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  1. @tjspeaks Not having @X2KFootballG0dX available, proved that I needed to buy a Windows PC .... UGH! In any event I have the editor and started on making my team. Unfortunately in terms of the league I'm heading off to Chicago tomorrow. I should be ready to play catch up by Monday.
  2. @tjspeaks I would like to apologize to the league for my absence as of late. Work has been crazy and just when things settled I had to fill in last minute for a gentleman who endured thru a health scare. I will get my team built ASAP and seek to catch up with the schedule for this season. @dazzo0007 my apologies for holding up our championship game as well.
  3. FOR ALL THE MARBLES - BEARS @ BEARS 'Da Bears were visitors in their own stadium. We hadn't played a game in what felt like forever, and our hands were shaking at the coin toss. For the 1st time probably in about 10 seasons vs 0007 we forced a three & out on the opening drive. However the offense turned the ball over shortly thereafter so it was all for not. Dazzo scored a 2nd quarter FG and the score remained the same til I tied it up mid way thru the 4th. With time running down and Dazzo driving, Prince Amukamara would make the play of the game, intercepting a pass and setting Flossin' up for the win. With less the :40 seconds remaining and already in FG range Trey Burton coughed the ball up back to the opposition. The officials replay would stand (how I do not know) and off to OT we headed. Losing the coin toss the defense was asked to rise up once more. Unfortunately for the home team their game winning FG attempt came up short, and minutes later the game's MVP Allen Robinson (7 catches on 8 targets for 88 yards and a TD) capitalized with a game winning catch & run 36 yard TD reception. Final score 9 - 3 Flossin' Bears in double OT. Flossin' in what feels like forever since his last, secures his 4th CAG title! GG @dazzo0007! TOTAL YARDS RUSHING PASSING FORCED TURNOVERS FLOSSIN' 243 82 161 3 0007 164 53 111 3
  4. @dazzo0007 We're on for tomorrow at 8:30 eastern. Somehow my payment was credited to someone else's account.
  5. @dazzo0007 I'm not sure what's up but my debit card expired and my LIVE membership didn't auto renew. I just paid it a few minutes ago but it's not allowing me to play online. Not sure if I have to wait a few minutes to refresh? Apologies
  6. I'll take Thursday night
  7. @tjspeaks Per our conversation I am out of town all week, not returning until Friday which is already scheduled to play Dazzo0007. @dazzo47 I will not be able to play our game until next week.
  8. @dazzo0007 See You Then
  9. Crap I mixed the time zones up. I was thinking 8:30 central because you're central time. I am available Friday - Sunday. Next week I won't be available until Friday evening. My sincere apologies
  10. @dazzo0007 I meant to respond to this sooner & forgot. Tonight is fine with me as long as it's still good with you.
  11. @dazzo0007 I'm back home from vacation. I'm available Tuesday thru Friday this week. Get@me
  12. @dazzo0007 I need to postpone this game for a while. My family is taking a long overdue vacation out of town. That said, I may have to travel out of town next week for work, but I'm not certain of the itinerary as of yet. When I have more details I will let you know. Thanks in advance for your understanding.
  13. @Johnnieb21 My apologies, for I am just seeing this. Work has been crazy as of late. All you need is an XBOX 360, the All Pro 2K8, follow the rules posted in the forum, & make yourself available for one game a week (approximately an hour). There is an Microsoft Excel spreadsheet in one of the other forums. Check it all out and if you're good with it, let us know!
  14. PHILLY @ CHICAGO - CONFERENCE CHAMPIONSHIPS Chicago scored 10 second quarter points. The defense surrendered a field goal midway through the 4th quarter and were able to hang on for a 10 - 3 win. POG goes out to Chicago's special teams kick & punt return coverage. They made every Philly drive seem like a mile, pinning the Eagles deep time and time again. GG @HeavyHitter55 CHICAGO RUSHING PASSING QB RATIO FORCED TURNOVERS 222 62 160 93.0 1 PHILADELPHIA 114 33 81 49.2 0