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  1. Congrats Mike. Sounds like it was an intense, sweaty palm kind of game!
  2. Did he quit?
  3. Grinding for that game right now until Saturday night. Tuesday night?
  4. @NTQ03 You're my last regular season game I'm free tonight after 6p EST and tomorrow night after 9p EST. Lmk
  5. @NTQ03 I'm free tomorrow from 6p EST to 8p EST I'm free Thursday beginning at 6p EST Lmk
  6. The Jaguars emerge victorious from a tough battle with the Browns 22-7 Jags-Stats-Browns 214-Total yds-170 194-pass yds-122 20-rush yds-48 0-turnover-1 149.3-QB rating-40.6 PotG-Jaguars secondary: 7 pd, 1 int GG @deeoutdat7!
  7. Tonight at 9p EST?
  8. @deeoutdat7 @NTQ03 I'll be free tomorrow night beginning at 6p EST Lmk
  9. The Jaguars eke by the Bears 17-14 Jags-Stats-Bears 168-Total yds-195 138-pass yds-124 30-rush yds-71 0-turnovers-2 158.3-QB rating-46.3 PotG:defense with 2 key turnovers. The 1st started the scoring for the Jaguars. The 2nd put an end to the Bears final possession. GG @dazzo47!
  10. See you in 10 minutes!
  11. I'm so sorry. I was entertaining a guest and completely forgot about our engagement. Please forgive me. I'll be free tomorrow night after 8p EST. Does that work for you?
  12. @NTQ03 @dazzo47 @deeoutdat7 I'll be free Saturday evening after 6p EST And Sunday evening after 8p EST. Lmk
  13. We played already...
  14. I'm just just seeing this. Tomorrow night at 9p?