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  1. I'm not feeling a good vibe with my team build this season. So I'm going to sit back and try to enjoy my bye week.
  2. It’s bear weather. Bear down!
  3. I'm starting to think @tjspeaks reported me to AP2K8. My oldest daughter frequently says ... "you had one job!" My corner's job is deep 3rd. To the designers of this game, PLEASE explain to me why he decided to take such a horrible angle on the ball! While you're at it, the QB drops back TEN YARDS, a DB's dream! No way should this have been completed. Even at my old age I could've at the least batted the ball down. I blame the coach for this interception that led to an even worse play with one second left in the half. Notice how I tried to let the clock run out, but @deeoutdat7 was aware of the clock too. No pass rush, combined with getting beat with a missed jam at the LoS. Disguising coverage led to this pic. My coach would've been proud of this fake cloud!
  4. WEEK 2 - CHIEFS @ RAMS The Rams find a way to right the ship and come out victorious 27 - 21. GG @deeoutdat7 POG - the team. The head coach made a couple head scratching decisions that nearly cost them the game. TOTAL YARDS RUSHING PASSING QB RATIO FORCED TURNOVERS RAMS 311 32 279 114.8 3 CHIEFS 247 11 236 88.3 2
  5. gimme 10 min
  6. @deeoutdat7 I know we agreed to play today, but never came upon a time. Get@me
  7. When your team starts playing well, things like this happen.
  8. GG @tjspeaks I didn't come ready to plan and you beat me up in every phase of the game. FYI I don't want you thinking it was me who caused the network drop. That's not my style.
  9. @tjspeaks I'll take Monday @ 8 eastern sir.
  10. @tjspeaks Tomorrow after the Bears game (12 eastern start time) or next week. I'm working from home ... Get@me
  11. @dazzo0007 Let me be the first to congratulate you. That said, the pain of this loss hurts. I was quite nervous before the game but was confident I was going to win. In fact I already had the picture I was going to display in my post saved to my desktop. After losing to you in week 1 of the current season I went back to see how you were so successful in defending the run. In fact I looked at it twice and found some things that I knew would be successful if I stayed patient. Although the 2nd quarter KO return hurt, I felt good about things. Midway through the 4th I lost the momentum and died a slow death. This loss hurts because I could almost smell that trophy! It seems like forever since I won the last one. It is going to take some time to recover from this loss. It was right there to be had, but I have to commend your defense for that 2nd & 3rd down stop in the 4th quarter. Clay Matthews should be the 1st player to hold the trophy. He made your comeback possible. UGH! GG sir
  12. @AllenJD4lifeProductions & @tjspeaks Looking at the picture above I just realized something. I played you with last season's team. How do you want to address this?
  13. WEEK 3 - RAMS @ BUCS Tampa continued to make contested catches throughout this contest. But the back end of the Rams produced four turnovers in route to a 42 - 7 victory. GG @AllenJD4lifeProductions. Those contested catches you continued to make were giving me all kinds of fits. TOTAL YARDS RUSHING PASSING QB RATIO FORCED TURNOVERS LA 332 93 239 125.0 4 TAMPA 222 6 216 35.6 1
  14. I will take Thursday at 8:30 eastern