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  1. https://twitter.com/MightyRx/status/910670138118103040
  2. @dazzo0007 @dazzo47 @deeoutdat7 I'll be available beginning at 6p. @HeavyHitter55 We still on for tonight at 9p?
  3. @dazzo0007 @dazzo47 @deeoutdat7 I'm free tonight beginning at 6p EST. Lmk Change of plans. The wife has me running errands...
  4. The Jaguars skid by the Ravens 10-3 The Jaguars defense had 2 beautiful interceptions. A one handed interception by Ss Barry Church after halftime that led to an offensive td drive that broke the 3-3 deadlock. The other on 4th down of a goalline stand with less than 2 minutes to play that would preserve the lead. GG @tjspeaks! No stats due to network disconnect(s).
  5. Wednesday 9p?
  6. 2 weeks please!
  7. 8:30p tonight @tjspeaks?
  8. @dazzo0007 @dazzo47 @deeoutdat7 @tjspeaks @HeavyHitter55 I'm available from now until 10p. Let's get it!
  9. @dazzo0007 @dazzo47 @deeoutdat7 @HeavyHitter55 @tjspeaks I'll be available tomorrow beginning at 5p EST. Lmk...
  10. Post Irma update: I'm without Internet and power. I don't know when either will be back. I'll be marathon-ing my games when able...
  11. CAG fam, once this hurricane passes over, I'll begin making up some games. I'm won't be home until late Monday so bare with me...
  12. @HeavyHitter55 We still on for tonight at 9p?
  13. @HeavyHitter55 @dazzo47 @deeoutdat7 I'm heading out of town this weekend. I can sneak one in Friday late night, 11p EST and later. If not, it'll be Wednesday beginning at 6p... LMK.
  14. The Jaguars slip past the Raiders 21-7 Jags-Stats-Raiders 132-Total Yes-196 65-Pass Yds-162 67-Rush Yds-34 1-Turnovers-5 72.2-Passer Rating-37.2 Duval Wall: 5 sacks, 5 ints, td GG @X2KFootballG0dX!
  15. We still on for tomorrow?