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  1. WEEK 7 - EAGLES @ BILLS Coming into this game I told one of our brothers that I was lacking confidence coming into this game. I feared the front 4 and the pressure they would be putting us in for four quarters. They didn't disappoint. Down 3-0 after the Eagles hit a 51 yard FG that he could've made from 60, CO-POG Shady McCoy was determined to remind the Eagles who they allowed to walk out the front door a few seasons ago. The Eagles dared Tyrod Taylor to pass the ball, often approaching the line with 8, and occasional 9 man fronts. [ @HeavyHitter55 I was NOT expecting this ]. But Shady continued to gash them with big runs throughout this contest. Though the stat sheet didn't show it with only one sack, they pressured Tyrod Taylor ALL GAME LONG. Down by 2 late in the 4th, with zero confidence on offense they mustered time eating plays until finally another former Eagle & CO-POG, Jordan Matthews caught a pass on a post route, tackled at the 4 yard line. On the ensuing play Shady McCoy ran in for the game winning touchdown, his 3rd of the day. Final score 21 - 16. GG @HeavyHitter55 Your front four is going to give the entire league a problem! Shady McCoy - 10 carries for 131 yards and 3 TD's TOTAL YARDS RUSHING PASSING QB RATIO FORCED TURNOVERS BUFFALO 271 130 141 51.3 1 EAGLES 290 45 245 64.6 1
  2. If not, I will let you know ASAP. I'll have to get my wife to sign a permission slip.
  3. OK. I forgot to ask what time?
  4. Would you like to play this Saturday, or next weekend.
  5. IF, I were to ever play with the Packers, & that's a big if, & Aaron Rodgers went 20 for 20 for 500 yards, a perfect QBR of 158.3, and 7 TD's I wouldn't be able to stomach typing his name as the POG. I'd have to give it to the O coordinator or something.
  6. I'm in avid fan and believer of film study. When I played, I could watch it all day and never get bored. Big plays come via the run game as well. As illustrated here ... 4 things to point out here on this trap play: 1. The backer gets engulfed by the center 2. The LDE job on the play was containment, but he took a horrible angle. 3. The LDT was absolutely manhandled. 4. The SS who came crashing down pre-snap thought it was a pass play. By the time he recognized the tailback had the ball (1 of 2 reasons why my coach fired me as a corner and moved me to safety), he got to the B gap a step too late. Now it's a footrace.
  7. @RamosLynn @LynnRamos We aren't scheduled to play until next week. However I traveling out of town next week and will be MIA through Friday evening. If you're unavailable on the weekends I would like to play our next week's game this week. Otherwise I'll see you then. Get@Me
  8. @LynnRamos I thought you were a Broncos fan? That's like me playing with the Packers. Ugh! @tjspeaks I been going back and forth with the Titans & Panthers. Pencil me in with the Titans ... for now.
  9. No better time than the present. I will take tonight at 10ET if you can still play at that time?
  10. As long as Dez Bryant isn't a gold WR. He has a knack of finding a way to get even with my corner every time we play.
  11. Brothers, As it turns out @kydtv91 has a twin brother. He will be joining the league next season as well. Please add XBOX gamertag ALLPROCOACHTY (spelling?) to your friends list as well. I am not sure yet if his brother has a profile for the forum yet. @X2KFootballG0dX and I both ran scrimmages with them today. Turns out they were playing shorthanded. They are currently building their teams for next season using the spreadsheet. They both play SIM ball with the exception of some quick snapping they are trying to get out of their system. Other than some formation violations they are all set. I personally look forward to next season. @kydtv91 uses a few defensive alignments that I personally did not know existed! @kydtv91 is rolling with the Titans next season. irritated me off 'cuz that's who I was going to play with. His uniforms he purposely altered from the prototype NFL version, but they look sweet!
  12. @tjspeaks I'm working from home today and took an early lunch to give @kydtv91 a 'tune up'. He played a SIM game with the exception of a few quick snaps. I can tell that he's passionate. He oozes confidence.
  13. Brothers, Please add @kydtv91 XBOX gamertag ... NCAANFLCOACHTY to your XBOX friends list. He will be joining the league next season. I used to play him back in the lobby days and have played him a few times as of late. If you have time get a scrimmage in with him and alert him of any CAG police violations. In his mind we're a bunch of bums running away from the elite competition by hiding from the lobby. Make sure you give him an 'warm introduction' to the competition we have here.
  14. @deeoutdat7 Turnovers?
  15. @tjspeaks GG sir. This was a beatdown to the 3rd power. I was guessing wrong all game long. The few times I guessed right on defense we didn't execute. Well coached game sir.