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  1. FYI ... I have ran a few scrimmages vs @X2KFootballG0dX fantasy team. 5 star #47 John Lynch ... ball player!
  2. B QB Gaylan Marion #11 6’3” 235 Rocket Arm, Laser Arm, Clutch C RB Du’Shon Darby #30 6’4” 193 Power, Arm of Steel, Quick Feet C FB Robert Berger #28 6’0” 254 Strength, Cutback, Bulldozer S WR Craig Del #81 6’8” 238 Magic Feet, Route GOD, Soft Hands C WR Asante Rathman #89 6’5” 222 Tough Over the Middle, Hops, Deep Threat G TE Ellis Barnett #85 6’4” 250 Deep Threat, Soft Hands, Arm of Steel, Route GOD C TE Roy Huard #86 6’2” 230 Acrobatic Catches, Quick Feet, Route GOD C T Jan Cota #68 6’10” 331 Bulldozer, Brick Wall, Quick Feet C C Dan Cook #59 6’7” 280 Brick Wall, Strength, Bulldozer G OLB Jack Ham #59 6’2” 225 Ball Hawk, Coverage Bonus, Footsteps, Clutch, HHT G DE Vincent Tingelhoff #73 6’7” 286 Strength, Rip, Swim, HHT C DE Roosevelt Fontenot #64 6’0” 261 Strength, Sack Master, HHT, Run Reader S DT Bubba Walker #63 6’2” 321 Swim, HHT, Strength C DT Thurman Martin #74 6’0” 303 HHT, Strength, Closing Speed, Quick Feet S OLB Dwayne Harts #56 6’5” 231 Strength, HHT, Footsteps G CB Martin Sidney #37 5’11” 199 Coverage Bonus, Footsteps, HHT S CB Kendrick Killings #31 6’4” 213 Ball Hawk, HHT, Coverage Bonus G FS Jason Tatum #47 6’3” 204 Coverage Bonus, Ball Hawk, HHT S SS Ray Smith #42 6’1” 207 Strength, HHT, Ball Hawk K Riddick Gross #1 6’4” 168 Clutch, Kick Power Bonus
  3. @LynnRamos While I respect Tom Brady, I don't like him. And I can't believe I am typing this, but I am a low key fan of the Vikings defense. I love their aggressive play style, rather than being a read and react defense. Jacksonville isn't as aggressive on defense, but they have more playmakers so they don't have to be. Despite popular belief, I love low scoring defensive battles. I take nothing away from the Eagles, as their front seven is awesome! Anyone but New England in the SB would make me happy.
  4. WEEK 6 - JACKSONVILLE @ MINNESOTA In a shoot-out the Vikings needed their home fans to keep their spirits up. At the start of the 4th the Vikings were up 17 - 7. But for the second consecutive contest their opponent came storming back. With two minutes remaining the Vikings found themselves down 17 - 21, as our defense couldn't stop a nose bleed. The offense bailed them out with a drive Tom Brady would've been proud of. The drive was capped with a touchdown pass with :46 seconds left on the clock. For once we had a vertical passing game a la @X2KFootballG0dX, and it felt good not to have the stress of a 12 play drive. But the defense still had a job to do. Just beyond mid-field and driving, pro bowl corner Xavier Rhodes was mobbed by his teammates as he sealed the win with an interception around the 30 yard line. Final score 24 - 21 GG @deeoutdat7, you had me on the ropes! POG - The fans for keeping us motivated after getting down Game balls: Xavier Rhodes - 3 solo tackles, 1 pass defense, 1 INT, 1 fumble recovery returned 25 yards Anthony Barr - 6 tackles (1 assist), 1 TFL, 1 INT Erik Kendricks - 2 tackles (2 assists), 1 FF Teddy Bridgewater - 12 for 17 for 166 yards & 2 TD's Dalvin Cook - 88 APY (3 TDs) TOTAL YARDS RUSHING PASSING QB RATIO FORCED TURNOVERS VIKINGS 250 58 166 121.2 3 JAGUARS 271 22 271 84.0 0
  5. @deeoutdat7 Where are you?
  6. See you then
  7. 2 central time? See you then.
  8. Anytime other than between 4pm through 7:30 central. Get@me
  9. @deeoutdat7 Working from home this week again. Get@me with days and times that work for you. Unless I'm on a conference call or something I should be able to make it work.
  10. @tjspeaks Are you anticipating the cart being brought out onto the field this season? Four wide receivers? EDIT: Never mind. I 'think' I know what you're trying to accomplish.
  11. C RB Du'Shon Darby
  12. C - DE Roosevelt Fontenot C - RB Leland Goodwin C - FB Robert Berger C - WR Asante Rathman C - T Jan Cota C - C Dan Cook C - K Riddick Gross
  13. Ugh I keep forgetting that; my apologies. I would like to drop WR Christian Sayers and pick up: C DT - Thurman Martin
  14. S DT - Bubba Walker S CB - Kendrick Killings S SS - Ray Smith B QB - Gaylon Marion C WR - Christian Sayers C TE - Roy Huard
  15. @HeavyHitter55 The personal foul penalty on McCloud that cost Philly a touchdown. Bad call! I understand what the NFL is trying to do, but they need to take intent into the equation. Both players are bending down. What is he supposed to do?
  16. WEEK 5 VIKINGS @ RAVENS The Vikings up & down season continues. Up 7 - 6 at halftime the Vikings co players of the game, SS Andrew Sendejo and Will backer Anthony Barr would force a fumble and collect the recovery to give the ball back to their offense. The offense didn't disappoint and scored a TD. Pro bowl corner Xavier Rhodes moments later intercepted a pass that led to a field goal and the Vikings were suddenly in possession of a commanding lead. But just like that the tide would turn, the Ravens capitalized via a touchdown thru the air and a successful 2 point conversion. Thankfully the ensuing onsides kick, which bounced around forever was recovered by the visiting team and the Vikings escaped with a 17 - 14 win. GG @tjspeaks TOTAL YARDS RUSHING PASSING QB RATIO FORCED TURNOVERS MINNESOTA 173 41 132 137.1 2 BALTIMORE 241 16 225 100.8 0
  17. Indeed you did. I select S OLB Dwayne Harts.
  18. Brothers, My bad. I forgot about my super duper enforcer. I choose to relinquish Jay Washington and draft S OLB Roderick Gibson.
  19. G TE - Ellis Barnett G DE - Vincent Tingelhoff G OLB - Jay Washington G CB - Martin Sidney G FS - Jason Tatum S WR - Craig Del
  20. You have got to be kidding me?! This is a joke right? Let 'da Bears make the playoffs as a #1 seed. I don't care if it's so cold outside that the cameras stop working. I don't care if there is 30 inches of snow. Leave home early! I'm flying back to Chicago to attend EVERY PLAYOFF GAME that their hosting. I remember when 'da Bears played the Eagles in the playoffs back in Lovie's hey day. It wasn't freezing cold, but it was cold. I was right out there with 'em. Bear Down!
  21. Crazy thing is, it was one of my better games. I'll never forget the stat line. 12 tackles (9 solo), 4 passes defensed, 2 picks (1 pick 6!), 1 sack from a CAT blitz, and 1 forced fumble. The smile on my face that game. I was in a zone!
  22. The way I 'earned' that nickname, I was never fond of it. In fact, just before the last game of that season I was held down to a chair and had it tattooed on my arm.