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  1. Yes sir
  2. @dazzo47 when we getting our game in? Toning maybe?
  3. Yes sir
  4. Rams v Ravens In a defensive and online connection slugfest the Rams pull off a tought one. In the final qt (Rams) scoring their first TD in the 4th with 2 min left then getting the onside kick back to close the game with a winning field goal. 10-9 GG TJ
  5. Tonight or Wednesday night I'm available
  6. Yeah I can play this weekend.
  7. Sorry man just now seeing this I'm slacking..... are you available anytime this weekend?
  8. Wed 9pm et?
  9. @HeavyHitter55
  10. @HeavyHitter55
  11. @HeavyHitter55 @dazzo0007 I'm available all day Thursday and somewhat Friday (just let me know a time and I'll make it available) to catch up... And the logo on the scheduler is the Chargers (furious face) lol I'm the Rams
  12. Sorry for the late upload my laptop nor phone likes Excel at the moment so had do this at work
  13. 2019 LA Rams
  14. Tonight Monday 8p