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  1. umm?
  2. Vick = matchup nightmare
  3. Michael Vick is a matchup nightmare! In particular, this season.
  4. No need to pick a particular season. It’s your teams all time best/favorite players. @deeoutdat7
  5. College teams of any division. Standard build using the attached Excel file in this thread.
  6. @dazzo0007 The statute of limitations has expired since he sent this yesterday. You better off sending him a msg on his XBOX live account as well.
  7. Yes sir I did
  8. @dazzo47 My work schedule for next week just got hectic. We have our game scheduled for next week. The only weekday I would be available next week is Friday evening. If you're available I'll see you then. If not would you be available anytime this week? I'm working from home so I'm pretty flexible. Let me know
  9. Seriously? All those home fans weren't enough of an indication?
  10. @AllenJD4lifeProductions Don't stress yourself putting so much thought into it. Allow all the potential signees to register for next season. The bowl game situation is changing with each new member.
  11. @tjspeaks @Pcat Magoo is returning next season! Welcome back onto the fold sir! I can honestly say that I have missed competing against you. Despite the sour taste that remains in my mouth from the CAG bowl loss I had versus you.
  12. THE 11+ yards pass rate should be closer to around 3%. I get scared to death throwing the ball deep.
  13. Can you blame him? I end the season playing my last two games vs them. Thanks @tjspeaks
  14. Remember what Bill Belicheck was caught doing vs St. Louis before the Super Bowl? Make sure your qb has some fake play calls as well. In fact I just though MT of another bowl game name for next season. The Dazzo0047 Bill Belicheck bowl. Brought to you by spy gate.
  15. @aquickassasin make sure you have a diverse playbook on deck. @dazzo47 has been watching my games lately. In fact it’s been reported by an ‘unnamed source’ that he even writes down notes. He has yet to play either of us this season so his notebook should be full by game day.