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  1. Week #3 Standings & Schedule: Fantasy season
  2. All: We will advance the schedule Sunday night. Enjoy the holiday.
  3. concur... i voted for tier
  4. Not sure what you are asking. Tier = a set level of attributes for each tier. As far as abilities is animations: This has been tried and tested in the SFL. Abilities effect every play and are more important. A player with high abilities and no abilities will be much better than a player with low abilities and 4 animations.
  5. 24 BAL 17 PHI Ed Reed got an INT that lead to 3 pts at the end of the half, and the Ravens got a 4th and inches stop in the red zone late in the game as the Eagle were trying to tie it up. Great game @HeavyHitter55. Games like that keep us coming back after 60+ seasons. Also, thanks again for hexing my team. --------------- stats ----------------- BAL x PHI 279 yards 232 197 pass 179 82 rush 53 0 TOs 1 112.6 QBr 75.2
  6. Gents, we will advance the schedule a 1/2 week to a week late to let everyone catch up. Thanks!
  7. Congrats @SitnHereFlossin
  8. @NGFL Commish welcome... a few guys are busy with the new season - be patient.
  9. @HeavyHitter55 Fri, Sat or Sun @ 8 PM EDT. LMK Best with your dog - that's tough. Sorry. I stopped getting dogs after I lost the last two. I get way too close to them.
  10. lol... I will correct it sorry - thanks edit: @johgreen05 logo fixed
  11. WEEK #2 Standings & Schedule: Fantasy season: NFL Championship Teams
  12. Not decided yet; stay tuned.
  13. @NTQ03 We are in a season or two of fantasy seasons - but I am sure we will want to suit up new free agents and draft picks soon.
  14. 2012 Super Bowl Champions @HeavyHitter55 DM me...LMK if OK
  15. @dazzo47 The posted schedule is actually for 7 games with a few rematches. With no working schedule generator, we edit previous ones - we do not have a 10 game schedule to replicate. 7 games is not 5 or 10 - but I hope it is OK.