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  1. I been getting beat by the deep ball all second half of this season. Today was no different. I can't put a finger on it as to why. You've now beaten me in both leagues this season. GG @johgreen05
  2. Let's shoot for 8:30 central time @johgreen05.
  3. @johgreen05 I'm available this weekend w notice. I'm working from home next week and available pretty much anytime. Get@me
  4. FRIDAY MORNING LIGHTS - RAVENS @ BEARS Mitch Trubiski put on a near flawless performance. #10 was making the correct read all game long, going 11 of 12 passing for 198 yards & two scores. Kyle Fuller however kept the Ravens in it, uncharacteristically giving up chunk play after chunk play in the 2nd half. The home fans had to endure a Ravens onsides attempt before they could exhale. & par for the course Parkey's extra point attempt in the 1st was blocked due to a low snap and hold. Final score 19 - 17. GG @tjspeaks TOTAL YARDS RUSHING PASSING QB RATIO FORCED TURNOVERS BEARS 233 35 198 158.3 1 RAVENS 188 12 176 116.9 0
  5. WEEK 10 - BEARS @ EAGLES Eddie Jackson's pick 6 in the 3rd quarter silenced the feisty crowd in route to a 28 - 7 Bears win. GG @HeavyHitter55 P'sOG - Eddie Jackson with the aforementioned pick 6 & Khalil Mack with 3 of the 5 Bears sacks. HONORABLE MENTION - Zack Ertz who found a way to get open time and time again TOTAL YARDS RUSHING PASSING QB RATIO FORCED TURNOVERS BEARS 271 68 203 146.8 3 EAGLES 240 23 217 36.8 0
  6. Monday at 9 eastern works sir.
  7. @dazzo47 I'd like to redact that last statement in regards to my availability. My work schedule has been as busy as ever. I am only available this week on Monday & Tuesday. If either of these days fit your schedule, let me know.
  8. WEEK 8 - RAIDERS @ BEARS 'da Bears offense started out this contest on fire. For a moment I thought we the Chiefs of '18. At the half the home town team found themselves ahead 21 - 10. The D line wasn't giving David Carr a chance to breathe. Midway thru the 3rd bad weather conditions knocked out the power. Once restored Oakland made a furious comeback tying the game up late. 'Da Bears needed a late 4th quarter drive allowing soon to be released Cody Parkey to kick the game winner. Final score 34 - 31. GG @X2KFootballG0dX No stats due to network disconnect. POG - Mitch Trubiski
  9. Let us pray TJ’s internet connection holds steady.
  10. Understood. What I am trying to convey is that my first opponent of the extended season is @X2KFootballG0dX. For whatever reason I thought that my first opponent of last season was vs you. Therefore the week that I will be unavailable all week until Friday (next week), is Run. I can play that highly overrated, over hexing, cheating bum at anytime. That Includes late nights & weekends that he and I have done previously. I have more flexibility the week I am scheduled to play you. We can keep our normally scheduled week as scheduled. Besides I would like to watch Friday's SFL game in its entirety. Thanks for your understanding sir.
  11. I almost forgot. My apologies about the stream. At some point in the 1st quarter my computer began an auto update. Run kept asking me was it completed yet, but it was taking forever.
  12. Week 6 - Bears @ Bears (Dazzo0007) Of course it had to be a defensive game between these two teams. Although we were desperately losing the time of possession battle, we found ourselves knotted at 7 going into halftime. The 2nd half generated no scoring. In OT 'da Bears capitalized off of their 3rd turnover, allowing Cody Parkey to redeem himself from that heartbreaking last second playoff game loss to the Eagles. 10 - 7 the final. GG @dazzo0007 Game Balls - Khalil Mack | With Daz on my 38 yard line, late in the fourth quarter, 4th & 2 he lines up to punt ... it's a fake. 1st down. Demoralized but battle tested, on the next play Khalil gets the game's only sack on the day, knocking Daz out of FG range. The defense holds, leading to the aforementioned OT. Cody Parkey | The winds were howling. But he managed to make the game winning FG with the ball sailing just inside the upright. TOTAL YARDS RUSHING PASSING QB RATIO FORCED TURNOVERS FLOSS 146 27 119 68.5 3 0007 191 68 123 59.0 1
  13. @dazzo47 When it was decided that the season was extended, I assumed that the schedule would simply repeat itself. Turns out that I play @X2KFootballG0dX on the 1st week of the extended season.
  14. See you then
  15. 2018 Chicago Bears (would be Super Bowl champs had Cody Parkey's FG attempt not have been tipped). Unlike a lot of other fans, I don't blame you Parkey!