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  1. Florida State
  2. I know people will think I'm crazy but I'll be making ALL 4 FSU HOF my golds
  3. See you tomorrow bud
  4. @X2KFootballG0dX when would you like to play our week 8 game? I'm free around your schedule best Monday Tuesday Friday or Saturday. Wed I have the Survivor Finale and Thursday I'm planning on going to a baseball game with my friend if it don't rain lmk
  5. Current Bowl names 9 not bowl eligible Semifinals 3 vs 2 Lexus Bowl Played at The Dome in Houston Texas hosted by @X2KFootballG0dX 4 vs 1 TBA hosted by @dazzo0007 Finals CAG Bowl Championship in Baltimore MD site TBA hosted by @tjspeaks Minor Bowls 5 vs 4 TBA 8 vs 7 Royal Flush Busted Bowl Presented by Charmin in Cleveland Ohio at The Practice Facility hosted by @AllenJD4lifeProductions Need @dazzo0007 bowl stadium and presented by and city @tjspeaks need stadium Everyone else I need names for the other 2 bowls 1st come 1st host
  6. Current Bowl Setup As of Today (still time to register) No Plans for divisions 9 not bowl eligible Semifinals 4 vs 1 3 vs 2 MInor Bowls 6 vs 5 8 vs 7
  7. Join us live for episode #7 Tuesday at 8 pm EDT
  8. Another bowl game added hopping for more!!!!
  9. I just bought nhl 15 for $7and it's not that bad way better than Madden actually feels like hockey these ea people can learn from their hockey crew
  11. Lawrence Phillips time!!!
  12. Just doing a current update
  13. He using Nebraska?
  14. Currently With 7 (Would add 9 vs 8 Minor Bowl with 9 teams) No Conferences Bowls Semfinals 5/4 vs 1 3 vs 2 MInor Bowls 5/4 (Winner faces #1 seed in Semifinals) 7 vs 6
  15. Current setup proposed with even ONLY amount of teams Confrences ACC 1. Florida State 2. Miami 3. Notre Dame 4. Maryland OTHER (Teams ) CAG 1. Texas Tech 2. Tennessee 3. Ohio State 4. ? (If #8 Chooses ACC team Maryland goes here) Bowls Semi Finals 1. ACC Winner vs At Large 2 CAG Winner vs At Large MInor Bowls 6 vs 5 8 vs 7 (Conference Winners get automatically in Semifinals)(other 2 At Large)