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  1. Congratulations @SitnHereFlossin!!!
  2. 3 strong? I approve!
  3. CAG brethren, I will not be able to complete my games this season. I have way too much on my plate right now. I understand that because I haven't met the minimum and therefore cannot participate in the next season. So I'll see y'all in about 2 months. Sorry if I caused any inconveniences.
  4. @HeavyHitter55 @dazzo0007 @dazzo47 @deeoutdat7 @SitnHereFlossin @aquickassasin I'll available beginning at 6p EST tonight. Lmk
  5. I'm still on live and I messaged you as well without a response...
  6. I'll be online beginning at 6p tonight to anyone I have remaining left to play
  7. @HeavyHitter55 My Xbox isn't being cooperative tonight. Its randomly disconnecting from live. We'll have to catch up later...
  8. I'll be there!
  9. @dazzo0007 @dazzo47 @deeoutdat7 @HeavyHitter55 @SitnHereFlossin I'll be available late tonight. (After 10 p EST) I'll be available tomorrow around 9p EST. I'll be available Tuesday at 6p EST. Lmk...
  10. To anyone on my schedule, I'll be on late night tonight.(midnight+ EST) Get at me!
  11. https://twitter.com/MightyRx/status/910670138118103040
  12. @dazzo0007 @dazzo47 @deeoutdat7 I'll be available beginning at 6p. @HeavyHitter55 We still on for tonight at 9p?
  13. @dazzo0007 @dazzo47 @deeoutdat7 I'm free tonight beginning at 6p EST. Lmk Change of plans. The wife has me running errands...
  14. The Jaguars skid by the Ravens 10-3 The Jaguars defense had 2 beautiful interceptions. A one handed interception by Ss Barry Church after halftime that led to an offensive td drive that broke the 3-3 deadlock. The other on 4th down of a goalline stand with less than 2 minutes to play that would preserve the lead. GG @tjspeaks! No stats due to network disconnect(s).