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  1. See you then
  2. @tjspeaks Peeking at the standings I noticed that you have not included a win that @HeavyHitter55 has over me earlier this season. I forget the score. I think he won 40 - 10.
  3. @dazzo0007 The earliest I can play this week is Friday. Weekend is pending my wife's & kids approval. Get@me
  4. @AllenJD4lifeProductions roster for next season. Don't forget you'll need to put it into next season's roster thread.
  5. The @dazzo47 of old would not have had the offensive firepower to overcome that deficit. The Daz of the past several seasons however, this game was just getting started. Joe Cool threaded a needle on a big 3rd down conversion for Notre Dame's 1st touchdown that was a game changer.
  6. Abraham was a senior citizen when he had his first child.
  7. The first five don’t count. Everyone is still finding their way at that point.
  8. Its the reigning, defending, undisputed champion vs the hungry up and coming contender.
  9. @AllenJD4lifeProductions I approve all messages involving SitnHereFlossin and best defense in the same sentence.
  10. WEEK 5 - MIAMI @ FLORIDA My defensive line performed a disappearing act once again until the 4th quarter. Miami was leading 9-7 til late in the third when both offenses suddenly got into a rhythm. Final score 23-15. GG @AllenJD4lifeProductions POG - The Miami O line which helped generate 110 rushing yards. TOTAL YARDS RUSHING PASSING QB RATIO FORCED TURNOVERS MIAMI 266 110 157 101.9 1 FLORIDA 184 16 168 87.6 1
  11. Brothers, My apologies for not streaming the game but I experienced technical difficulties and had already postponed the start of the game.
  12. I have made all the major investments this year into this house that I'm going to make. That is unless the boss convinces me otherwise. You'll have to find another excuse.
  13. WEEK 4 - MIAMI @ MARYLAND This game continues to surprise me. This season I invested heavily into my defensive line expecting big dividends. Through 3 games they barely have shown a presence vs the run or pass game. VS TJ I have moderate success vs the run game but he has always had all day to throw the ball. Today the page finally turned. My D line was bouncing his quarterback off of his neck the entire contest. Jerome McDougle finished the day with 3 sacks but there were a number of QB hurries and knockdowns. This including knocking Neil O'Donnell out of the 4th quarter. In the 1st half my offense was in a rhythm. We led at the half 13-0. Our run game was fantastic and the passing attack was opportunistic. The tide changed in the 2nd half however. Our rushing yarding went backwards. With TJ doing what TJ does this game was a unsuccessful 3rd down conversion away from becoming interesting. Final score 13-7. GG @tjspeaks POG - The guys in the trenches TOTAL YARDS RUSHING PASSING QB RATIO FORCED TURNOVERS MIAMI 241 57 184 118.7 0 MARYLAND 117 4 113 80.8 & 47.9 0
  14. logging in now
  15. @NTQ03 yup