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  1. I am a bit (actually a lot) behind in the info stream for the new gen systems. But if they do shift all to DRM, then when they take down a server for a game wouldn't the game then become totally non functional? I am a game hoarder and like the ability to buy used games and add to my hoard, additionally I have been without the internet for over a year (till just a month or so ago) but still played a lot of my games, so MS just blew me out of the water. Since I got my 360, I have preferred the online play of it much more than that of the PS3 due to crowd you meet, but I feel that is going to change. MS initial decision, even though they back pedaled from consumer loss and dissatisfaction, has erected a barrier for me that I don[t believe will be readily breached, and my intent is to still go with the PS4.
  2. I need a new controller, and this is one that I would like to have.
  3. Ravens, Packers, Patriots, Falcons.
  4. ME3 or Halo4, for me it is a toss up between those two.
  5. Texans Vikings Ravens Seahawks
  6. I got it Monday night, played solo for about an hour and completed the first two missions. Working since and today (sat), but hopefully I will get a chance to get on tonight and do some exploring. I haven't played anything in months, LITERALLY, and am ready. Changing positions from general superintendent to general manager in a week, so I should have some more free time in the coming months. HOPEFULLY, but I will be in the Borderlands when I do get some free time. BL1 was addicting and I can play it over and over, so hopefully BL2 will be just as engrossing.
  7. So, when do we see a story on the fastest cars for 2013 that I have been seeing on the internet. Right up your alley...

  8. My other would be MoH Warfighter, Darksiders II & BiA Furious Four
  9. I guess I misunderstood this, but had searched much out on this game. UGHHH Kinect. Sorry, NOT me! Don't own one and probably never will to be honest. Just not responsive enough it seems to me, and I am not gonna jump around to play a game, to darn old.
  10. This game has a bigger following that I would have thought. To be honest, I have found the TC games to feel a bit wooden, what am I missing????
  11. Yes, happy return.
  12. I don't have T.V./Cable and don't watch TV other than Netflix. Own a lot of movies and I watch some HBO on the internet on my brothers account now and then. I do miss my sports though, especially the NCAA Tournement, Go UK, Go big blue.
  13. XBox for me, all the people I CoOp with use XBox. Have about 60 friends on X Box, 3 on the PS3. Go figure.
  14. Thank you.
  15. My PSN ID is bearnewman, very few friends on PS3, most of my MP activity is on Xer.