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  1. I can do this Tuesday. Is 8pm EST good for you?
  2. Let's try for 7pm EST on Sunday(tomorrow).
  3. Kermit....two sugars, please.
  4. What if you don't have any time outs left?
  5. Lord Destro vs. HeavyHitter on www.twitch.tv/darthdestromd at 9pm EST.
  6. That'll work.
  7. @dazzo0007and @HeavyHitter55 - I'm available on Thursday from 7am-3pm and 8pm to whenever and Friday from 7am-7pm. Thanks.
  8. I forgot about posting this last night.
  9. Great game, @X2KFootballG0dX. You had the game won though. I never in any game played three overtimes.
  10. Just another reminder about streaming games. I'm using a custom scoreboard for my streams and would appreciate it if my opponents help me out with the following: Please keep replays to a bare minimum(3 the most) Don't pause and unpause the game rapidly(i.e. after a big play) Allow the halftime and post-game show to run for their entirety Right after pressing start from the team select screen, please pause the game and do all of your substitutions during this time. I will then pause the game and run an intro video and then unpause on my end Thanks.
  11. Redskins - 14 Broncos - 10 Good game, @RamosLynn. Lag helped me get that last TD though.
  12. My availability for the next few days: Sunday from 8pm to whatever Monday from 7am to 8pm Wednesday from 9pm to whatever Thursday and Friday I'm free the majority of the day. All times EST Thanks.
  13. Destro vs Flossin on Twitch 6pm eat twitch.tv/darthdestromd
  14. Redskins - 21 Ravens - 10. No stats available because of connection issues. Too bad because it was a good game too. Good game, @tjspeaks and thanks again for playing the game at 9pm.
  15. Made a slight change before my first game. WR James Crowder - took off Quick Feet replaced with return specialist.