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  1. Ok I'm using the 2nd smallest stadium then municipal stadium I noticed this logo on center field and used the thunder bolt as the helmet stripe and the nightmare logo at center
  2. Any rules on using the practice faculty as a stadium? Stub hub holds 27000 and that's the closest to the number in the game
  3. Gg @tjspeaks if I didn't play so conservative and hit the wrong button I had a chance to come back but as usual I made to many nustakes
  4. This may shock some people but
  5. Anyone using the chargers next season? If not I'd like to use them to have a realistic build for my playing style
  6. @deeoutdat7 @aquickassasin Sun-Sun-Tue after 7 pm EST Thursday after 7 pm after next Friday I'll be free any day except Wed after 7 pm est for the next 2 weeks
  7. @tjspeaks lets shoot for tonight at 8 pm est just in case I lose power due to this snow storm hitting us Sunday
  8. I just got this message I'm free rest of this evening lmk
  9. @deeoutdat7 @aquickassasin I'm free after 9 pm Wed All day Thursday Sat-Mon All day I just read your message @aquickassasin can you play me after your game vs papa dazzo
  10. I just woke up from a nap I can play after I eat 7:15 est/6:15 CST ok to give me extra time
  11. Guys I'm pleased to announce Inside CAG NFL will return next season!!! I'm starting to have free time again
  12. Approved 100 %
  13. I'm watching the bucs game atm Can you play today at 5 pm EST/4 PM CST if not I'm free the rest of the evening
  14. @aquickassasin @deeoutdat7 I'm free until Tuesday lmk if yal can play