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  1. Clutch double OT Int
  2. @NTQ03
  3. CAG XL Buccaneers
  4. GG @X2KFootballG0dX Turnovers killed me and the 4th and 1 stop put me in a howl. I like the offense I'm running so much I think I ran less than 20 times all season. Until @tjspeaks says other wise I'm gonna continue my w15 Mauler offense
  5. Anyone wanna be kind enough and hex my team?
  6. See you then
  7. Wanna play tonight bout 7:30 C?
  8. @tjspeaks I was thinking bout taking next season off but your to convincing for you I'll go ahead and play. Would anyone have a problem I go generic hb?
  9. Sure I'm on a send when ready
  10. Just got this message you free Thursday night?
  11. @SitnHereFlossin how's your work schedule this week ? I'm free except Wed and Fridays now mostly I can play Arizona time if desired lmk
  12. Here it is wow
  13. @dazzo47 sorry bout the long replay I never seen a imcompletion like that had to film it
  14. @dazzo47 @SitnHereFlossin @dazzo0007 @tjspeaks @NTQ03 @HeavyHitter55 anyone else just ask
  15. Yes sir I'm free now until then