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  1. Episode #5 - Airing Tuesday 09.26.17 - Time TBD - Mystery guest on the show Details to follow
  2. Sorry everyone, I meant to send that to @dazzo47's DM.
  3. @dazzo47 They're all afraid of you, hence why they haven't responded to your request to play. In fact, @tjspeaks told me in a private conversation that he loses sleep whenever he has to play you.
  4. WEEK 7 - BROWNS @ FALCONS The home crowd was practically leaning out of their seats onto the field. They were making their presense known. With their aid, no team in the NFL was walking out of here with a W. 35 - 0 the final in this one. GG @aquickassasin P'OG - The O line for keeping Matty Ice upright and opening up gaping holes for Devonte Freeman Game Ball - Defensive coordinator Jeff Ulbrich for drawing up the game plan. Our defense was lights out! TOTAL YARDS RUSHING PASSING QB RATIO FORCED TURNOVERS ATLANTA 297 106 191 142.6 3 CLEVELAND 80 9 71 4.4 0
  5. @aquickassasin Dude I could talk for HOURS about this. I'm looking around for a helmet right now to hit the field! His line and pass rushing SAM backer generated a few of those interceptions via throws to receivers whose routes hadn't quite developed yet. I give @X2KFootballG0dX a lot of flack for his arcade style defensive play calling but he has an uncanny ability for anticipating routes. When we scrimmage I often pause the game and hit him up to ask him ... how did you know that's where I was going. His response is always the same .... I just know LOL. Once I audibled to my fullback, and with all the weapons I have on the field, guess who he covered? You guessed it ... the fullback.
  6. @aquickassasinT That was awesome! A coordinator's dream. I could spend hours watching that ... if my wife let me lol. You have to show me how to do that. So when I play run n shoot everyone will know how to shut his O down! I kid
  7. @aquickassasin THAT IS NICE!!!!!!!!!
  8. @aquickassasin Thanks for streaming! I sincerely believe we can bring our game to the next level with this promotional tool. Brothers, My apologies that I didn't stream the game. My work laptop 'walked away' from me. I am awaiting a replacement. The other laptops in the house get scooped up by the kids the nanosecond they walk in the door.
  9. WEEK 1 - BEARS @ FALCONS This game was riddled with a bad passing game by both offenses. Late in the 4th with 'da Bears driving, and the Falcons up by a field goal, SitnHereFlossin relied on a defense he rarely calls ... cover 2. It worked until 4th and long. I think it was Bears wideout Merideth who caught it, despite Falcons swarming (get it?) around him. It took a couple more plays the defense had to withstand to force the game tying chip shot field goal. In OT the Falcons were able to finally get a groove going, with Freeman running it in from 1 yard out. 16 - 10 Falcons the final. GG @dazzo47 POG - The home crowd. After throwing the 2nd interception (he looked wide open when I threw it) all of the wind escaped the sails and we lost whatever swagger was left. But the crowd kept us motivated to continue pressing forward. GAME BALL - @dazzo47 - I clearly misinterpreted the rules thinking that it was okay to accept late hit penalties if it's anyone but the user. Dazzo set me straight after a delay that seemed like forever. My heart was already beating rapidly! Daz I would like to publicly apologize for my misinterpretation of the rules sir, waisting your time as we sorted things out. I am glad that you got an interception on the ensuing play because I did not want that drive to be the difference in the game. TOTAL YARDS RUSHING PASSING QB RATIO FORCED TURNOVERS FALCONS 275 64 211 67.9 2 BEARS 213 55 158 43.4 2
  10. @aquickassasin No worries. I'll take Thursday at 6 eastern if you're available. Don't forget to broadcast your games on Twitch if you're still able.
  11. @dazzo47 @X2KFootballG0dX said he would be more than happy to play you tonight @ 7:30 central. I am dying to see this special game plan you have for me. My defense this season isn't performing up to their capabilities in comparison to previous seasons. I will see you Tuesday @ 8 central. @dazzo0007 @deeoutdat7 lives in Houston and was busy trying to stay dry. The best way to get in touch with him is via XBOX live.
  12. @aquickassasin Rumor has it that you're on season ending IR. If that's the case my team if facing two consecutive bye weeks. If this is not the case I am available throughout the week anytime after 9pm eastern. Get@me
  13. No worries. We're still scouting your newfound gold QB and getting our game plan together. You humiliated us last time and we're in the midst of adding a couple of minor wrinkles. Take your time
  14. @dazzo47 Glad to have you back sir! You not being around was a bit unusual. I was ... never mind. Pencil me in for Wednesday at 7:30 central. I pick up my daughter from practice at 7 central but she is always one of the last girls to leave. Her excuse is because she's the team captain. My response ... so what was your excuse last season?
  15. GG @dazzo0007. Special teams continues to do me in whenever I play you. It put me behind the 8 ball in the 1st half. The second half I was out coached in a key moments. I could not get into a groove offensively. Well played sir!