Championship Series WEEK #6 Standings & Schedule:
  3. Thanks. I enter all scores but on occasion our free website does not record the games even though they have been entered and it appears they are in. Everyone should check the standings on occasion.
  4. If anyone is free today and interested: Baltimore Vultures @ Carolina Skyhawks @dazzo47 and @dazzo0007 return to the field @MightyRx with the color commentary Today @ 5:30 PM EDT
  5. @X2KFootballG0dX Thurs, Mon or Tues @ 8 PM EDT
  6. Name had been engraved. [see post #1] dazzo47 captures his 2nd title and 2nd dazzo47 trophy. Congratulations!
  7. NCAA Bowl Championship Series WEEK #5 Standings & Schedule:
  8. @dazzo47 We have not forgot about the Wall of Champions. Every time we call a contractor, they say they are headed back to Mrs. @SitnHereFlossin's house. This song may tie you over (dated but applicable).
  9. Official 2018 NFL rosters
  10. MD 21 OH 14 Lamont Jordan get all 3 TDs as Maryland defeats Ohio State. gg @aquickassasin --------- stats -------------- MD x OH 178 yards 179 124 pass 90 54 rush 89 0 TOs 0 95.8 QBr 106.8
  11. NCAA Bowl Championship Series WEEK #4 Standings & Schedule:
  12. @SitnHereFlossin Fri evening @ 8 pm edt
  13. awesome stuff @dazzo47 daz vs daz title game would have been something! yeah make that video
  14. @dazzo0007 i can play Mon, Tues @ 7-9 EDT - LMK
  15. @dazzo47 2x champ medal awarded... you are now right behind humble 3x champ @SitnHereFlossin the wall engraving takes time - we have to get on the brick engravers schedule congrats again.... it is tough to beat the sim champ of the world @X2KFootballG0dX