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  1. I miss Lovie. Hopefully coach Nagy can get this thing turned around. I'm tired of coming to the realization that our season is over by mid October.
  2. Wow the way @deeoutdat7 ended the season I was predicting an upset. It never ceases to amaze me when I look at the stat line of @dazzo0007 games. How he continues to pull it off, I will never know. GG men!
  3. Now all we have to do is get everyone else on board and we can tag CAG to a global level!
  4. @aquickassasin I'm back home from Denver. Working from home this week. Give me a date and time you're available and I will try and make it happen.
  5. GG @tjspeaks! When you went for it on 4th down I was confident the game was over. But yet again, you fooled me going deep on 4th down. Well played sir!
  6. @tjspeaks I will take 5 eastern if it's still available.
  7. WEEK 1 - Beasts @ Smash The Beasts offense did the team no favors. 2 fumbles (1 lost) and an interception put the opposition in great field position all game. If the defensive would've allowed one more batted ball to hit the ground coach Flossin' may have had a heart attack. Final score 10 - 3. GG @LynnRamos CO P'sOG Jack Ham and Ray Smith with 13 combined tackles. Donkey of the day - The defense with 9 dropped interceptions TOTAL YARDS RUSHING PASSING QB RATIO FORCED FUMBLES BEASTS 156 37 119 71.2 0 SMASH 145 25 120 69.4 2
  8. 2 first round draft picks? I understand he played well, in fact great for you guys since your MVP went down. But no GM is giving up 2 first round draft picks for Nick Foles.
  9. Maybe I should list what 'da Bears don't need. That would be quicker. I hope we resign Kyle Fuller. They declined his team option last season after starting his career off filed under the disappointment category. Last season he led the league in passes defensed. I gotta feeling we're going to lose him though.
  10. @tjspeaks I was rooting for @dazzo47 because it would've guaranteed at least one Chicago Bears fan would be playing in the championship game. Tonight is out of the question. If wifey is hung up on homework we can play Saturday. I will let you know ASAP. You've had my number lately so I need to consider changing things up a bit. This should give me some time to think of something.
  11. @LynnRamos @RamosLynn @tjspeaks is refusing to take no for an answer. He won't allow me to sit out without further punishment. I am available today, but after today will not be available until Friday afternoon. Get@me
  12. No worries @dazzo47. If you ever purchase the streamer someone will be more than happy to show you how to use it. Takes 2 minutes to set it up. We need more streamers! Under one condition ... when you're holding Dazzo the 3rd in your lap and 'da Bears are playing Green Bay make sure you educate him which team to root for!
  13. After starting the season 2-2 I went on to win 5 straight. Maybe it was @X2KFootballG0dX who was in my ear EVERY WEEK, reminding me of all the IF/AND scenarios that would knock me out of the playoffs. @deeoutdat7 started the season out slow, but finished strong with convincing wins over quality opponents, altering his offensive philosophy mid-season in the process (Yes Dee, I see you and your new look offense!). This season has been a log jam. Good teams are on the outside looking in. As I said previously, whoever goes on to win it is going to have to earn it! As a competitor, I love the competition in this league! Every opponent remaining posts different problems for me. Thanks for keeping the league going @tjspeaks!
  14. I'll be back following this upcoming season.
  15. @aquickassasin a lack of a pass rush exposes the weaknesses of any defense. Philly played a lot of man underneath. Brady had all day to throw. Deion Sanders couldn't cover those receivers as long as they were being asked to. Nick Foles on the other hand completed a number of throws despite tight coverages.