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  1. Guys I'm gonna have to put inside cag NFL on hiatus til least November. My internship is gonna be taking up most of my free time. I'm barley surviving playing this season. But will get my games in. But my future plans evolve around being able to reach my dream as a sports journalist. My apologies.
  2. GG sir I don't know why we kept dropping
  3. See you in a few hours
  4. Wish I had known sooner sorry missed your message lmk when your available this week I can make anyway work sides Friday
  5. I have a show at 9 pm on Facebook live can we play tomorrow? My apologies but I'm an analyst for a high school football thing and a fellow co-worker is doing a show Tuesday and the 1st game is Wednesday
  6. @MightyRx and @tjspeaks a guy from the old gridiron league wanted to say hello afroholic315 and said to follow his Twitter he does videos
  7. The stache is back in Indy lol
  8. @dazzo0007 idk if you got your team ready but my schedule is Monday -prefer after 8 pm edt Tuesday-perfer after 8 pm ext Wed. - prefer after 9 pm edt Thursday-after 10 pm ext Friday-unavailable Saturday-after 8 pm ext Sunday -after 9 pm edt I like to play Monday or after to get my depth chart done but can push to Sunday lmk
  9. David vs Goliath CAG XVIII National Championship @X2KFootballG0dX Texas Tech steam rolled through the season with ease rolled his way to a spot in the semifinals before @dazzo47 Notre Dame was even thought of as a semifinalst but a early season victory of Florida would bring father time for a chance of repeat. When Notre Dame was on the ropes against upset minded Florida State. A Interception would give Notre Dame the momentum to play and blow out Ohio State. Then Notre Dame would roll into Miami and sweep Florida and win the Orange Bowl. Now we go to Baltimore and can David concour Goliath with the help of father time again or will Texas Tech make sure Notre Dame father time struck midnight??? 8 teams down to 2 teams 4 quarters 20 minutes it the National Title
  10. Congrats @X2KFootballG0dX
  11. @dazzo0007 I'm still waiting on @X2KFootballG0dXto do my team I should be able to go sometime next week I'll keep you posted
  12. All part of my realistic plan Sir Eddie I actually used all madden ratings except oline. Tampa secondary is garbage. Their d line and lb is strong . I was able to try my new scheme vs sir daz that could of eliminated him from the championship in only a 14 to 7 lose in a game that could of went my way.
  13. How yal do the logos without making it look blurry?
  14. Was trying to add a logo to it
  15. buccaneers again