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  1. I'm no fan of Green Bay, so I did not lose any sleep over this. But this, is a terrible call that cost Green Bay a victory and @dazzo0007 a good night's sleep. The NFL backed the referee who made the call saying that Matthews was flagged for lifting the quarterback off of the ground. You may as well put red jerseys on these quarterbacks.
  2. Stand & Deliver
  3. @HeavyHitter55 This week I am only available on Tuesday. The rest of the week I will be busy tending to other things. I may be taking a trip with neighbors over the weekend out of town. If we can't hook up Tuesday it will likely have to wait until next week. Get@me
  4. Saturday? If I must, then yes.
  5. Perhaps @dazzo47 is back in northeast Indiana waving that coveted CAG trophy he recently won in @dazzo0007 face too much? The 5-0 Cheeseheads playing with something to prove this season.
  6. @tjspeaks I'm working from home the rest of the week. Get@me
  7. I usually send him a message via XBOX live.
  8. Sick to my stomach
  9. What are you scared of? Trying to be like @dazzo47 when I grow up While mic'ed up during a game once Warren Sapp told his db's, "if the QB gets rid of the ball inside of 3 seconds that's on you. If he has time to pump fake it, that's on us." @tjspeaks I already made amends with the AI. What gives? No one hits the hole like me. Not even @Pcat Magoo Thanks for coming. Good night. Drive home safely.
  10. I'm trying to be more like you and open my offense up. It's terrifying though!
  11. @dazzo47 Don't think I didn't see you on Twitch Bill Bellicheck'n for your game tomorrow.
  12. WEEK 5 - JACKSONVILLE @ L.A. The mighty has fallen. After putting up video game scores while playing good defense the Jaguars had me thinking about this game all week. Coaches preached protecting the football all week vs this week's opponent, and the team responded. The Rams pitched a shutout and kept Leonard Fournette bottled up. Final score 14 - 0 Rams. GG @MightyRx POG - The Rams O line for keeping Goff calm in the pocket with great pass protection and opening up holes just wide enough for Todd Gurley to run through. HONORABLE MENTIONS: L.A. Rams Matt Longacre with 7 solo tackles L.A. Rams Todd Gurley with 18 rushes for 133 yards and a TD Jacksonville LB Myles Jack with 6 solo tackles TOTAL YARDS RUSHING PASSING QB RATIO FORCED TURNOVERS RAMS 201 130 71 130.7 1 JAGUARS 99 26 73 63.0 0
  13. See you then
  14. @dazzo47 You're right. Having Monday off threw off my week.