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  1. We so need 2k football game NBA 2K19 can be modded like crazy I've seen NFL unis NHLabsolutely rocks
  2. Sorry didn't get home till late
  3. I'll take Tuesday at 11 pm est I'll be home by then
  4. @aquickassasin @deeoutdat7 final notice Sat-Mon after 7 pm est Fri-Sun after est Time a ticking
  5. I would love to have him in Tampa
  6. Ok I'm using the 2nd smallest stadium then municipal stadium I noticed this logo on center field and used the thunder bolt as the helmet stripe and the nightmare logo at center
  7. Any rules on using the practice faculty as a stadium? Stub hub holds 27000 and that's the closest to the number in the game
  8. Gg @tjspeaks if I didn't play so conservative and hit the wrong button I had a chance to come back but as usual I made to many nustakes
  9. Anyone using the chargers next season? If not I'd like to use them to have a realistic build for my playing style
  10. @deeoutdat7 @aquickassasin Sun-Sun-Tue after 7 pm EST Thursday after 7 pm after next Friday I'll be free any day except Wed after 7 pm est for the next 2 weeks
  11. @tjspeaks lets shoot for tonight at 8 pm est just in case I lose power due to this snow storm hitting us Sunday
  12. I just got this message I'm free rest of this evening lmk
  13. @deeoutdat7 @aquickassasin I'm free after 9 pm Wed All day Thursday Sat-Mon All day I just read your message @aquickassasin can you play me after your game vs papa dazzo
  14. I just woke up from a nap I can play after I eat 7:15 est/6:15 CST ok to give me extra time