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  1. The defensive coordinator for the Eagles ... should be fired. The defensive coordinator for the Oilers ... was on the verge of being fired with the exception of a handful of great play calls in the 2nd half. In such case he shouldn't be fired, but definitely demoted. That defensive play call on the 2 point conversion try took guts. When I saw your play selection I said Run is about to lose. But sure enough if was the perfect play call because I wasn't expecting a toss. The second half of this game was intense!
  2. @dazzo0007 My television should be back on the wall within a half hour. I am working from home this week and with the exception of picking up my daughter from school/etc, & the NFL draft on Thursday I should be available whenever you are. Get@me @tjspeaks my apologies for the delay.
  3. @AllenJD4lifeProductions & @deeoutdat7 My television should be back on the wall within a half hour. I am working from home this week and with the exception of picking up my daughter from school/etc, & the NFL draft on Thursday I should be available whenever you are. Get@me @tjspeaks my apologies for the delay.
  4. @deeoutdat7 I’m waiting for my neighbor to come me down to help me lift my big screen back onto the wall. If so I can play today.
  5. I'm mountain time. You're three hours ahead of me.
  6. @AllenJD4lifeProductions @deeoutdat7 It's been an eventful week to say the least. I work from home this week so I SHOULD be able to start playing my games by Monday. I will let you know for certain by the end of the day today. On a side note I did not realize how expensive those fatheads are. Geesh!
  7. I broke a law or two getting in to watch the show and @AllenJD4lifeProductions is a no call/no show.
  8. @dazzo47 would be all for it. @dazzo0007 may get upset that it's not green & yellow. Wifey wasn't a fan of it when I presented the thought to her, but once she saw the finished product she was cool with it. I can't wait to epoxy the floor!
  9. Since part of the home improvement project involves some painting ... for the 2nd time in 3 years thanks to my wife ... I decided to paint the garage while I am at it, the Chicago Bears colors. When I'm done I'm also going to throw in a couple of fatheads and a Bears logo on the back wall. Then I'm going to top it off with epoxy on the floor with clear coat. And of course it's going to entail some type of Bears colors too. Did I overdo it you ask? Nah, because I'm going to do the single car garage on the other side the same way!
  10. I don’t want to make it too late for anyone else. @tjspeaks goes to bed early since he turned 40. How about 8 eastern?
  11. I have to go out of town Wednesday. I may be available by Friday evening.
  12. I don't want to hold the show up for other participants, as I seem to be the only one of us on mountain time. Unless I am working from home it will be nearly impossible to watch your show live, as it will be 4pm here in AZ once the show starts.
  13. My RCB Killings, I am confident he is amongst the league leaders in PD's, but lowest in number of interceptions with one. Stream the games sir! LIVE!
  14. @AllenJD4lifeProductions Maybe my 3rd grade education is getting the best of me. Did you sub out your bronze qb in favor of a generic? Did you go for the 2 point conversion late in the game? Or were the 8 points you scored in the fourth 2 FG's & a safety? If its the former, you must be related to @X2KFootballG0dX because the both of you have ice water running through your veins!
  15. @tjspeaks it will but unfortunately it won't be this week. I have an emergency and have to fly out of town Wednesday. I likely will be returning Friday. Thanks for your patience and I will get my games in ASAP. Crazy thing is, wifey isn't allowing me to play until the home improvements are completed but will allow me to take a break to tune into Allen's show. She said if I play my playoff game and lose then the remaining part of the improvements will be given a half hearted effort and will look as such lol.
  16. @dazzo0007 Home improvements are typically a pain but well worth it once concluded. The same applies in this case. I am sorry for keeping you waiting. I’ve run into some bumps in the road and progressions have slowed. Basically wifey put her foot down and in the middle of the project decided she wants more stuff done. If the stars align I should be ready to play by Wednesday evening. I will let you know before then if that is not the case. @tjspeaks If you prefer to forfeit my game and move on I understand that as well.
  17. @deeoutdat7 My home improvement project is going slower than anticipated. The earliest I can play is Wednesday evening, 7 central and beyond. Even then the stars need to align perfectly. Get@me w your availability. If mine changes I will let you know.
  18. Brothers, For the next fantasy season I propose that we play with collegiate teams. That said, I would prefer that we stick with the traditional number of gold, silver, and bronze players. Thoughts?
  19. 1 & 1
  20. Now that I can focus ... sir I SINCERELY apologize. In Arizona the time zone doesn't change. Every time the time changes it takes me a minute to get used to it, and I double booked with another league. Moving forward, my house is getting some renovations done and I won't be able to play between Wednesday and Friday. I am so sorry. I get annoyed when people stand me up, yet here I am doing it to you. Barring renovation setbacks I should be available anytime this weekend. Though on Monday I am having more stuff done but it shouldn't be more than a day. Again sir, I am VERY sorry.
  21. @dazzo0007 My apologies. I sent you a msg on Xbox love. I double booked w another league. I sent you a msg when I saw you log on. I’m gotta get my time zones straightened out. My game is currently starting the fourth qtr.
  22. @aquickassasin your games always seem to be scheduled when I'm busy. I caught the game later. It was indeed intense
  23. @ByeWeek I am available all week at a moments notice. Get@me
  24. I love the passion. That said ... go Bears!
  25. @AllenJD4lifeProductions contact Xbox support